Todor Kozhuharov: Our folklore is a reflection of everything that is great about our nation

They call Todor Kozhuharov “a singer who has left his indelible mark on our national traditions”, “a delightful voice coming from the heart of beautiful Thrace, a voice that “touches the depths of the human soul”, the symbol of the Thracian..

published on 3/19/17 9:30 AM

Remembering great singer Nadka Karadjova

The nightingale is a sort of a symbol of Nadka Karadjova’s global singing fame, expressed through her marvelous soprano timbre. Her emblematic songs Dragana and the Nightingale, A Nightingale Sings and also the Nightingale Quartet..

published on 3/17/17 2:54 PM

Give away with the sieve for a full year - the sieve in songs, rituals and magical practices

Lime bark, curled in a circle with a bottom covered with stretched silk or with loosely woven cloth - this is how a sieve would be made in old times. As with all things used in the process of making bread, the sieve would to a great..

published on 3/12/17 10:45 AM

We mark Saint Theodore's Day

According to folk beliefs, on Todorovden Saint Theodore rides a white horse and goes to see God and ask him to bring summer. Each time Saint Theodore goes to see God he would stick his spear into the ground and fasten his horse to..

published on 3/4/17 9:10 AM

Mitev Brothers: “Singing is communication, life itself as well as joy and pride”

If you are after the archaic sound of the diaphony from Bulgaria's Central Western Shoppe region you can discover it in the unique songs of brothers Vladimir and Mitko Mitev from the village of Vladaya near Sofia. Their stylish..

published on 2/27/17 3:00 PM

Cheesefare Sunday: a time to forgive, a time to rejoice…

Sirni Zagovezni or Sirnitsa (Cheesefare Sunday) is a time for asking your nearest and dearest for their forgiveness, a time to sit down to table and share a meal of everything made out of eggs, butter and milk...

published on 2/26/17 7:15 AM

Cats always land on their feet

Cats were once regarded as sacred animals in Ancient Egypt. This animal is also a symbol in the Vietnamese zodiac and part of the local cuisine in some Far East countries. However, cats are nowadays among the most- favorite pets worldwide...

published on 2/25/17 8:15 AM

“Music in portraits” by the BNR’s Folk Music Orchestra

The third concert from the “Music in portraits” series by the Bulgarian National Radio’s Folk Music Orchestra is at 7 PM tonight, 23 February at the BNR’s Studio No. 1. Here is Dimitar Hristov, conductor of the acclaimed..

published on 2/23/17 2:40 PM

Folklore songs on wine and love

Bulgaria’s people celebrates St. Tryphon’s Day on February 14 – it is one of the most sustainable folk customs which has preserved its pagan image. The fest is celebrated across the whole country and it is related to the winter-to-spring..

published on 2/14/17 3:22 PM

Folk Studio: Of St. Haralambos, the plague and honey…

On 10 February the church honours the memory of St. Haralampi (Haralambos) who died the death of a martyr during the persecution of Christians in the 3rd century. As recorded in his passional, he was born around the year 85 and..

published on 2/10/17 11:51 AM