The festival of Bulgarian folklore steeped in the beauty of the Balkan Range

Every summer the town of Apriltsi and its neighbourhood called Ostrets play host to the “Balkan festival of Bulgarian songs”. The idea of the festival is to bring together amateur groups and soloists from both sides of the Balkan Range, and guests from..

published on 6/22/18 6:25 PM

Konoush Band celebrates 55th anniversary with fellow musicians

In its 55-year record Konoush Band has emerged as a classical group in the genre of Thracian wedding music based on folklore. Its musicians have provided performances to generations of Bulgarians through their countless appearances at weddings,..

published on 6/22/18 2:40 PM

Folklore Dance Panorama 2018 starts with two concerts in Sofia

This year’s edition of the Folklore Dance Panorama 2018 includes a total of 16 concerts. Sixty folklore ensembles will participate at the Folklore Dace Panorama in fifteen Bulgarian cities. The panorama will continue until the end of 2018.The..

published on 6/15/18 10:36 AM

"Shoppe Festival - 2018" taking place in Bulgaria’s Elin Pelin

"Affirming Traditions" is this year's motto of the 49th edition of the traditional   "Shoppe Festival" in the town of Elin Pelin. The event is emblematic for the cultural calendar of the city, but also for the social life of residents and..

published on 5/28/18 3:26 PM

Bulgarian children abroad translate ancient wisdom into foreign languages

Child and Folklore Foundation has already published books containing Bulgarian proverbs and riddles translated into various languages by Bulgarian children living abroad. Preparations for the fourth edition of the series are currently in progress. Lilia..

published on 5/20/18 8:00 AM

Pavlina Gorcheva: I am pleased that people sing and listen to my songs

Bulgarian singer Pavlina Gorcheva was gifted by destiny with a beautiful alto voice, creative inspiration and the mission to continue the tradition of Graovo singing. Pavlina became famous with her songs from the Graovo region (a folklore area..

published on 5/19/18 9:00 AM

Stoyan Dechev – the guardian of authentic folkore from Dobrudzha

Accordionist Stoyan Dechev is among the staunch guardians of the unadulterated performing style of Dobrudzha folklore. The traditional instruments from this part of the country – alongside the rebeck, the kaval, the bagpipe – include the harmonica..

published on 5/8/18 11:15 AM

Danislav Kehayov releases evergreens for true friends

Voice Like Thracian Gold, Songs Like Old Wine – this is the title of the new double album, released by beloved singer Danislav Kehayov. The CD has not only recordings from the singer’s Thracian region repertoire, but also renditions..

published on 4/25/18 2:21 PM
Zlatka Stavreva

Upcoming seventh edition of International Folklore Festival “Atliman Necklace"

Organizing concerts and music festivals during the summer months is a tradition especially in resort towns. That is how tourists get a "cultural bonus" during their vacation and participants enjoy audience of different nationalities. Among..

published on 4/22/18 9:35 AM

„Bulgarian spring in Milan“

A spring folklore event organized by the Bulgarian Association for Cultural Exchange in Milan drew the attention of the residents and guests of the Italian city. Bulgarian folk dances from various folklore regions were presented by the amateur..

published on 4/20/18 10:03 AM