Stinging nettle in Bulgaria’s traditional practices and beliefs

In springtime Bulgarians traditionally consume various dishes containing leafy greens like nettles, docks and sorrels. Old people say that when you hear a cuckoo and see nettle growing, this means spring has come.The stinging nettle..

published on 5/13/17 9:05 AM

Pomorie marks the day of its patron saint with a Gergiovden Thracian fair

The St. George the Victorious monastery in Pomorie has always attracted the people and the guests to the town, and the days around 6 May, Gergyovden or St. George’s day are invariably packed with a host of different events. Legend..

published on 5/4/17 11:00 AM

The National School of Folklore Art in Shiroka Laka: 45 years with the mission of preserving Bulgaria’s traditional art

The National School of Folklore Art (NSFA) in the village of Shiroka Laka is a specialized school where talented Bulgarians train professionally in traditional music and dance. The course of training is five years and is led by qualified..

published on 4/29/17 9:10 AM

Valeri Dimchev and his new horizons in tambura music

Famous musician Valeri Dimchev is a recognized tambura virtuoso, composer and music arranger. He is renowned for his modern touch and versions of folklore pieces. His professional approach changes the attitude towards the technical..

published on 4/12/17 3:25 PM

Folk Studio: Tsvetnitsa – to carry the name of a flower, with wishes for youth and beauty

What does it feel like to be named after a flower? There are many Bulgarians who know the answer to this question and they all celebrate their name day on Tsvetnitsa, Palm Sunday, or literally – Flower Day. Even though many foreign..

published on 4/9/17 7:25 AM

Lazarus, do you feel joy that spring has come?

“Lazarus, come out!” Christ spoke to his friend and the miraculous resurrection took place. A day before Palm Sunday the church marks Lazarus Saturday. In Bulgarian folklore this holiday is associated with spring as a symbol of revival..

published on 4/8/17 9:00 AM

Todor Kozhuharov: Our folklore is a reflection of everything that is great about our nation

They call Todor Kozhuharov “a singer who has left his indelible mark on our national traditions”, “a delightful voice coming from the heart of beautiful Thrace, a voice that “touches the depths of the human soul”, the symbol of the Thracian..

published on 3/19/17 9:30 AM

Remembering great singer Nadka Karadjova

The nightingale is a sort of a symbol of Nadka Karadjova’s global singing fame, expressed through her marvelous soprano timbre. Her emblematic songs Dragana and the Nightingale, A Nightingale Sings and also the Nightingale Quartet..

published on 3/17/17 2:54 PM

Give away with the sieve for a full year - the sieve in songs, rituals and magical practices

Lime bark, curled in a circle with a bottom covered with stretched silk or with loosely woven cloth - this is how a sieve would be made in old times. As with all things used in the process of making bread, the sieve would to a great..

published on 3/12/17 10:45 AM

We mark Saint Theodore's Day

According to folk beliefs, on Todorovden Saint Theodore rides a white horse and goes to see God and ask him to bring summer. Each time Saint Theodore goes to see God he would stick his spear into the ground and fasten his horse to..

published on 3/4/17 9:10 AM