Rumen Radev - from military man to President

At an official ceremony on January 22 Bulgaria’s newly-elected President Rumen Radev assumes office. Rumen Radev is the first Bulgarian President who comes from the military career rather than from the political circles. President Radev graduated from..

published on 1/22/17 6:00 AM

International Tribunal for Kosovo - a new challenge awaits renowned expert

January 2017 is the month in which the newly formed specialized Criminal Tribunal for Kosovo based in the Hague starts working. The establishment of the new institution and the development of rules for its work is now in the hands of a..

published on 1/20/17 11:42 AM
Bulgaria's Ombudsman Maya Manolova

Bulgaria’s Ombudsman and citizens score victory over monopolies

Bulgaria’s citizens scored a very important victory over the monopolies and the private arbitration courts, Bulgaria’s Ombudsman Maya Manolova said on Thursday at the National Assembly after the MPs adopted at a second reading amendments to the Civil..

published on 1/15/17 6:15 AM

Restructuring of political space now getting clearer

The constitutional assembly of the Da, Balgaria! /Yes, Bulgaria!/ new political formation took place on 7 January 2017, as it had been announced end-2016. The main political goals of the project, centered around the figure of ex-Minister of..

published on 1/9/17 2:30 PM

Bulgaria discusses need for new nuclear power plant

After at the end of 2016 Bulgaria paid what it owed to the Russian side for equipment produced for the stopped project for a second nuclear plant at Belene, this week it was reported that the two nuclear units will arrive to the country..

published on 1/8/17 10:49 AM

Lots of charges pressed against ministers, no sentences so far

Outgoing Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev paid a visit to the prosecution, in order to get acquainted with changes in the accusation, saying he had rejected the repair of the MiG-29s by a Russian company. After that the minister wished the prosecutors..

published on 1/7/17 3:32 PM

10 years after EU accession Bulgarians are still optimistic, a bit hesitant though

On January 1 st Bulgaria and Romania celebrated a decade as EU member-states. Yesterday an EC spokesperson greeted both countries, saying that they were now vital members of the union. Due to the political crisis or something else Bulgaria..

published on 1/4/17 12:39 PM
Rumen Radev

What are the socially-significant events that marked 2016?

At the end of every year we usually remember the most important events that occurred during it. Just like these days when 2016 is at its end and we are waiting for 2017 to come. Making charts of this kind is risky, but we probably would not be wrong..

published on 12/31/16 11:15 AM

Bulgaria bids farewell to 2016 with new border issues

Interior Minister in resignation Rumyana Bachvarova stated the other day that a new and unique for Europe border guard system would start to function soon due to bilateral agreements with the USA. In early October the newly established..

published on 12/23/16 2:05 PM
President Rosen Plevneliev

Controversy surrounding change of power sets a tone of confrontation to election campaign

The decision of President Rosen Plevneliev not to appoint a caretaker government after the constitutional possibilities for forming a cabinet in the current National Assembly were exhausted, provoked sharp political confrontation. There is..

published on 12/22/16 2:56 PM