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A software developer preserves the traditions of one of the oldest Bulgarian folklore ensembles in Germany

Like many European countries, Bulgaria has hundreds of thousands of citizens who have opted to live outside the country. We can roughly divide them into two types - old and new emigration. The reasons for going abroad are, of course, many and..

published on 11/14/23 5:50 PM

This is the best-case scenario: Bulgarians will number 5.1 million by the end of the century, the NSI estimates

Three scenarios are outlined by the National Statistical Institute depending on the expected socio-economic development of the country.   The first scenario, which is considered realistic and in line with EU standards, is that the country's..

published on 11/14/23 2:05 PM

Varna Free University participates in an educational exhibition in Nigeria

The President of the Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" Prof. Krasimir Nedyalkov visited Nigeria and met with Dr. Dikko Umaru Rada, Governor of Katsina State . The host stated the interest of young people from Katsina to study in Europe and..

published on 11/14/23 9:34 AM

Bulgarian Christmas tree decorated in Chicago

A Bulgarian Christmas tree has once again been decorated at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as part of the museum's 80th traditional Christmas Around the World initiative. The museum is the largest science museum in the western hemisphere,..

published on 11/13/23 6:23 PM

Budget 2024 - the bone of contention or surmountable obstacle for the government

Last week, Minister of Finance Assen Vassilev presented the parameters of the budget for 2024. It became clear that this year's planned revenues will remain unfulfilled by BGN 2.3 billion, and expenses by BGN 1 billion. The expected..

published on 11/13/23 1:51 PM
Milena Selimi

Milena Selimi: Bulgarians in Albania need teachers and attention

Since 2017, the Bulgarian national minority has been officially recognized by ‎the Albanian state, and since June 2023, its representative in the Committee of ‎National Minorities in Albania is Milena Selimi - writer, translator, journalist, ‎with..

published on 11/13/23 12:08 PM

Exhibition about the enemies and friends of Bulgaria in the Naval Museum in Varna

An exhibition prepared by the National Museum of Military History is dedicated to the complex puzzle of the military and political relations between Bulgaria and the three countries that played a key role in the history of the Third Bulgarian State..

published on 11/12/23 6:45 AM

Countdown to carnival in Gabrovo begins today

As is the tradition, on the 11 th day of the 11 th month, the countdown begins to next year’s carnival in Gabrovo .   People in Gabrovo say that in their town they have a 5 th season of the year, in which to get ready for the festival...

published on 11/11/23 4:48 PM

Elena Meat Delicacy Festival 2023 is being held for the tenth time

There is almost no house in the town of Elena, Veliko Tarnovo region, in which the meat delicacy called "elenski but" is not prepared . People maintain the tradition and prepare the delicacy every year.  Only the specific climate of the Balkan..

published on 11/11/23 10:25 AM

An international game about climate change poses pressing topics in Bulgaria

The city of Vidin on the Danube is hosting the educational game "Climate Fresco" , which travels around the world and has been translated into 35 languages by volunteers in over 50 countries.  The goal is to present scientific knowledge about..

published on 11/11/23 8:05 AM