Cheesefare Sunday: a time to forgive, a time to rejoice…

Sirni Zagovezni or Sirnitsa (Cheesefare Sunday) is a time for asking your nearest and dearest for their forgiveness, a time to sit down to table and share a meal of everything made out of eggs, butter and milk...

published on 2/26/17 7:15 AM

Cats always land on their feet

Cats were once regarded as sacred animals in Ancient Egypt. This animal is also a symbol in the Vietnamese zodiac and part of the local cuisine in some Far East countries. However, cats are nowadays among the most- favorite pets worldwide...

published on 2/25/17 8:15 AM

“Music in portraits” by the BNR’s Folk Music Orchestra

The third concert from the “Music in portraits” series by the Bulgarian National Radio’s Folk Music Orchestra is at 7 PM tonight, 23 February at the BNR’s Studio No. 1. Here is Dimitar Hristov, conductor of the acclaimed..

published on 2/23/17 2:40 PM

Folklore songs on wine and love

Bulgaria’s people celebrates St. Tryphon’s Day on February 14 – it is one of the most sustainable folk customs which has preserved its pagan image. The fest is celebrated across the whole country and it is related to the winter-to-spring..

published on 2/14/17 3:22 PM

Folk Studio: Of St. Haralambos, the plague and honey…

On 10 February the church honours the memory of St. Haralampi (Haralambos) who died the death of a martyr during the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. As recorded in his passional, he was born around the year 85 and..

published on 2/10/17 11:51 AM

Daniela Georgieva: It takes dedication to pass love of folklore onto children

Continuity is the unwritten law of the folklore code, as this is how traditional art forms have made it to the modern age. Once, the family was the natural environment, where songs, dances and other customs were passed on from one..

published on 2/8/17 4:13 PM

Crow rooster, crow

In Chinese astrology, 28 January 2017 gave the start to the Year of Yin Fire Rooster and until 15 February 2018 the world will be living under the sign of the red fowl. In this edition of Folk Studio we feature the image of..

published on 2/2/17 9:05 AM

Surva – a ritual symbolizing the cleansing power of the new beginning with wishes for health and a bountiful harvest

The 26th edition of the Surva – Pernik, 2017 International Folklore Festival of Masquerade Games will be held on January 27, 28 and 29. The town has been a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities since 1995. Masquerade groups..

published on 1/27/17 2:10 PM

Galya Ivanova presents Bulgarche Children Folk Ensemble

The Children Folk Ensemble Bulgarche has been keeping up for decades its traditions and good name. It was founded by Mihail Dulgerov in 1968 as part of the Municipal Children Complex in Veliko Tarnovo (Central North Bulgaria). Thousands of..

published on 1/22/17 10:10 AM

Bulgaria marks Midwives Day

Midwive's Day (Babinden) is one of Bulgaria's most colorful folk customs. It is accompanied with a series of important rituals and a lot of fun. The feast is nowadays celebrated on January 8 in honor of the women practicing midwifery...

published on 1/21/17 9:15 AM