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Remembering writer Yordan Radichkov in the most Bulgarian month of January

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Bulgarian writer Yordan Radichkov left this world in the month of January back in 2004 but we know about his feelings for his favorite frosty month from a play of the same name.

"January, the most Bulgarian of all months, when the windows of villages are painted with frost," the author writes and ignites one’s imagination with the unique descriptions of winter in remote Bulgarian villages covered by deep snow. The mystical atmosphere is complemented by “water spirits” inhabiting the wells and wolves “making wedding paths around the village.” We also see people in the houses lifting on their toes to peek beyond the paths and "trying to decipher the events recorded in the white snowdrifts of winter."

You can learn more about the great Bulgarian writer from Radio Bulgaria's article “Yordan Radichkov - the wizard from Kalimanitsa”.

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