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The White Brotherhood dances with the sun on the Seven Rila Lakes


Hundreds of people in white, lined up in a concentric circles, dancing and welcoming the rising sun - this unforgettable sight will be witnessed by everyone who visits the Seven Rila Lakes on August 19. The ritual is called Paneurhythmy and through it the followers of Peter Deunov's teachings connect with nature and each other. 

On August 19, the White Brotherhood welcomes the Solar New Year. People from all over Bulgaria and the world gather in the area of Babreka (the Kirdney) lake to perform the 28 movements of the ritual dance Paneurhythmy to the sound of special music.

The etymology of the word Paneurhythmy comes from three roots - "pan", meaning "whole, cosmic", "eu", the true essence of things, and "rhythmia", bringing in the idea of the sacred music. When performed by many people, Paneurhythmy is danced in circles, symbolizing the unity between people and nature.

Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher Peter Deunov, also known worldwide as Beinsa Duno (1864-1944), developed his teaching of esoteric Christianity and gained widespread popularity far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Bulgaria's most influential spiritual leader was born into the family of priest Konstantin Dunovsky. He graduated from high school in Svishtov, then studied at Boston University in the USA. Returning to Bulgaria, he wrote his first book, Science and Education, published in 1896. In 1914 he gave his first public lecture, which marked the beginning of the Sunday lecture series "Power and Life". For 30 years, in 1600 Sunday lectures, he spoke of the five cardinal virtues enshrined in his teaching - truth, love, justice, wisdom and virtue. 

Compiled by: Elena Karkalanova

Photos: EPA/BGNES, library

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