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"Where Strandzha mountain meets the sea" - Tsarevo is promoting its beauty

Photo: Tsarevo Municipality

A new video looks at the culture and history of the settlements in the Tsarevo ‎region and‏  ‏invites us to visit the place "where the mountain Strandzha meets ‎the sea, but also where history has left its rich imprint", we learn from the ‎Facebook page of Tsarevo municipality.
The promotional video presents the old Orthodox churches, the folklore ‎traditions, the authentic Nestinari custom, the festivals and the culinary delights ‎in this part of Bulgaria’s Southern Black Sea coast. "Because you don't just ‎come to Tsarevo to rest. You come to immerse yourself in history, indulge ‎your senses and feel truly alive!” the publication says. ‎

Watch the video:

The new video is already being shared by hundreds of users, after another ‎promotional video for the municipality was published last week, which became ‎a real sensation with over 200,000 views in just a few days. The highlight of it ‎is the interaction between Strandzha mountain and the Black Sea and presents ‎the fascinating nature that this corner of Bulgaria is rich in. "Where every beach ‎has a name with a sense of magic - Silistar, Lipite, Delfin, Varvara, Veleka, ‎Nestinarka, Vasiliko, Arapya, Oasis, Coral... 

Where deep in the Strandzha ‎Mountain, thick shadows, cool streams and beautiful waterfalls await you", it is ‎also said in the video about Tsarevo.‎

The town of Tsarevo is located on three picturesque bays with steep rocky ‎shores, clean beaches and a large park by the sea.‎

The wonderful conditions for rest make it one of the most popular destinations ‎for seaside recreation in Bulgaria. And the nearby Strandzha villages guarantee ‎coolness and contact with beautiful nature, as well as a rich cultural calendar. ‎

These days, tourists in the area can travel only 10 kilometers to the southeast, ‎to the nearby village of Brodilovo, which will celebrate on August 12. This ‎village in Strandzha is known for its Nestinari traditions, remains of ancient ‎fortresses and the temple of St. Panteleimon which has been declared a ‎monument of culture.‎