Bulgaria lacks intelligence agents

Bulgaria lacks intelligence agents abroad, the 2016 report of the State Intelligence Agency reads. The biggest problem is related to staffing. The recruitment of well-educated and highly-qualified experts at the operational units requires a lot of time..

published on 4/22/17 7:05 AM

What the Opening day of 44th Parliament shows

The first sitting of the 44 th parliament on April 19 was unusually short, unsurprising in its nature and some people said it was lifeless. Printed media also cover in few words today this otherwise very important event. Even the fact that..

published on 4/20/17 1:28 PM
Despite the expectations of GERB Leader Borissov for constituting a cabinet by end-April, it will be a fact in the beginning of May, as coalition partners have still points to discuss

Expectations for forming new government put off for beginning of May

The newly elected 44 th National Assembly of Bulgaria will hold its first meeting tomorrow - April 19th. One of its first tasks will be approving the new government. During the Easter holidays the GERB party, which has been negotiating with..

published on 4/18/17 1:37 PM

Donald Tusk in Bulgaria - new promises and pats on the shoulder

The visit of European Council President Donald Tusk to Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece has ended. His messages were  related to EU enlargement after Brexit, saving Greece from bankruptcy, as well as " the new European project" as the  future..

published on 4/9/17 3:35 PM

Black Sea region – focus of Bulgaria’s EU presidency

The draft of the national programme for the Council of EU’s Bulgarian presidency should be ready by June. That was reported by Vice Premier Denitsa Zlateva at a conference in Sofia, organized by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Bulgarian..

published on 4/4/17 12:47 PM

Bulgaria’s EU decade – benefits and challenges

Bulgaria has been an EU member-state for 10 years now. What does the country look like today? We are still the poorest and most corrupt state and the benefits of this membership still cannot be felt by everyone, despite the high level of trust..

published on 4/3/17 12:55 PM

Disputes over vote of Bulgarian emigrants to Turkey continue

Early elections in Bulgaria took place a week ago and talks on forming a new government have already started, but disputes about the vote of Bulgarian emigrants to Turkey continue. The DOST union that broke away from DPS and failed to enter parliament,..

published on 4/2/17 2:29 PM

Dramatic developments in rightwing parties in the wake of election fiasco

In the recent days rightwing parties in Bulgaria have seen dramatic developments in the wake of their fiasco at the snap parliamentary elections. On Monday the Chairman of Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria and leader of the New Republic coalition..

published on 3/30/17 1:42 PM
Evgenii Daynov and Parvan Simeonov

Parvan Simeonov: Bulgaria's parties continue to postpone difficult reforms and govern without strategic thinking

The 2017 early Parliamentary elections in Bulgaria will be remembered with the interference of Turkey and Russia, as well as with the excesses of nationalistic parties at the Bulgaria -Turkey border in their attempt to obtrude Bulgarian..

published on 3/28/17 1:53 PM

Vague situation after early elections in Bulgaria

There are still no final results after the Sunday-held early parliamentary elections, but preliminary data give us enough reasons to state that the situation is more than vague. The ruling GERB party is first again and with this..

published on 3/27/17 12:53 PM