NATO's presence in Black Sea causes political turbulence in Sofia

This week we have witnessed verbal jousting and pre-election political turbulence on occasion of the increased presence of NATO forces in the Black Sea region. Bulgaria’s former Premier and GERB leader Boyko Borissov opened fire first after caretaker..

published on 2/26/17 6:00 AM

Vagueness prevails as election campaign opens

From 24 February till 24 March an election campaign is underway in Bulgaria ahead of the snap parliamentary elections on March 26. A few events before its official inception have continued practices of last minute changes of election rules and..

published on 2/25/17 11:05 AM

President Rumen Radev makes important foreign-policy statements in Munich

While attending the recent Munich Security Conference, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev held a series of bilateral meetings. Talks of the head of state were followed with strong interest in the context of the pre-election situation in Bulgaria in..

published on 2/20/17 1:08 PM

Is voting machine use going to impede next polls?

Another intrigue has emerged over the week due to the voting machine use during the forthcoming poll on March 26. In early February the Supreme Court of Administration overthrew the Central Election Committee’s decision in favor of voting machine use..

published on 2/19/17 5:48 PM

Assessment of "Borissov 2" Cabinet exacerbates pre-election situation in Bulgaria

Some ten days ago when the caretaker government fired 14 district governors because of negative assessment of their work, this week seven more were changed as the reason was said to be their participation in the upcoming early elections. On Friday,..

published on 2/18/17 3:41 PM

Germany is a strategic economic partner of Bulgaria: President Rumen Radev

Following his international debut in Brussels – a way to testify to the leaders of the EU and NATO Sofia’s unwavering and consistent European and Euro-Atlantic orientation - and after his participation in the informal European Council meeting in..

published on 2/12/17 9:30 AM

Registration of parties and coalitions for early elections and what it means

On the closing date for registration for participation in the snap parliamentary vote due on 26 March, a total of 18 parties and 9 coalitions or a total of 27 political formations had submitted registration applications. By way of comparison, in 2014..

published on 2/11/17 7:00 AM

Putin inclined to revive South Stream

The gas pipeline project that was supposed to run along the Black Sea bed to Bulgaria, and further, reaching Central and Western Europe was scrapped a little over two years ago, on instructions by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself...

published on 2/6/17 1:31 PM
Russia's Ambassador to Sofia Anatoly Makarov

Sofia and Moscow warm up bilateral relations?

Russia’s Ambassador to Sofia Anatoly Makarov told the Bulgarian National Radio on Thursday that the Bulgaria-Russia relations reached a positive turning point last year and advised Bulgaria’s authorities to invite Vladimir Putin to pay visit to that..

published on 2/4/17 6:00 AM

President Rumen Radev disperses Brussels doubts, Sofia remains true to EU and NATO

The first official visit abroad of the new president of Bulgaria Rumen Radev ended yesterday. It did not take place in Washington or Moscow. The Head of State chose the Belgian capital Brussels, the heart of the EU and NATO to disperse doubts..

published on 2/1/17 1:56 PM