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Piano duo Genova & Dimitrov

On the forthcoming world premieres, the responsibility and the excitement

The piano duo Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov (Genova & Dimitrov) who are also partners in life celebrated a quarter of a century on stage. Known all over the world for their concert, teaching and recording activities, they seem to have it all - prestigious awards, acclaimed achievements, recognition.

Undoubtedly, they also have a relentless spirit of research, because they are real discoverers of musical treasures, which they share with their audience with undisguised joy and excitement. After the integral edition of works by Rachmaninoff for two pianos and four hands, a new album dedicated to the work of US composer Amy Beach is forthcoming.

“Both CDs are related to our anniversary," says Liuben. “The album with works by Rachmaninoff - an extremely famous composer - appeared as a preliminary bell ringing. On the other hand, we recorded works by Amy Beach (1867-1944), who lived at about the same time, but remained almost unknown because she was a female composer. Let me remind you that in the history of the United States, her Gallic Symphony was the first such work created by a woman, and this is not her only contribution. After the death of her husband, Amy Beach began to give concerts around the world, her talent simply "blossomed". We became acquainted with her work in 1997, as competitors (then winners) in the Dranoff International Two Piano Competition due to Loretta Dranoff, the founder of the competition, with whom we had the good fortune to talk more than once about American culture. When we became artistic directors of the competition, we included works by the composer in the repertoire of the participants. And to our delight, many young artists are turning to this music”.

Among the works in the upcoming album are "Variations on a Balkan Themes", in which Amy Beach also used Bulgarian folk songs. How did these intonations reach her?

"She interacted with many different artists, especially when she started performing actively," says Aglika. “She travelled in many countries, she also visited the Balkan region. It was a miracle for us when we read that her works contained such a composition. We never thought we would have a chance to record it. The work is wonderful. Amy Beach also stays true