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Parliamentary elections on 2 April 2023

Bulgarians in England "clothe" the parliamentary elections in spring garments

Zornitsa Rangelova from London: We have the privilege of not thinking about ‎where we will be on election day, but we simply need to find the nearest ‎polling station and vote

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The election roulette has been spinning in Bulgaria for exactly two years. On ‎April 2, Bulgarians in the country and around the world will once again take ‎the time to exercise their civic right and responsibility and elect the new ‎members of the Bulgarian parliament - the legislative body in the country.‎

‎"One more day of our lives will be given to Bulgaria, let's make it a beautiful ‎one," says Zornitsa Rangelova from London in an interview for Radio ‎Bulgaria. And it's not just an appeal. Bulgarians living in the British capital are ‎preparing with... flowers for the elections. "The new events created on social ‎networks have many photos carrying a spring mood. We also have a map with ‎all the addresses of polling stations in the UK," Zornitsa, who is the ‎coordinator for the elections at the Bulgarian Embassy in London, told us. ‎

‎"Although the election is an official event, we can also find beauty in it." ‎Therefore, instead of the typical national flags to announce the event on social ‎networks, we used the beauty of flowers. It's spring time now, so we all need ‎to wake up and do something different. Most of the volunteers who will ‎work in the polling stations really put a lot of effort into learning the election ‎materials, taking time away from their families to participate in the ‎organization, and of course getting the polling stations in order. This time is ‎part of our lives and that's why we decided to make it even more beautiful. We ‎urge all people to go out on Sunday in high spirits and let us all turn this ‎into a beautiful event!”‎

For the convenience of Bulgarians who reside in the territory of Great ‎Britain and Northern Ireland,