27 arrested right before Levski – CSKA match

A total of 27 fans were arrested right before the start of the football game between the teams of Levski and CSKA, played right now. The traffic downtown Sofia had been stopped several times due to the march of the two teams’ fans. Exclusive security..

published on 5/28/17 7:39 PM

19 Afghans nabbed near Trayanovi Vrata tunnel

19 foreigners with no IDs were arrested near the Trayanovi Vrata tunnel on the Trakyia highway, the interior ministry’s press service reports. The men claim to be Afghani people. They have been taken to the Kostenets police station, where their ID and..

published on 5/28/17 7:34 PM

Three dead in car accident near Lovech

Three people were killed in a head collision of two cars at the Sofia – Varna major road, in the area of the Lovech village of Malinovo. The two men dead were aged 40 and 50 and the woman – 46, all from the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa. Other four were..

published on 5/28/17 3:06 PM

Over 150 Bulgarian children march in Cyprus for May 24 fest

More than 150 Bulgarian children marched today across Cyprus at the initial procession due to May 24 – the Day of Slavonic Culture and Alphabet, held in the capital of Nicosia. The festive event brought real joy and thrilled both the little participants..

published on 5/28/17 2:57 PM

71st Following Steps of Botev’s Detachment March starts at Kozloduy

The 71 st Following the Steps of Botev’s Detachment National March starts today in the town of Kozloduy on the bank of the Danube River and will end up on June 2 at the Okolchitsa Peak in the Balkan. Hundreds have joined the traditional event,..

published on 5/28/17 10:40 AM

Enhanced security measures downtown Sofia due to Levski – CSKA football game tonight

The interior ministry reports enhanced security measures due to the football match between the eternal rivals of Levski and CSKA at the Vasil Levski Stadium downtown Sofia at 6:30 pm today. The police officers have received the task to prevent any..

published on 5/28/17 10:31 AM

Classic car parade marks Driver Day

By tradition, on the Saturday after the Feast of Ascension, the Union of Bulgarian Motorists and the Retro Automotive Club organize a classic car parade to mark Driver Day. Outside St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia automobiles and..

published on 5/27/17 5:09 PM

Council of Ministers maps out measures to curb severe road accidents, update

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has discussed with the ministers of interior, of transport, of regional development and of health the war on the country’s wars and measures to cut road accidents. The extraordinary meeting at the Council of..

updated on 5/27/17 1:34 PM

Interior minister to inspect Kulata checkpoint with Greece

Bulgarian Interior Minister Valentin Radev will inspect the organization of work at Kulata border checkpoint with Greece. Day after the Union of Bulgarian Transport Workers and the National Association of Bulgarian Haulers announced that..

published on 5/27/17 10:52 AM

EC approves listing Pastarma Govezhda as traditional Bulgarian food product

The Bulgarian product Pastarma Govezhda (dry cured beef) shall be listed on the European register of traditional specialities. The move has been approved by the European Commission, the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry has said...

published on 5/27/17 8:07 AM