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The miraculous peacock feathers

Photo: zelensviat.com

In the past, bird feathers were worn by girls as adornment. People believed that they warded off evil spells, ill-fated encounters and evil. The feathers of certain birds were particularly potent. Pride of place was accorded to the male peacock and its beautiful plumage.

To see a peacock in your dreams is a good thing, reads the Bulgarian folklore dream-book. Peacocks were rare in our lands, so their feathers frequently had to be bought. In many Bulgarian homes peacock feathers are prominently displayed. It is believed that peacock feathers bring good luck and happiness.

Songs about peacocks are sung at weddings. The groom is compared to a peacock and the bride – to a peahen.

Why people used to call peacock feathers Lazerichki and what Bulgarian folk tales, songs and legends have about peacock feathers? You can learn details in Radio Bulgaria’s article: Folk studio: Peacock strutting in boyar gardens.

Edited by: Elena Karkalanova

English version: Kostadin Atanasov

Photos: zelensviat.com

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