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We celebrate music today

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On October 1, we traditionally celebrate World Music Day. The holiday was established by the International Council of Music at UNESCO in 1974, at the suggestion of its then president, Yehudi Menuhin. The great violinist, conductor and public figure believed that the World Music Day will support the promotion of this universal art among all sections of society, in the name of the UNESCO ideals of peace and friendship between people. On this day, concerts, exhibitions, music-making workshops, lectures, music conferences, etc. are held in over 150 countries around the world.

In Bulgaria, the events dedicated to the World Music Day are not few, regardless of the upcoming elections on October 2. At the Central Military Club in Sofia, the association "Eclectica" in partnership with the Municipal Cultural Institute "Nadezhda" organized the first children's song competition in Bulgaria "Eclectica Union Kids – Symphony Competition".

On the same date is the presentation of the book "The P.I.F Tale - in Rhymes and Notes", accompanied by a concert of the rock band loved by generations.

The concert of Prof. Suzanna Klintcharova (on October 7) is also dedicated to the holiday, at which her album, the 20th in a row, titled "Classical Masterpieces for Harp", released this year in Austria, will be presented.

Let's remember that the first day of October is also World Poetry Day, World Vegetarian Day, International Day of the Elderly, and the Day of the Bulgarian Insurer.

Compiled by Albena Bezovska

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