Bulgaria's Lovech marks 140th anniversary of city's liberation

Events on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the liberation of the Bulgarian city of Lovech from Ottoman rule took place on Sunday and citizens and guests saw a historic reenactment of the battles of the summer of 1877. "The battle for the..

updated on 8/20/17 12:35 PM

New software organizes dream mountain trips in seconds

Holiday season is at its peak but there are always some who have not been able to take time off yet, or who are still wondering where to spend their holiday. Don’t despair because your holiday may be within arm’s reach, thanks to a new app called..

published on 8/20/17 8:00 AM

Take a blind person for a walk in the park – charity initiative

To give of your time to a person in need, to share your food or listen to what a lonely, elderly person has to say. To exhibit such virtues in this hard world takes nobleness of character and kindness. It may seem that benefaction and..

published on 8/18/17 11:49 AM

A mission to save the school in Hvoina

A cosmopolitan girl has returned to the village of her grandparents with the idea to save the local school in which members of her family worked as teachers in the years of the Ottoman rule and in modern Bulgaria after the Liberation. With her..

published on 8/17/17 2:17 PM

Balkan Developments

Ankara: Kurdish independence referendum will further destabilize the region “Next month's referendum on Iraqi Kurdish independence violates Iraq's constitution and will further destabilize the region,” said Bekir Bozdag, spokesman for the..

published on 8/17/17 11:34 AM

Author Garth Greenwell: Bulgarian is the most beautiful language in the world

This week, readers of The New Yorker are reading a story set in the centre of Sofia. The story is called "An Evening Out" and is by American author Garth Greenwell.  He published his first novel “What belongs to you” last year and it, too, is set in..

published on 8/16/17 3:47 PM

Nebraska: looking forward to a total solar eclipse and a lecture by a Sofia University astronomer

The forthcoming total solar eclipse termed by some the Great American Eclipse will be on 21 August 2017 and will for sure remain in the history of world astronomy. The reasons: first, this will be the first total sun eclipse for the last 38 years..

published on 8/16/17 1:35 PM

Digital parents and cyber scouts assist kids on the internet

It is trend to address youngsters as the digital generation. Kids born after 2000 are indeed unable to imagine the world without a few screens – of the TV set, the tablet, the smartphone and the desktop. Information reaches them in huge volumes while..

published on 8/15/17 10:18 AM

Balkan Developments

Turkey expects normalization of relations with Berlin after elections in Germany Turkish President Recep Erdogan has suggested that relations between Berlin and Ankara would be normalized after the elections in Germany. At a rally in..

published on 8/14/17 3:09 PM

Participants in 62nd international tourist regatta along the Danube arrive in Vidin

The participants in the 62 nd international tourist regatta along the Danube River are expected to arrive in the Bulgarian town of Vidin. The regatta started out from Ingolstadt in Germany in June and will end in September in the river’s..

published on 8/13/17 2:01 PM