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Round-the-clock control on compliance with anti-epidemic measures

Minister of Health recommends avoiding visits to Blagoevgrad and Targovishte

Health Minister Angelov
Photo: BGNES

Regional health inspectorates are starting mass inspections in public places - malls and other shops, nightclubs and bars for compliance with anti-epidemic measures, Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov said at a briefing of the National Operational Headquarters. The Ministry of Interior and other institutions with control functions will be included in the supervision, as there was "observed hesitation among people in terms of discipline", according to the Minister. The inspections will be round the clock and the sites would be closed if they refused to comply with the instructions of Regional Health Inspectorates.

"There is a tendency towards rising number of new patients," Kostadin Angelov said. At national level, hospitals still have enough beds for Covid patients, but difficulties are beginning to be felt in some areas, the Minister added. From now on, the medical institutions will be able to accept a total of 7,307 people with milder symptoms and 1,108 for intensive care. Currently, 19% of the beds are occupied by patients without the need for respiratory resuscitation and 6% by those in intensive care.

The situation in the districts of Blagoevgrad and Targovishte is the worst, as there the infection rate reaches 120 people per 100,000. That is why the headquarters call on citizens to avoid traveling to these areas, in order to avoid spreading the infection.

172 students and 165 teachers are currently positive for coronavirus, the Minister of Education Krassimir Valchev reported. Every day, 5 or 6 people become infected in schools and five students per thousand do not attend classes, he added.

It was reiterated at the briefing that there was no point in introducing stricter measures, given that the current ones were not strictly observed. The Minister of Health once again recommended wearing masks indoors, ventilating premises frequently, staying at a distance and showing discipline.

English: Alexander Markov

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