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Acad. Bogdan Petrunov: A serious new wave of Covid-19 is ahead of us

Photo: BGNES

With the first days of autumn we will find ourselves at the beginning of a serious Covid-19 wave, immunologist Acad. Bogdan Petrunov said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio. He warned that the situation in Bulgaria is very serious. 

"If we do not raise the level of immunization and do not achieve 70-80% collective immunity, we will not be able to cope with the epidemic," the specialist said. According to him, the new coronavirus wave will mainly affect unvaccinated people, especially young people, who are less likely to follow anti-epidemic measures. 
Acad. Bogdan Petrunov also emphasized the great importance of the behaviour of doctors and teachers, who must set an example to the whole nation and be vaccinated. Bulgaria continues to rank last in the EU in the number of people immunized against Covid-19.

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