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Surva, Happy New Year and wishes for health and prosperity!

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Since unknown times Bulgarians have welcomed January 1 with the wishes of the survakari, who continue to visit homes of people on the first day of the New Year:

“Surva, a Happy New Year, a golden wheat-ear in the field, a red apple in the garden, large grapes on the vine, a purse full of coins... Good life and health during the whole year and beyond!”

Such blessings are common for the tradition of survakane, which is an ancient custom similar to those on Christmas, but it can also be attended by children aged 4-5 to 10-12 years. They carry decorated wood sticks - survachka and accompany the wishes with beating on the backs of everyone in the house. The children receive gifts that the hosts have prepared - dried fruit, cakes, nuts and some money.

A typical song performed is "Surva, Happy New Year". You can hear a rendition of the song with music by Todor Bakalov, performed by Andon Petrov.

"Survakari" is a song by sisters Iva Valentinova and Eva Valentinova. These beautiful and talented girls are not only wonderful singers of songs from the region of Graovo, but also popular radio hosts of folklore programs at the Bulgarian National Radio. Their song full of optimism and joy tells about the Surva custom, as well as about the modern dimensions of folklore traditions.

Let the good wishes that we send to you from the bottom of our hearts come true, dear friends of Radio Bulgaria!

Happy New Year! May it be healthy and happy, peaceful and fruitful! May the new beginning bring us new opportunities and the strength to remember and preserve our traditions!

English: Alexander Markov

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