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Over a quarter of Internet traffic in Bulgaria is malicious: Ministry of E-Government

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A total of 26% of all Internet traffic in Bulgaria is malicious bot traffic generated by software, BTA reported citing data from the Ministry of Electronic Government. 

According to the data, 80% of all reported online incidents are phishing attacks, using disguised emails, direct messages or websites that mimic real ones and aim to extract personal information and access to important accounts of their victims. 
The data shows that a total of 57% of all organizations are subjected to daily and weekly phishing attempts. 

The number of reports of violations in the Bulgarian Internet space, processed by the National Computer Security Incident Response Team, are 657 for June, 272 for July and 249 for August of this year. Those registered on their site for the same months are 120, 145 and 155 respectively, and the affected IP addresses in the alerts are 10,382 for June, 14,634 for July and 14,298 for August.

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