“Brave Todor shoeing his horse…”

Todorovden, one of the most colorful folk festivals is celebrated on the first Saturday of the Great Lent. It is preceded by Todor'sweek, also called hungry, or even “black week”. During this week, a strict fast is observed. According to..

published on 2/24/18 8:00 AM

Be forgiven! Forgive me!

Sirni Zagovezni or Cheesefare Sunday (Forgiveness Sunday) is the first Sunday before Lent, or seven weeks before Easter. In Bulgarian folklore it has other names too, such as Sirni Pokladi, Forgiveness, Orata and others. This is a day to ask family..

published on 2/18/18 9:05 AM

“It is important to work for Bulgaria”: the Bulgarian-Czech projects of Assoc. Prof. PhD Veselka Toncheva

Assoc. Prof. PhD Veselka Toncheva is among the foremost contemporary scholars in ethnology, traditional rites and customs and musical anthropology. She works at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Studies with an Ethnographic Museum at the..

published on 2/10/18 8:30 AM

Konushenska band and their new album with wedding music

Greetings from Konushentsi – that is the title given by the famous musicians to their new music. The Konushenska band is the most famous among the so-called Bulgarian wedding orchestras, focused in Thrace. Those are all talented..

published on 1/27/18 8:35 AM

“Surva 2018” taking place in Bulgaria’s Pernik

Masquerade ritualsoriginated in ancient pagan times and they have been preserved to this day as part of Bulgarian folklore traditions. Mask games are mainly linked to the holidays in the period from Christmas to Easter. In the different..

published on 1/26/18 12:41 PM

On January 21 Midwife’s Day (Babinden) is marked according to Old Style calendar

Midwife’s Day (Babinden) is one of the big festivals dedicated to the women who helped young brides give birth. The holiday dates back to distant times and customs of the Slavs. Over time it lost its ritualistic customs, but is associated with a lot of..

published on 1/21/18 8:05 AM

On St. Athanasius Day: “Go away, winter, so summer can come!”

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church pays respect to the memory of St. Athanasius the Great two times a year - on May 2 ( the day of his death) and on January 18, when his last return as Patriarch of Alexandria took place. On January 18 people traditionally..

published on 1/18/18 12:51 PM

Rhodope folk singer Valya Balkanska turns 76

On 8 January the Rhodope singer with a “cosmic voice” Valya Balkanska turned 76. On her birthday she extended wishes for a peaceful and prosperous 2018, for sound health and success in dealing with life’s challenges to all Bulgarians. She said she was..

published on 1/11/18 3:15 PM

More than 1000 mummers banish evil spirits from Blagoevgrad

More than 1000 mummers banished the evil from Blagoevgrad as they held a two-hour pageant for the traditional festival of mummer and masquerade games. Thirteen groups from the city and from neighboring villages joined the Mummers’ Festival 2018...

published on 1/10/18 1:50 PM

Georgi Germanov: A life filled with music and song

2017 was a special year for the celebrated singer from the Strandja region Georgi Germanov – he turned 75. A good occasion to take a look at the significant contribution he has made to Bulgarian folk songs and celebrate his lyrical, velvet voice and the..

published on 1/5/18 11:45 AM