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Weather forecast for Sunday, 26 September

The last Sunday of September will be warm

Photo: Desislava Semkovska

Sunday will be warm for the season, with minimum temperatures 9° - 14° C., maximum 24° - 29° C., for Sofia 26° C. 

Over the Black Sea coast there will be sun with a light wind. Maximum air temperatures in the Northern portion of the coastline 22° C., in the South - 24° C. Temperature of the seawater 21°-22° C, sea state 2.

Over the mountains there will be sun with a light Northwesterly wind. Maximum temperature at an altitude of 1,200 m. 20° C., at 2,000 m. - 13° C. In the resorts of Borovets and Pamporovo, temperatures will reach 20°, and in Bansko 24° C. 

On Monday the weather will continue warm for the end of September with daytime highs reaching 24° - 29° C., but cooler air will begin to sweep in from the Northeast.

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