International companies show interest to rent electric scooters in Sofia

One month after the first company started renting electric scooters in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, the world’s second largest company offering this service comes in this country. Dozens of scooters for rent can be seen downtown Sofia now. Sofia..

published on 9/15/19 9:50 AM
Deyan Yankov

Helping the needy does not make you superhuman, but it brings satisfaction

Industrialization and urbanization in ever expanding territories are among the most objective indicators of the development of a city or a country. Along with the positives, however, urbanization brings negatives as well. We throw tons of waste..

published on 9/14/19 8:00 AM

Bulgaria is among EU leaders in the fight against African swine fever

TheEuropean Commission will start reimbursing the costs Bulgaria made to deal with the African swine fever, the EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis said in Sofia. Bulgaria has been applying strictly the measures..

published on 9/11/19 2:05 PM

Balkan developments

The President of North Macedonia wants country’s unity restored In an address to the public on the occasion of 8 September – Independence Day of the Republic of North Macedonia - President Stevo Pendarovski expressed the wish that the country..

published on 9/9/19 2:59 PM

Living the sweet life in “Donkey valley”

Saying goodbye to a true friend after 20 odd years of whole-souled service – the owners of donkeys that have grown old do not hide their tears when they take them to an animal sanctuary. But the “Donkey valley” is not your average..

published on 9/8/19 8:00 AM

Companies offer competitive salaries and potential for advancement motivating Bulgarians to return to their country

A tendency is in place of an equal number of young Bulgarians graduating abroad and finding a job outside this country, and the number of people deciding to look for a job inside Bulgaria. These are the findings of the organizers of the..

published on 9/5/19 2:55 PM

Over 400 motorcycle travelers from 25 countries gather in Plovdiv for parade of nations

Representatives of 22 European countries, as well as of Turkey, Israel and Lebanon will join the seventh international meeting of motorcycle travelers in Plovdiv, held between September 4 and 8. The meeting aims to present Plovdiv as European..

published on 9/4/19 12:56 PM

A radio show that brightens up life

“We believe that creating an environment resembling the home environment or that of a children’s club would have a very positive effect on the young patients at medical establishments,” say our colleagues from the Bulgarian National Radio’s..

published on 9/3/19 1:36 PM

Forthcoming amendments to labour legislation

A Ministry of Labour and Social Policy working group is to put forward, this autumn, amendments to the labour legislation. The demand by the Podkrepa Confederation of Labour for restricting working time accounts is to be discussed at an..

published on 9/2/19 1:49 PM

Balkan Developments

Erdogan discusses situation in Syria with counterparts Putin and Trump The topic related to the future of Syria was central to the talks in Moscow between Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Russia’s..

published on 9/2/19 1:02 PM