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Russia, China and the United States will be superpowers in the near future, say Bulgarians in poll

Photo: es.news-front.info

When asked who will be the world's superpowers in 2030, 58% of Bulgarians put Russia first, 50% - China, and 46% - the United States. This is indicated by the results of a survey conducted by the Gallup International Association on perceptions of global superpowers and their policies.
According to 55% of Bulgarians, US policies destabilize the world. 19% believe that the United States is more of a stabilizing factor. The others cannot judge.
With regard to Russia, 42% believe that its policies are more likely to stabilize the world, a quarter disagree and a third cannot judge.
China's policies are still foreign to Bulgarians. Nearly half of the respondents in Bulgaria (45%) cannot assess whether the policies of the world superpower stabilize or destabilize the world.

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