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Chiprovtsi hosts the town's traditional carpet festival

Photo: chiprovtsi.bg

More than 60 artisans from all over the country will take part in the Chiprovtsi Carpet Festival in the Balkan town of Chiprovtsi from April 29 to May 1, Mayor Plamen Petkov said. Among them are craftsmen from neighbouring Serbia. Apart from traditional carpet workshops, there will be a children's running and bicycle race, as well as a folklore concert with fireworks show to end this year's festival.

The weaving of carpets on a cotton basis or entirely from wool has been a tradition in the region since the 17th century. The raw material for the beautiful designs, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is sourced from the region's large flocks of sheep.

Learn more about the history of carpet weaving in Bulgaria in the article "Women weave their hearts and souls into the famous carpets of Chiprovtsi" from the archives of Radio Bulgaria:

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English: Elizabeth Radkova

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