Vulcho Ivanov: Artists wield paintbrushes to paint our folklore, we, musicians, use songs

Vulcho Ivanov is a singer with a velvet voice that touches the hearts of listeners, weaving the fabric of Thracian musical ornamentation with infinite attention to every detail. He was only 15 when he started performing at fairs and..

published on 9/16/17 8:10 AM

Maria Terzyiska, Nadya Murdzheva – two ‘golden girls’ of children’s folklore choreography

The price of success for one of the ‘golden girls’ of Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics means a lot of work, training and gathering of precious experience through time. The success would be unthinkable without the power of love in the souls of the..

published on 8/30/17 2:11 PM

Vulkana Stoyanova: The songs I love are songs of beauty, of courage and kindness

Vulkana Stoyanova is the bewitching voice of Thrace, a voice that grabs listeners with its power of expression. Her singing skills are an embodiment of the Bulgarian musical talent, the pinnacle of traditional art. The beauty of timbre,..

published on 8/19/17 8:05 AM

Gold Dust 2017– the secret of success lies in constantly upgrading and building up

At least that is what the organizers of the Gold Dust International Folklore Festival say. The event took place in the village of Chelopechnear Sofia at the end of July. A combination of colourful events and music contests, for the fourth..

published on 8/12/17 9:05 AM

Plovdiv to host 13th International Folklore Seminar

The 13 th International Folklore Seminar organized by the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts (AMDFA) in Plovdiv opens on Sunday night. Throughout next week, more than one hundred participants from across the world will explore Bulgarian folk..

published on 7/23/17 11:00 AM

Slavka Sekutova: "I have sung many songs, I have given great joy and received a lot of love"

The performances of Slavka Sekutova are an example of the traditional singing in the Bulgarian region of Graovo - part of the Shoppe musical tradition, typical of the regions of Pernik, Radomir and Breznik. The famous Bulgarian singer..

published on 7/22/17 10:10 AM

20th edition of International Folklore Festival opens in Veliko Turnovo

Dance and music ensembles from eight countries and folklore groups from Bulgaria will take part in the 20 th edition of the International Folklore Festival which opens in Veliko Turnovo tonight and will go on until 29 July. The culture and..

published on 7/22/17 9:32 AM

Legends and beliefs on Prophet Elijah

On July 20 th the church celebrates the Old Testament prophet and miracle worker Elijah, a descendant of Aaron, the brother of Moses. The name Elijah means God’s Power, God’s Fortress. This is the name day of Ilia, Ilian, Iliana, Ilka, Ilko,..

published on 7/20/17 1:28 PM

Dunav Ensemble- pride of Bulgaria’s North-West and Bulgaria’s culture

Vidin is a port city situated on the southern bank of Danube River in North-West Bulgaria. It is close to the borders with Romania and Serbia and the local culture is influenced by the culture of those two countries as well. The long-term..

published on 7/7/17 11:51 AM

Magic of Bulgarian folk dances captivating increasing numbers of young people

“Inexhaustible power,” “magic influence” – one can hardly describe the Bulgarian folk dances with just a few words or labels. These dances have preserved the spirituality of Bulgarians throughout the centuries. They bring vitality and positive emotions..

published on 7/1/17 10:15 AM