Petyo Kostadinov: Bagpipe is constant source of ideas and new musical discoveries

Renowned Bulgarian bagpiper Petyo Kostadinov celebrates his 50 th birth anniversary in 2018. Petyo Kostadinov is a skillful instrumentalist with remarkable playing technique, a successful interpreter of traditional horo chain dances and tunes and..

published on 12/13/18 2:47 PM

Miroslava Taskova: "Children are eagerly acquiring various skills when linked to Bulgarian history"

One of the greatest saints and miracle workers of the 4th century, Saint Spyridon, used to be ‘simple in nature, humble in heart and gracious in life’, as it was recorded. Today the Orthodox Church honors his memory. In traditional Bulgarian..

published on 12/12/18 4:29 PM

Lack of young people condemns traditional crafts to extinction

Bulgarians have always had a taste for beauty and although they have often lived very modestly, they use many exquisite items inherited from ancestors, made by themselves or by the skillful hand of a craftsman. These also include hand-woven..

published on 12/10/18 9:00 AM

Elitza Folk Choir marks its 30th anniversary

In 2018 Elitza Folk Choir marks its 30 th anniversary. The rich history of the choir includes numerous concerts and participations at different music festivals. Elitza Choir released two CDs and its third CD will be recorded in 2019...

published on 12/5/18 1:34 PM

Profesor Kostadin Buradzhiev: The link between teachers and students is extremely important in folk music

Profesor Kostadin Buradzhiev marks his 60 th birth anniversary and the 35 th anniversary since the start of his career with an author’s music and dance show named Folk Visions. The double album consisting of his author’s pieces and..

published on 11/30/18 8:50 AM

Emil Cholakov: Children’s bagpipe orchestra is pride of my life

Rhodope Mountains are one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful mountains. The town of Devin and the surrounding area abound with healing mineral water springs. Mountain lovers and tourists can enjoy breathtaking scenery and visit a number..

published on 11/24/18 8:25 AM

Sredets hosts second edition of Bulgarian Guardians national folklore competition

Kostadin Mihailov is a young Bulgarian musician who fulfilled his dream to become a skillful Strandzha singer. He was a member of the children’s folk band Nestinarche headed by acclaimed folklore singer Zlatka Stavreva. Kostadin Mihailov was..

published on 11/2/18 12:40 PM

Draginovo people love, keep and promote old local traditions

Based on the strength of its population, Draginovo is Bulgaria’s fourth largest village. It is located in the Western Rhodope Mountains very close to the town of Velingrad. In the past it was known with the name Korova (from Turkish, Kuru – ova,..

published on 10/12/18 1:08 PM

Popovo hosts Bulgarian folklore event on 29 and 30 September

The town of Popovo in Northeastern Bulgaria is hosting the second national folklore event called “Authenticity and modern times”, organized by the Tsvetnitsa association. More than 700 folklore performers took part in the event..

published on 9/29/18 10:00 AM

In Shishkovtsi Bulgarians, Serbs and Macedonians all sit down on the same Balkan rug

For the 8 th successive year, Bulgarians will sit down on a colourful traditional rug, next to people from Serbia and Macedonia, to share the most palateful rakia from the last harvest and the most delicious zelnik (a variety of banitsa..

published on 9/21/18 3:10 PM