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Good Friday – a day for innersoul-searching and acceptance of unconditional love

Priest Vasily Saryan of the Transfiguration Church in Sofia
Photo: BGNES

"Forgive them, Lord, because they do not know what they are doing!" with these words Jesus Christ gives forgiveness to his tormentors, redeeming the sins of mankind with His Crucifixion. Instead of a curse, he offers a sincere prayer for forgiveness and sets an example of his unconditional love for people, opening the way to Salvation for them.

Only a year ago, our lives were following their natural course, between the daily cares of being and the pursuit of human joys. However, the pandemic crisis has dramatically changed our attitudes to life and has made us rethink the true values ​​of life. What is the balance sheet and did we manage to learn our lessons?

"Human life, from the day of birth to the day of our death, is a predicament," said Priest Vasily Saryan of the Transfiguration Church in Sofia. "The fact that there is currently global hysteria does not mean that something special and different is happening. Everyone goes through a catharsis in their life – be it a family, personal, social, financial, political or professional one. We are constantly in a struggle for survival, for self-preservation, for meaning in life. Such a massive upheaval happens, we feel overwhelmed because we are faced with too many things to deal with."

According to Father Vasily, the problem is exaggerated coverage of the pandemic and if one shakes off the psychosis, one will see that things are not so tragic. It is important to know that everything is part of God's plan. "As Christ says, not a hair falls from our heads without God's will," the priest recalls.

"In my opinion, the lesson is for those who do not believe,” emphasizes Father Vasily, adding: “The salvation of the soul is not in the lethargic way of life. It is achieved with a lot of work and suffering, with a lot of pain, struggle with ourselves and our demons, sins and trials, and with the world around us. Those who need to come to their senses are the hesitant and unbelieving ones – they should become able to see the miracles and understand them. In such a moment of catharsis it is revealed who is who and the real face of each person is exposed. In the ordinary course of life hypocrisy is everywhere but now we can see who truly believes and who does not. And the very Crucifixion of Christ is that day of silence in which all mankind comprehends what it means for God to come to earth, to live among us, to atone for our sins with his blood, shed on the Cross and die innocent for us. We need to understand the greatness of His humility, not to think that this is yet another tale, to believe that the Lord really came down to earth and gave His life for us. The Creator, the Most Highest of all, became one of us in order to break the seal of the original sin and give us the hope of eternal life, to open Heaven to us, humans. And it is up to us to enter through the gates of Heaven or Hell."

English version: Rositsa Petkova

Photos: BGNES

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