Photo exhibition and book tell about challenges and difficulties of Bulgarian emigrants in Argentina

The Bulgarian Community in Argentina has been recently in the focus in one of the cultural spaces in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia– Professor Vasil Gergov Hall at the National Donation Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria”. In the presence of many guests..

published on 6/18/19 1:08 PM

Balkan Developments

North Macedonia with no date for start of EU accession negotiations as yet Negotiations on the accession of North Macedonia and Albania to the EU are, for the moment, blocked. The main reason for this are the disagreements on the matter in..

published on 6/17/19 2:19 PM

Nutrition optimization in Bulgarian kindergartens

Kindergartens in Bulgaria will no longer offer fried foods, changes in the Ordinance on Healthy Nutrition for Children aged 3 to 7 in Children's Facilities, envisage. The project has been published for public discussion on the website of the..

published on 6/16/19 11:35 AM

Bulgarian scientific research published by prestigious Journal of Clinical Oncology

A team of oncologists from leading healthcare establishments in Bulgaria have developed an innovative method of determining anxiety levels in patients with oncological diseases. The results of the study have been presented in the prestigious..

published on 6/16/19 10:30 AM

Maria Samichkova-Belcher – a Bulgarian in Nevada: My heart remains in my homeland

"I am quite flexible and adaptable. I love changes and taking risk. I set real pragmatic goals that I always achieve if that depended on me," Maria Samichkova-Belcher described herself during our first meeting in Sofia. I listen to her..

published on 6/15/19 8:20 AM

Bulgaria marks International Day of Yoga with unique show

On June 21 we mark the International Day of Yoga founded by the United Nations at the end of 2014 at the proposal of the former Indian Premier Shri Narendra Modi. The International Day of Yoga has been gaining constant popularity in Bulgaria. Between..

published on 6/14/19 2:06 PM

Bulgaria hosts 6th News Agencies World Congress

The 6 th News Agencies World Congress begins on June 13 in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia. In the course of three days between June 13 and 15 representatives of over 100 countries and over 120 media will discuss at the National Palace of Culture..

published on 6/13/19 10:00 AM

Rising Stars Junior Achievement, Bulgaria competition for school and university student startups

It was a hotly contested race for the top positions at the 11 th startup forum Rising Stars organized by the Bulgarian branch of the Junior Achievement NGO in Sofia. 260 school and university students and over 150 education companies and..

published on 6/12/19 1:36 PM

Pharmacists and patients advocate urgent reform in state medicines policy

Almost 160 lifesaving medicaments have disappeared from the domestic market in just one year, patients say. But it is not only patients, doctors are also complaining of a lack of medicines in the country. Questions about 450 different..

published on 6/11/19 1:57 PM

Balkan Developments

Skopje expects from EU date to start accession negotiations A possible delay of the decision for a date to start negotiations by the EU could demotivate the other countries to make reforms and put nationalist forces in power again, the Premier..

published on 6/10/19 1:38 PM