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Pomorie – cultural and medical tourism on the Black Sea coast

Photo: Pomorie Municipality

Founded in the 5th century BC, Bulgaria’s coastal town of Pomorie attracts visitors with its countless sights – historical sites, nature reserve, rare plant and animal species, etc. The town is located on a rocky peninsula near the district city of Burgas and the town of Nesebar. A very narrow isthmus connects the town with the Burgas Plain. Pomorie is surrounded by the Black Sea to the south, to the east and to the northeast. Lake Pomorie is located north of the coastal town. Located on the Via Pontica bird migration route, the lake is inhabited by 215 species of birds, 4 of which globally endangered. Lake Pomorie is a source of healing black estuarine mud, which contains valuable chemical elements which are essential for the human body. The famous salt farms are located near the town of Pomorie. The earliest settlement in the area Anchialo emerged due to the extraction of sea salt, known in antiquity as the “white gold”. The black mud, the while sea salt, balneotherapy and the wine produced in some of the biggest wine cellars in the Balkans are the symbols of the town of Pomorie. You can learn details about the holiday opportunities offered by this costal town in the following article.

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