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World-famous chefs open restaurant in nearly deserted Bulgarian village

Photo: Facebook / @10DieciBoutique

The lives of world-famous chefs Gianfranco Chiarini and Anna Chiarini include frequent trips to countless destinations. They have visited 114 countries, where they helped local entrepreneurs start their own business and turned their restaurants into places providing an unforgettable experience.

Gianfranco Chiarini and Anna Chiarini

The same ambition keeps them active today as they enjoy their work at their family restaurant in the Bulgarian village of Devino. Located between the cities of Veliko Tarnovo and Targovishte the village is nearly deserted, but it captivated them as soon as they arrived.

Why Bulgaria? The two have known this country since 2015, when Gianfranco arrived in Bansko as a special guest at a culinary festival. After it ended, the two rented a car and took a tour to Plovdiv, Sofia, VelikoTarnovo, Varna and Burgas. Half a year later they returned to Bulgaria with the desire to buy a home and continue to explore this country. They initially chose a property in Bansko, but quickly realized that the place was not suitable for them. The Covid-19 pandemic and a loss in the family forced them to leave for the United States and soon after that they learned that the long-abandoned school in the Bulgarian village of Devino had been put up for sale. In addition to the two large floors that Gianfranco and Anna converted into a restaurant for 10 people and a residential area for them, they also have a huge yard with a unique view of the surrounding area.

The dishes the chefs prepare look modern, but still have Bulgarian influence.

English: Alexander Markov

Photos: Facebook / @10DieciBoutique, dieciboutique.com and library

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