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Minister of Health: protests against anti-coronavirus measures are political

| updated on 10/20/21 6:48 PM
Photo: BGNES

A protest against the Covid-19 Green Certificate is taking place in front of the Ministry of Health building in central Sofia. Police have cordoned off the entrance of the building. Protesters are demanding the resignation of Bulgaria’s caretaker Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov, the reporter of the Bulgarian National Radio Evelina Stoyanova informed.

The measures related to the green certificates will be lifted when the country enters the green zone, the caretaker Minister of Health Stoycho Katsarov said at a briefing.

"The measures do not force people to get vaccinated. They reduce the risk of spreading the virus and only affect activities that are explicitly stated in the order. They do not apply to the administration and the churches," the minister said.

"If nothing was done, it would lead to a complete overload of the health system. It would be a huge irresponsibility, if we did not take these measures. Through them we also protect the people who are protesting and calling for our resignations," Katsarov added. According to the minister, the protests against the measures during the election campaign for parliament and president were political.

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