Double standard: Bulgarians buy lower quality, higher priced foods compared to Europeans

Identical foods are often sold in Bulgaria at higher prices and with lower quality compared to other European markets. These are the findings of a survey of the double standard in supply of foods on the Bulgarian and European markets , the Bulgarian..

published on 4/23/18 5:49 PM

Our ambition is the adoption of a plan for financing projects for the Western Balkans: Lilyana Pavlova

A forum highlighting opportunities for investments and financing of projects in the region of the Western Balkans was held on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. Its audience included officials from the banking and financial sectors...

published on 4/23/18 5:34 PM

Bulgaria will continue efforts aimed to speed up Western Balkans integration: Tsveta Karayancheva

Bulgaria will continue to make efforts aimed at speeding up the process of European integration of the countries in the Western Balkans , the President of the Bulgarian Parliament Tsveta Karayancheva has said while meeting with the President of the..

published on 4/23/18 5:16 PM

President Rumen Radev discusses current affairs with French expert in geopolitics Gérard Chaliand

The ideas and perspectives for the development of United Europe and current international issues have been central to the talks held in Sofia today between President Rumen Radev and the French expert in political strategies Gérard Chaliand...

published on 4/23/18 5:03 PM

85% of lung cancer in Bulgaria diagnosed late

In Bulgaria more than 85% of lung cancer patients are diagnosed at third or fourth stages of the disease when despite the achievements of contemporary medicine survival rates are low. “ The solution is early diagnosis and screening ”, Dr Jasmina..

published on 4/23/18 2:43 PM

PM Borissov sets down one-month time limit for curbing cigarette smuggling

The “Against Illegal Trading” initiative has made public the results of a survey regarding the increase in the share of smuggled cigarettes on Bulgaria’s domestic market – 6.6 percent over the fourth quarter of last year. Prime Minister..

published on 4/23/18 1:38 PM

Bulgaria’s debt equivalent of one quarter of country’s GDP

Bulgaria’s debt for 2017 stands at 25.06 bn Leva /12.8 bn euro/, or 25.4 percent of the country’s GDP, preliminary National Statistical Institute (NSI) estimates indicate. General government has a budget surplus of 920 mln Leva /470 mln..

published on 4/23/18 12:02 PM

Bulgarian National Radio musicians organize protest

Musicians from the Bulgarian National Radio orchestras organized a protest this morning in front of the BNR building, demanding the solution of the problems of financing, and a targeted increase in the BNR’s budget that will allow a 50 percent rise..

published on 4/23/18 10:59 AM

Doctors come out in protest during EU health ministers meeting in Sofia

General practitioners in Sofia are organizing a protest in front of the National Palace of Culture building in Sofia today against excessive workloads connected with administrative tasks, demanding that they be reduced. In a declaration to the..

published on 4/23/18 9:40 AM

President Rumen Radev calls for creation of national coordination center to act in disasters, crises

“ Bulgaria must change its approach when reacting to natural disasters and crises. We need a national coordination center which should provide real-time information in cases when the population is in danger ”, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said..

published on 4/20/18 5:58 PM