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Bulgarian government adopts plan for introduction of the euro

| updated on 5/27/22 6:06 PM
Finance Minister Assen Vassilev at a press briefing, 27 May 2022
Photo: gov.bg

The Bulgarian government has adopted a plan for the introduction of the euro in Bulgaria. At a briefing at the Council of Ministers, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Asсen Vassilev explained that this is an operational plan that gives clear deadlines and tasks to banks, payment and state institutions, how exactly to introduce the euro, how to convert and reverse deposits and loans. 

A number of legislative changes are forthcoming, including an amendment to the Bulgarian National Bank Act, and public and expert discussions on Bulgaria's accession to the euro area will continue, Vassilev said.

A period of three months before the introduction of the euro and nine months after that, in which the prices of goods and services will be published in both BGN and EUR, is envisaged for consumer protection. The aim is for unscrupulous traders not to take advantage of the change of currency and raise prices, said Asen Vassilev.

The cabinet ministers from the Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, voted against, stating as their motive the agreement on the formation of the government, according to which the decision is to be made after the Bulgarian National Bank makes an analysis of the effects. No such analysis has, as yet, been made, the BSP says. 

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