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Contemporary Printmaking from Ireland on display in Sofia until end of November

Visual artists from county Kildare, Republic of Ireland present their works in Sofia’s “Lesedra” Gallery

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Pamela de Bri

Katherine SmitsAt the beginning of the month an exhibition presenting 63 large-size prints by 38 artists was opened in Sofia by H.E. Michael Forbes, Ambassador of Ireland to Bulgaria. Irish artists Pamela de Bri, Katherine Smits and Melissa Cherry were also present at the opening. In 2018 the Leinster Printmaking Studio is celebrating its 20th year in existence with a series of exhibitions that will tour Ireland and Europe in 2018-2019 and Sofia is one of the stops.

The Leinster Printmaking Studio was established back in 1998 by stained glass artist and printmaker Margaret Becker and several other artists. The studio currently offers facilities for producing various types of prints and it is also a 'green' studio, as members strive to use safe and non-toxic materials in order to limit the damage to the environment and to the practitioners.

The exhibition in Sofia goes under the name “Contemporary Printmaking from Ireland” and it can be seen in “Lesedra” gallery until the end of November.

Assia Chaneva talked to the artists from Leinster Printmaking Studio who came to Sofia for the opening of the exhibition:

Melissa Cherry

Editor: Alexander Markov

Photos: Assia Chaneva

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