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"Yesterday" - Stanley's music and Alexander Petrov's lyrics in another inspiring match

Photo: YouTube

Stanislav "Stanley" Slanev is one of the country's most important, recognisable and popular music writers and performers. For more than four decades he has had a glorious career in Bulgarian music. While maintaining his unmistakable style, Stanley continues to search for a fresh sound. On November 22, Stanley will take the stage in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia for his concert "Électro". 
In addition to the group of musicians Stanley has worked with in recent years, he will be joined by star guests Lubo Kirov, actor Hristo Mutafchiev, B.T.R., Tangra, D2 and Jeremy?
The audio-visual production will feature not only his greatest hits, but also new, unreleased songs. "Yesterday", released last month, will be performed live for the first time. 

It reunites Stanley's enchanting voice and Alexander Petrov's rock poetry almost 40 years after they first scored hits with Tangra such as 'The Circus' - Stanley's first recording with the band - 'Lead Soldier' and 'Juliet'. Of the making of "Yesterday", Stanley, who wrote the music, said: 
" Things happen in a rather spontaneous way for me. Like, most of the time when I make music, I don't just sit down and say 'here, now I'm going to write a song for the next album or whatever'... I was with some friends, I saw a guitar in the corner and I decided to try something. I listened to it after about a week and said to myself - yeah, there's definitely something interesting here! I started to work on it and I imagined some lyrics where Sasho just exceeded my expectations. What he did was unique as a combination with the music I was making. It takes us back in time a bit, a kind of atmosphere, let's say from the 90s... It's like a masterpiece for me, this piece".

"Yesterday" will be one of the tracks on Stanley's forthcoming new album, which he is currently working on and whose premiere we are looking forward to.

Photos:Facebook/ Stanislav Slanev
Translated and posted by Elizabeth Radkova
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