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Gladiator battles, mock slave market and delicious dishes at the Medieval Festival near Sliven

More than 200 people will take part in the reenactment of the life in peace and war of the peoples who inhabited the ancient fortress near today's town of Sliven in the period from late antiquity to the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.   The medieval..

07.10.23 06:20 |

Historical reenactment for Independence Day and beautiful views along the route of the vintage train

A retro train with a steam locomotive, four cars and one more from the Vitosha Express government train left for Mezdra from the capital's Central Station. The trip was organized by Bulgarian state railways BDZ and United Balkans Association on the..

22.09.23 10:32 |

"The Bulgarian Army from Asparukh to the present day" in the village of Topoli

The 11th cultural-historical show "The Bulgarian Army from Asparukh to the present day" reenacts different periods of the development of the Bulgarian army in the village of Topoli near Varna.  Nearly 500 people from historical reenactment clubs..

10.09.23 14:02 |

Petrich village organizes “locket” festival of arts and crafts

The first “locket” festival is to take place in the village of Petrich, not far from Sofia, on 7 May at 11 AM. It is connected with the celebrations of the 146 th anniversary of the outbreak of the April uprising in Petrich village, and the..

07.05.22 08:45 |
The Roman Stadium in Plovdiv

Medieval warriors "take over" Plovdiv for festival of history

150 Thracians, Romans and Medieval Bulgarians, dressed in authentic clothing, will march from Central Square to the Roman Stadium in Plovdiv on 25 September. The event is part of the three-day festival “Plovdiv-ancient and eternal: history,..

21.09.20 12:49 |
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