Bulgaria marks Midwives Day

Midwive's Day (Babinden) is one of Bulgaria's most colorful folk customs. It is accompanied with a series of important rituals and a lot of fun. The feast is nowadays celebrated on January 8 in honor of the women practicing midwifery...

published on 1/21/17 9:15 AM

Folklore events, festivals and anniversaries in 2016: retrospection

People who are fond of traditional Bulgarian culture will remember 2016 as a year replete with all kinds of events, festivals and concerts. For the 16 th time, the pretty little town of Apriltsi in the heart of the Central Balkan Range..

published on 1/15/17 8:45 AM

Folk Albums 2016

The fans of traditional folk music enjoyed new recordings in 2016. The recordings include singers and instrumentalists from different generations and representatives of various styles. Kanaraormanski Rachenik is a piece from Theodosii Spassov’s..

published on 12/29/16 2:54 PM

Rhodope song shelters both pain and joy, Nadezhda Hvoineva says

‘Her song is floating across the endless space and here on earth it fills in huge lawns and concert halls, spreading from Stockholm to Madrid, from NY to Los Angeles and from London to Tokyo. Those see standing applause by the audience,..

published on 12/26/16 10:35 AM

Christmas carols from different Bulgarian regions

Koleduvane is a favorite custom of many Bulgarians which takes place on the night before Christmas. From midnight on December 25 until dawn groups of young Bulgarian lads enter all houses in their neighborhood to sing songs and..

published on 12/25/16 9:20 AM

Christmas Eve, a day of humility, thankfulness and hope

Christmas Eve, a day of humility, thankfulness and hope. Though not all people in Bulgaria observe the Nativity fast throughout the entire period designated – 40 days - all families sit down to a festive meal together. To several..

published on 12/24/16 11:05 AM

Radka Kushleva: Rhodope song is treasure trove of cheerful mood

The Rhodope Nightingale, Orpheus's Daughter, Rhodope's Song Icon are only some of the definitions used by Bulgaria's music experts to describe the talent of celebrated Bulgarian folk singer Radka Kushleva. She left an inestimable..

published on 12/17/16 10:15 AM

Folklore festival in Koprivshitsa – in people’s hearts and now, on the UNESCO list

“Bulgaria in our hearts”. These words on the T-shirts worn by Japanese tourists coming to the national folklore festival in Koprivshitsa are a good way to sum up the feelings of the thousands of people the event brings together once every five..

published on 12/13/16 1:53 PM

“Bird Singing” folklore competition ends in Sofia

This year’s 5 th edition of the folk song and dance festival “Bird Singing” proved to be a heated contest, with an enthusiastic audience and a great many contestants. It is one of few folklore competitions taking place in Sofia...

published on 12/7/16 1:59 PM

The saint with the wings of gold - the Day of St. Nicholas in Bulgarian folklore tradition

“The patron saint of fish”, “wet St. Nicholas” and in some parts - “fish church”… All of them names by which the grand fete Nikulden , St. Nicholas Day, 6 December is known by in Bulgaria. On this day the Bulgarian Orthodox Church..

published on 12/6/16 1:14 PM