History of Bulgarian Military Intelligence Volume 1 presented at G. S. Rakovski Military Academy

The book "History of Bulgarian Military Intelligence" Volume 1, was presented at the G. S. Rakovski Military Academy in Sofia. Its presentation marks the beginning of a series of events dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the Bulgarian military..

published on 1/10/18 6:35 PM

Bulgaria bows to the memory of Hristo Botev

Bulgaria marked solemnly the 170 th birth anniversary of the genius poet and one of the most-beloved national heroes Hristo Botev. He died in 1876 during the April Uprising against the Ottoman rule. The celebrated Bulgarian poet formed a..

published on 1/8/18 1:57 PM

Yambol Municipal Museum of Military Valor attracts thousands of visitors from Bulgaria, abroad

The Municipal Museum of Military Valor in the town of Yambol, Southeastern Bulgaria, has reported a growing number of visitors from the country and abroad. In a bid to attract more visitors the museum’s management recently started a campaign for raising..

published on 1/7/18 2:30 PM

Bulgarian Iron Church St Stephen-symbol of the Bulgarian identity in Istanbul

The Bulgarian St Stephen Church in Istanbul (also known as the Bulgarian Iron Church), associated with the fight for church independence that started back in the 1930’s and the 1940’s, is the world’s only iron Orthodox Church. It is 20 meters tall,..

published on 1/7/18 9:05 AM

Ivanovden – a day imbued with symbols, rooted in Bulgaria tradition

On 7 January the Bulgarian Orthodox Church commemorates St. John the Baptist – the last of the Old Testament prophets, also called Forerunner of Christ. In Bulgaria this day is called Ivanovden and it is one of the most revered feast days throughout the..

published on 1/7/18 8:05 AM

Valuable artefacts found at Troyan Monastery

By the walls of Troyan Monastery in Central Northern Bulgaria construction workers have found ancient valuables and weapons. The Father Superior of the monastery, Bishop Sionius, has said that during reconstruction and cleaning of the monastery’s..

published on 1/6/18 2:35 PM

On Epiphany Eve water remains still for a moment receiving great cleansing power

After the big holidays at the end of each year, the festive mood for Bulgarians continues with marking one of the most respected winter holidays – Epiphany. This bright holiday, also known as Yordanovden brings us together to commemorate the baptism of..

published on 1/6/18 7:30 AM

Epiphany’s water blessing ceremony of battle flags

The Bulgarians see the battle flag as one of the major symbols of national integrity, related to the memory of the thousands of warriors who gave their life for the motherland. The flag is still an essential sign of honor and dignity. January 6 th –..

published on 1/5/18 2:12 PM

“Deer sacrifice” legend kept by Byzantine basilica ruins near Pirdop

The St. Ilia early-Christian basilica, aka the Elenska /Deer/ Basilica can be found some 3 km away from the town of Pirdop, at the foot of the Balkan Range. The church is a unique historical monument, as it is the only Byzantine-era site..

published on 1/2/18 2:28 PM

“Kin, Family, Fatherland” - families that turned Plovdiv into undying Bulgarian city

Kin, Family, Fatherland is the topic of the calendar published by the Regional History Museum – Plovdiv for 2018. The stylish editionshows texts and photos from the past that have turned into symbols of Plovdiv. Head of the museum Stefan..

published on 1/1/18 8:05 AM