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Vox pop shows that Bulgarians are pessimistic about the work of the new parliament

Photo: Ani Petrova

Bulgarian voters are pessimistic about the work of the new 48th National Assembly.  Parties, which are elected, are unable to reach a consensus - this showed a poll among the citizens of Burgas, made by BNR Burgas. 

" What urgently needs to be done is to come to an agreement and form a government. We are tired of elections, bullshit and percentages - who didn't get enough of what."

"Subsidies to parties must be removed. That way the small parties that only go for money will drop out. Bulgarians are politically illiterate, that's where the problems are."

"There is no way these political forces can come to any kind of consensus among themselves. Their ideologies, principles, ideas on foreign and domestic policy are very different." 

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