St. Nikola Church in Maritsa – sacred spot in Bulgaria

The village of Maritsa has nothing special or different about it, compared to the other settlements at the foot of the Rila Mountain – it has clean streets and cozy yards with flowers and trees blossoming. At the same time a monument of..

published on 5/23/17 4:10 PM

National Polytechnic Museum turns 60

This year the National Polytechnic Museum turns 60. The idea to have a technological collection was a dream many Bulgarian engineers cherished. Yet it came to fruition rather late. One of the reasons is that the responsibility for the..

published on 5/20/17 11:15 AM
The site upon its discovery in 2004

Bulgarian citizens insist: Bring back the banished spirit of the Thracians to the stone mound near Staro Zhelezare

The Thracian sanctuary near the village of Staro Zhelezare (Hisarya Municipality) sinks into oblivion, a civil association formed to save that valuable archeological site alarms. An exhibition of photos tracing the destiny of that site from..

published on 5/14/17 10:00 AM

Plovdiv’s Ancient Forum whispering stories on life in Roman Empire

The whole public life was out there – on the vast forum, surrounded by a colonnade, where people traded foods and valuable objects, chatted with friends and sent threats to enemies, prayed to the gods and learnt the latest news, cut on stone..

published on 4/30/17 8:35 AM

Bulgaria displays ancient treasures in cooperation with other European countries

The National Archaeological Institute with Museum with the Bulgarian Academy of Science hosts two new exhibitions. The first one presents the popular golden treasure of Nagyszentmiklos which is part of the collection of the Art History Museum..

published on 4/22/17 9:50 AM

Resurrection of Christ – eternal existence in love

In the course of nearly two millennia the Christian world has hailed the Resurrection of Christ. After the terrible torment on the cross where he died for our sins, the Son of God resurrected, in order to open the gate to salvation in a new..

published on 4/16/17 8:15 AM

Holy Week and Good Friday

The last days before Easter are associated mainly with the passion of Jesus Christ who carried out the atonement for all mankind and voluntarily sacrificed himself. Because of his atonement, all people will be resurrected and those who obey..

published on 4/14/17 7:35 AM

Liturgical chants performed on Good Friday

Easter is the biggest Orthodox Christian feast. It is marked with solemnity in all Bulgarian churches and cathedrals. Each year the last days of Jesus' life on Earth is reminded in the church liturgies- from the Savior's entry..

published on 4/14/17 7:10 AM
Prof. Vasya Velinova

Over 1,000 years ago St. Clement of Ohrid founded Bulgarian literature

Last year we marked the 1,100 death anniversary of St. Clement of Ohrid, a student of Slavonic enlighteners St. St. Cyril and Methodius. A new book about this great person had its premiere at the Regional Museum of History in Sofia: it is named..

published on 4/7/17 12:42 PM

Antique artifacts and their stories on Sozopol’s past

Artifacts from the Apollonia Pontica antique necropolis in the Budjaka area of the Black Sea port town of Sozopol were among the most impressive findings at the 10 th national exhibition named Bulgarian Archaeology. Dr. Margarita Popova from..

published on 4/1/17 8:45 AM