Desislava - the lady in the white shirt

Desislava Stefanova, Bulgarian of the Year of State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad: Let’s not feel voiceless!

The State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad (SABA) has handed over the Lady of the Year Award for the 9 th year in a row. 15 Bulgarian women from all over the world had been nominated for raising the children of our compatriots in the spirit of..

published on 4/20/18 4:29 PM

Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete: EU has to adopt stricter measures to reduce carbon emissions

Bulgaria’s capital Sofia hosted the informal meeting of the EU Ministers of Energy. The event was part of the calendar of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018 and went under the motto Clean Energy for Europeans...

published on 4/20/18 12:09 PM

Balkan Developments

European Union does not envisage opening new negotiating chapter with Turkey The European Union rejected the possibility of opening a new negotiating chapter with Turkey. Turkey is an applicant country and a key partner of the EU, but the..

published on 4/19/18 12:14 PM

Diseases and Treatment through the Ages exhibition – short overview of medicine in Bulgarian lands

Ancient healers across Bulgarian lands used Mandragora /mandrake/ against the scalpel’s pain, leant on gods and trusted the power of herbs. Their successors step on their knowledge even today. There were no different diseases back in..

published on 4/17/18 12:42 PM

Balkan Developments

President Erdogan justifies air strikes on Syria Turkey considers the US, GB and French airstrikes against Syria to be correct, as ‘leaving the Assad regime’s chemical attacks without response is unthinkable’, President Recep Erdogan stated...

published on 4/16/18 2:16 PM

Exhibition “The First Gold. Ada Tepe: Europe’s Oldest Gold Mine” ranked world’s most popular antiquity show of 2017

The exhibition of the National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Science named The First Gold. Ada Tepe: Europe’s Oldest Gold Minewas ranked the world’s most popular antiquity show of 2017, the..

published on 4/14/18 8:10 AM

National protest halts planned disability welfare reform

Hundreds of people with disabilities from all over Bulgaria organized a protest in front of the Council of Ministers building in Sofia to stand up for their rights and raise demands for a life of dignity. The national protest was triggered by..

published on 4/12/18 2:20 PM

Balkan Developments

Macedonian government survives first vote of no confidence The Macedonian government survived its first vote of no confidence. The motion was submitted by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE just before Orthodox Easter over the cabinet’s approach to..

published on 4/12/18 1:00 PM

Potion for any ailment can be found at Lyuben Penkov’s herb-shop

Each Bulgarian family keeps at least one recipe for a magic mixture of herbs dating back to their ancestors. But there is also a systematic knowledge which, if used correctly, may enrich the modern methods of medical treatment and..

published on 4/10/18 12:25 PM

Mineralni Bani resort’s mineral water – unique in its chemical composition and healing power

The Mineralni Bani village (meaning Mineral Springs) is situated on the northern slopes of the East Rhodope Mountain, 18 km away from the municipal city of Haskovo. The village is the administrative center of the Mineralni Bani Municipality,..

published on 4/9/18 2:15 PM