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Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Day 321


2 million Bulgarians to be vaccinated against Covid-19 by end of 2021

Bulgaria may buy any Covid-19 vaccine, regardless of its country of origin, if such a vaccine is approved by the European Union, Minister of Health Kostadin Angelov said. Bulgaria will receive 13 million vaccines, which are enough for the entire population, Minister Angelov has told the Bulgarian MPs. Equal quantities of each Covid-19 vaccine have been provided. The quantities under different quotas can be re-negotiated between the member states, BTA reported. Due to the uneven supply, no deadlines have been set in the national vaccination plan. Soon we will provide detailed information on where vaccination will take place. 2 million Bulgarians will be vaccinated against Covid-19 until the end of 2021, Minister Angelov went on to say.

Coronavirus mutates and no general rules are available: Premier Borissov

Unfortunately, the virus mutates and there is no general rule available, Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov commented after the online meeting of the European Council. "The EU member states act as the situation allows. Bulgaria has taken the right approach to mobilize the society and ensure physical distance. Our anti-epidemic measures are extremely liberal as compared to those of other countries", Boyko Borissov said. "Vaccination in Bulgaria is carried out in the most reasonable, balanced and correct manner. Moreover, the citizens who received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine are guaranteed to get the second dose", PM Borissov added, BTA reports.

Bulgaria reports 455 new cases of Covid-19 after 7,674 tests

455 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours out of 7,674 tests performed. 6% of the tests have returned positive result, data of the Single Coronavirus Information Portal show. A total of 213,846 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in Bulgaria since the beginning of the pandemic. There are 27,769 active cases. 3,045 patients are being treated in hospitals, 297 of whom in intensive care units. 90 patients have died in the past 24 hours, thus bringing the Covid-19 death toll to 8,741. 2,256 people have recovered in the past 24 hours, thus bringing the total number of recoveries to 177,354. 1,124 people have been vaccinated in the past 24 hours. A total of 25,251 Bulgarians have been vaccinated until now.

Bulgarian parents call for cancellation of National External Assessment after 4th and 10th grade

Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva has recommended that this country’s Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Valchev cancel the National External Assessment after the 4th and the 10th grade. Diana Kovacheva refers to complaints and petitions submitted by parents to the national Ombudsman. Diana Kovacheva also emphasizes the problem concerning digital inequality, as some Bulgarian students face shortage of electronic devices and Internet. "Citizens point out that the students have studied remotely for more than 5 months which has affected their education", Ombudsman Kovacheva writes in her letter to Bulgaria’s Minister of Education, BTA reports.

Only 1/3 of employees in Bulgaria willing to get Covid-19 vaccines

34% of the Bulgarian managers say that their employees want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, a survey conducted by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry shows. According to 22% of the managers, their employees are not interested in getting vaccinated. Half of the respondents have not decided yet. Many people prefer to wait and are inclined to get a Covid-19 vaccine when they can choose between different types of vaccines and have more information about the effect of vaccination. According to 42% of the respondents, vaccination is the key to normal life. 47% of the respondents believe that nothing will change after the vaccination, BTA reported. More than half of the companies said that vaccines must not be required for travels abroad.

Compiled by: Yoan Kolev

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