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Psychologist on children's psyche amidst Covid-19 measures in schools

Photo: Radio Shumen

"The social distancing will be felt today, when only students from I, V, VIII and XII grades will be physically present in the school yards," school psychologist Gergana Krumova said in an interview for the BNR on the first day of the new school year in Bulgaria. 

Krumova stressed that anti-epidemic measures in schools are a serious concern. "To meet face to face, to smile, to recognize the emotion that the other carries, all this is extremely important," said Gergana Krumova about the mandatory masks at school. 
According to her, wearing protective equipment will not hurt the psyche of children if it is explained to them that this is how they could protect their teachers and parents. 
The psychologist defined the word "isolation room" for the premises where children with symptoms of coronavirus will be isolated, as inappropriate and arousing extremely high anxiety.

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