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Brashlyan village – dream, reality or something else?

Photo: Veneta Nikolova

Losing one’s way between history and modernity, stopping, or, even better, turning back time… We have all, at one time or another wanted to go back in time without leaving the present. There are places like that in Bulgaria, they still exist. One such place is the village of Brashlyan in Mount Strandzha, 15 kilometres from the town of Malko Turnovo and a little over 60 kilometres south of Bourgas on the Black Sea. Because of the dozens of old houses, preserved exactly as they once stood, the village has been declared an architectural and historical reserve.

How were the houses of Brashlyan built (the oldest is from the 17th century), how did people once live, and what are the local sights? Find out from Radio Bulgaria’s Veneta Nikolova here.

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