Prime Ministers Borissov and Zaev in front of the monument to Tsar Samuel in Sofia.

Macedonia and Bulgaria state their good intentions, now is the time to put them through

Soon after his first visit to Brussels, the prime minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev paid an official visit to Sofia. The Macedonian prime minister described both of these visits as historic, with one underlying aim – that Macedonia be given support..

published on 6/21/17 11:14 AM

Sofia’s effort to “normalize” EU-Turkey relations – an uphill job?

At a meeting with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin last week, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov promised to make an effort to “normalize” relations between the EU and Turkey by falling back on his good contacts in government circles in that..

published on 6/14/17 1:18 PM

Encouraging EU support for 3rd Borissov cabinet in Paris, Berlin

PM Boyko Borissov was received in two consecutive days over the past week by the leaders of two of the most important EU member-states – French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Both Paris and Berlin sent their..

published on 6/8/17 2:07 PM

Brussels to impose rule of law through suspension of EU funds to member states from Central and Eastern Europe

The EU has threatened the member states from Central and Eastern Europe that it may reduce or directly suspend their financing if they violate the principle of the rule of law. Bulgaria is also among that group of EU member states. Moreover,..

published on 6/7/17 1:16 PM

NATO summit with decisions, upheld by Bulgaria

The latest Brussels-held summit of NATO ended up in 6 hours, taking preliminary agreed decisions, also contracted with Bulgaria. Sofia’s stances on those had been clearly stated a week before the forum to Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg by Ministers..

published on 5/28/17 7:29 PM

Putin’s words about Slavonic Script unite Bulgarian politicians

On May 24, the day of Bulgarian Education, Culture and the Slavonic Script, Bulgarians learned that in Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Macedonian counterpart Gjorge Ivanov that the Slavic script had come to..

published on 5/26/17 2:24 PM
Sotir Tsatsarov (left) and Lozan Panov

Issues with separation of powers 25 years after democratic changes in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s public space has been shaking for a second month in a row due to a meeting of its Prosecutor General with a notorious gas businessman, held with the intermediation of another businessman. The arguments on the case have recently..

published on 5/23/17 12:38 PM

Sofia expects normalization of situation in Macedonia, upholds its EU accession

Sofia has once again showed good will and hope for the peaceful development of the situation in Macedonia after the overcoming of the political crisis there. After months of political tensions Macedonian President George Ivanov has finally..

published on 5/22/17 12:02 PM

Court cuts minimum monthly wage, government raises it

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has repealed the Decree of the Council of Ministers, which set a minimum  monthly wage of 230 euros from 1 January 2017. Previously the minimum salary was 210 euros. The court's decision is  not final and may be..

published on 5/21/17 5:06 PM

Confidence towards Borissov 3 cabinet is at 32%: Gallup International

The confidence towards Bulgaria’s new cabinet formed by GERB and the United Patriots is at 32%. The level of confidence towards the country’s government is close to the one of Borissov 2 cabinet. Meanwhile, 55% of the Bulgarians show mistrust towards..

published on 5/20/17 7:00 AM