European Parliament adopts resolution on Bulgarians in Albania

A month ago, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on Albania, which included a text, put forward by Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovatchev and Angel Dzhambazki, reafirming the rights of the Bulgarian population in Mala Prespa, Golo Brdo and..

published on 3/20/17 10:51 AM

Tensions with Turkey continue to run high, Sofia seeks international solidarity

Bulgaria’s foreign ministry summoned this country’s ambassador to Turkey Nadezhda Neynsky back to Sofia for consultations a week after protesting against statements made by a Turkish cabinet minister in support of a certain Bulgarian political..

published on 3/17/17 12:56 PM

After snap elections a new pre-election situation possible: Asen Genov

Blogger Asen Genov terms the campaign for the parliamentary elections on 26 March “a flow of sewage”. Instead of discussing serious matters and problems related to the difficult internal and external contexts we deal with the age or origin of..

published on 3/16/17 1:43 PM

New dynamics in migration pressure towards Bulgaria possible

Caretaker PM Ognyan Gerdzhikov declared on Tuesday night the taking of additional security measures along the Bulgarian-Turkish border, as some influx of migrants is presumed over the next few days. Obviously the situation is very serious,..

published on 3/15/17 1:58 PM
“There is no way a single body can move on two speeds”, said President Radev in Brussels, putting forth Bulgaria’s stand in support of the unity and solidarity of the EU

EU to run in two gears, are we going to witness Bulexit?

The European Union will not be the same anymore after this month. The start of the dramatic change was given by the President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker who announced the so-called White Paper containing different options..

published on 3/13/17 1:09 PM

Pre-election tension between Sofia and Ankara occurs

Sofia and Ankara, which have been avoiding for a very long time tension related to the migrant crisis, confronted twice in one week only on election issues. First, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs protested against the recent statement of..

published on 3/11/17 7:10 AM

Can the election raise the credibility rating of parties or will it only give them credibility on trust they will have to live up to?

A few days ago the Open Society Institute made public the results of a national sample survey that paint a rather grim picture. Only four institutions in the country enjoy the approval of over 50 percent of the population and they are the EU,..

published on 3/7/17 12:58 PM

Refusal of GERB and BSP to hold leaders' debate sets bad tone to election campaign

The election debate between GERB leader Boyko Borissov and the leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party Kornelia Ninova that has been subject to long negotiations failed due to contradictions between the two political parties related to its..

published on 3/2/17 1:34 PM

Economic programs of political parties: from infrastructure to raising living standards

Campaigning for the upcoming early parliamentary elections at the end of the month is in full swing. All 13 parties, nine coalitions and 21 initiative committees with independent candidates for MPs compete to win the trust of voters with..

published on 3/1/17 2:42 PM

Iliyana Yotova calls for establishment of common registry for integration of children of refugees

A common registry used by all institutions related to the integration of children of refugees should be established, Bulgaria’s Vice President Iliyana Yotova appealed. Several days ago Bulgaria’s capital Sofia hosted an International Conference..

published on 2/28/17 1:42 PM