Bulgaria makes first steps towards joining Eurozone

Bulgaria received a green light from the Finance Ministers of the Eurogroup to enter the Eurozone’s waiting room (The ERM2 mechanism) and the Banking Union in one year. The decision is a result of Sofia’s bid to adopt the single European..

published on 7/16/18 11:44 AM

Sofia’s position on increase in defence spending at NATO summit predictably guarded

The NATO summit that ended in Brussels yesterday will be remembered most of all for the turmoil caused by US President Donald Trump’s demand for a rise in national military spending from 2 to 4 percent of the respective country’s GDP. At NATO,..

published on 7/13/18 12:57 PM

The CEEC-China 16+1 meeting and how it put world media spotlight back on Bulgaria

The four-day visit to Bulgaria by the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang, which ended on Sunday, is in the focus of attention of the national media today, highlighting PM Borissov’s idea for the future..

published on 7/9/18 1:23 PM

Western Balkans still remain priority of Borissov 3 cabinet even after EU Presidency

The latest actions of the Boyko Borissov’s cabinet only confirm the truth in his statements that the Western Balkans priority would be kept within this country’s foreign policy even after the end of its rotational EU Presidency. Borissov’s..

published on 7/6/18 1:28 PM

Sebastian Kurz: EU project will be completed when Western Balkans belong to our community of nations

The Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union started with a meeting between Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov and Austria’s Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Premier Borissov symbolically handed over the Presidency to..

published on 7/4/18 12:22 PM

Angel Dzhambazki: It is the invisible boundaries that are hindering EU unity

At the beginning of the world economic crisis in 2008, the EU entered the eye of the storm and the consequences are still unclear. Though it has been 10 years, we are left with the feeling it is by far not over, with new local or pan-European..

published on 7/3/18 12:57 PM
The January no confidence vote

Second motion of no confidence in six months up for discussion in parliament

After the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) submitted a motion of no confidence in the Borissov 3 cabinet for failure to cope with corruption in the very first month of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of Europe – January – now, in the last..

published on 6/26/18 1:12 PM

Political analyst Yusef Dakak: Despite initial doubts Bulgarian Presidency of Council of EU has achieved a lot

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU is coming to an end and time for an assessment of what has been achieved over the past six months is coming, too. In a series of articles during the week, we shall present the views of political..

published on 6/25/18 3:14 PM

Despite the deal on Macedonia name the region remains problematic: Martin Minkov

The top Balkan news of the week – the deal reached between the prime ministers of Macedonia and Greece over the name of the Republic of Macedonia seems to have again fueled tensions in the Balkans. The announced step forward and the name “Republic..

published on 6/15/18 3:43 PM

The resignation of the social minister and the questions it begs

At the end of the workday on 11 June there was an announcement that Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov had accepted the resignation of the minister of Labor and Social Policy Biser Petkov. Petkov has stepped down over as he has put it an..

published on 6/12/18 2:37 PM