The MacGahan Festival, New Lexington, USA – 8-9 June (9-10 June in Bulgaria)

For the 40 th year running, the small town of New Lexington in Ohio, USA is hosting a festival commemorating prominent American journalist Januarius MacGahan and his contribution to the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman domination, a man..

published on 6/9/18 9:25 AM
The niches are situated over 50 meters above the ground level

Ancient stone mysteries near village of Dazhdovnitsa

Many ancient cult niches chiseled in the rocks in the Eastern Rhodopes, especially along Arda River have been attracting the attention of archaeologists and amateur explorers for over a century. However, they are still hiding many secrets. We..

published on 6/6/18 1:13 PM
Preobrazhenski Monastery (Monastery of the Transfiguration)

Architectural heritage of grand master Kolyo Ficheto

The Saint Trinity Church in Svishtov, the Bridge over Dryanovska River in the town of Dryanovo, the St. St. Cyril and Methodius Church and the House with the Monkey in Veliko Tarnovo, the Bridge over Yantra River in Byala, part of the..

published on 6/3/18 8:00 AM

Bulgaria marks Hristo Botev 142 death anniversary

For the first time Day of Hristo Botev and of the heroes who fell for Bulgaria’s freedom was commemorated back in 1901. In that year some of Hristo Botev’s fellow rebels gathered at his Golgotha to pay homage to the great poet and..

published on 6/2/18 8:05 AM

Zhablyano Monastery St. John the Baptist – dedication to hard work and to God

The Monastery of Zhablyano St. John the Baptist is hidden in the slopes of Konyavska Mountain not far from the village of Zhablyano. In it monks make a living on their own – with hard work. The precise date when this holy place emerged is not..

published on 6/2/18 8:00 AM

Spasov well near Zlatitsa- natural and cultural phenomenon

In 2018 the Feast of the Ascension of Christ (Spasovden) falls on May 17. Many people will gather again on the large meadow near the Spassov Well. The place is emblematic for the town of Zlatitsa (Central Bulgaria) and the whole region...

published on 5/17/18 11:09 AM

The Louvre to welcome Preslav Treasure in June

The gold treasure of the ancient Bulgarian capital of Preslav will be exposed at the Louvre in June. The exposition is part of the cultural program of the Bulgarian EU Presidency. The display named The Epoch of Bulgarian Tsars will accentuate on..

published on 5/12/18 9:05 AM

Archaeologists discover a 1,700 year-old tomb along the route of Struma motorway

Archaeologists discovered more than 1,500 unique items during a dig along the route of a new section of Struma motorway. The archaeologists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences should complete their job by July so construction of the motorway..

published on 5/7/18 9:35 AM

St. George – Holy Great Martyr and Victory-Bearer

After the Resurrection of Christ, one of the most celebrated Christian feasts is that of St. George the Victory- Bearer. He lived in a difficult period for Christian, which was the end of the third and the beginning of the 4th century, when believers..

published on 5/6/18 8:10 AM

Scholars map heroic places, persons in Bulgaria

The map Vestiges of Heroic Time which marks 100 sites for commemoration found in the entire territory of Bulgaria was presented at the Regional Museum of History in Ruse. The map is part of a two-year project Vestiges of Heroic Time..

published on 4/21/18 10:45 AM