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The book was printed in Rome on May 6, 1651

370 years since the printing of the first Bulgarian book "Abagar"

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Bulgaria marks 370 years since the publication of the first Bulgarian printed book - the collection of prayers "Abagar".
The book consists of five large sheets in the form of scrolls, on which short apocryphal prayers are printed . The sheets are 44.5 cm wide and 33.5 cm high. The paper is Italian, thin but rough. At the bottom the sheets are numbered with Cyrillic letters. On each sheet the text is printed in four narrow columns, each of which is surrounded by a frame of ornaments, so that if the columns are cut and arranged in sequence, one would obtain a strip about 5 meters and 80 cm long. This allowed for the collection to be shaped like a scroll and to be worn as an amulet. 
The book was printed in Rome on May 6, 1651 by the Bulgarian Catholic Bishop Philip Stanislavov
The only surviving such copy is now stored in the Library of Bologna.

You can learn more about the first Bulgarian printed book in the publication from Radio Bulgaria's Best collection entitled Bishop Philip Stanislavov and his book Abagar.

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