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Bulgaria Today – 9 January 2023

Welcome to Bulgaria Today onJanuary 9

On the programme today, we start with an overview of the leadings news stories and a weather report fortomorrow first.

Next, in our running series Bulgarians Abroad, we take a look at the Bulgarian community in a not so distant European country – Slovakia as we talk to Denica Sekoulitchka, chairwoman of the Bulgarian Cultural Union in Bratislava and editor of a Bulgarian-language magazine there.

In our daily portion of Bulgarian music, we bring Electro-house band Deep Zone Project with a fresh take on a loved pop hit. 

Tune in to learn more! 

01’54 - News 

10’00 - Bulgarians Abroad: Christina de Broyne, UNICEF: Many children with disabilities in Bulgaria do not have access to education

15’42 - Song of the Day:Electro-house band Deep Zone Project and “Just like before”

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