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Bulgarians in Las Vegas voting

Galina Dineva, USA: Politicians should show more honesty and think ‎about the good of Bulgaria

Photo: Maria Samichkova

Voter turnout among Bulgarians in Las Vegas is much higher than in other polling stations in the USA, and I guess Canada as well," Galina Dineva, a representative of the election commission there, told Radio Bulgaria. There is no difficulty with machine voting, even among people of an older age: "They are a little worried because it is something new for them, but they are coping." No violations were found until the middle of the election day there.

"My personal expectations and hopes are that Bulgaria will continue to become a well-established country. Democracy is a very difficult process, it has never been easy neither for the US, nor for the other countries that have gone down this path. I understand the frustration of some people who think they have no one to vote for because things are not going to change. This is a deep delusion - voting is necessary, this is the path we must follow if we want to have an organized state and resemble a good society, which we are not at the moment. My expectations for politicians are that they show a greater dose of honesty and think about the good of Bulgaria, and not, as they currently do, protect the interests of foreign countries in Bulgaria. But that all depends on us, ‎those who vote."‎

Galina Dineva herself has already participated in 6-7 elections in Las Vegas and there is an observation that the voting there absolutely coincides with the one in Bulgaria - there are votes for many parties, but the most popular in Bulgaria also receive the most votes from across the Ocean :‎

‎"I have compared the results and the numbers are almost the same. In general, Bulgarians abroad, and especially in Las Vegas, expect things in Bulgaria will improve, they expect our compatriots at home to vote much more actively and choose their future themselves. And above all, they want to leave their next generations an organized country, because here we live in such a country and we would like Bulgaria to at least be on this path.‎

Many people here regularly listen to Bulgarian radio and watch Bulgarian television - this is our main source of information, and I am absolutely sure that a large part of those who voted are very well-informed about the political situation in Bulgaria, about the problems. In addition, we all have family and friends in Bulgaria, we are members of various media groups. Everyone votes according to their convictions," emphasizes Galina Dineva.‎

Asparuh Chakalski is also in front of the polling station in Las Vegas. "Perhaps this will be my last time voting in the hope that the Bulgarian people will finally grow up, take matters into their own hands and not rely on anyone but themselves," he says.‎

"Politicians have no messages, I am disappointed with the Bulgarian politicians. In a campaign, everyone makes promises, but when it comes to execution, they remain unfulfilled. These are not pessimistic thoughts, I know that our people are capable of taking themselves into their own hands and not relying on anyone else and making the country what it was again, and that the people are satisfied that they live in a wonderful country that, although I left 30 years ago, I still love and wish to return to. But not with this nation, which is disappointed and expects help from outside."‎

Author Maria Samichkova
Photos: Maria Samichkova

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