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The mosaics of ancient Philippopolis

Plovdiv or Philippopolis, as it was called in antiquity, is one of the oldest permanently inhabited cities in Europe.

Founded by Philip II (father of Alexander the Great), the city quickly became one of the most beautiful settlements in all of Thrace, as evidenced not only by ancient authors, but also the numerous architectural traces left by its inhabitants.

To this day, archaeologists keep coming across fragments of the decorations of ancient buildings and their mosaics - the stone carpets of antiquity. Displayed to the visitors in an attractive way, they contribute to the fact that Plovdiv is still one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria and Europe.

Let's enjoy the elegance of the old Mosaics from the Christian basilicas of Philippopolis (present-day Plovdiv):

Text and photos: Wladimir Wladimirow

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