Prof. Slavia Burlieva: All of Europe's universities close their departments in Bulgarian studies in favour of Russian studies

One thousands one hundred and fifty years after the assumption of St. Constantine-Cyril the Philosopher on February 14, 869, the legacy of his deeds is not only still alive, but scholars from a number of countries keep studying..

published on 2/14/19 10:11 AM

Bayrakli Mosque in Samokov created by Bulgarian craftsmen and artists

The town of Samokov (Southwest Bulgaria) has a very rich history which is proven by the large number of sites attracting thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists each year. The town was founded in the medieval period and has been a..

published on 2/13/19 3:14 PM

Bulgaria marks 140th anniversary of the Constituent Assembly

Today we mark 140 years since the opening of the Constituent Assembly. It was convened on February 10, 1879, by the Russian Imperial Commissioner in Bulgaria Prince Dondukov-Korsakov. The Constituent Assembly was convened to ratify the country’s..

published on 2/10/19 9:05 AM

The Bulgarian spirit lives on in the churches of Aegean Thrace

They were built by Bulgarians who were members of their congregation. The churches of Aegean Thrace (a historical geographic region, now in Greece) preserved the Bulgarian spirit centuries before the liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman domination..

published on 2/8/19 2:37 PM

Ancient vine-growing customs and beliefs intertwine on the day of Orthodox Saint Trifon

St Trifon’s Day (also known in Bulgaria as Trifon Zarezan) is an Orthodox feast which honors Saint Trifon. It is marked by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on February 1 (new style). In Bulgaria’s folklore calendar the feast is marked on three..

published on 2/1/19 1:25 PM

Father Ivelin Genov: Pope Francis will give a sign for Christian unity

Bulgaria’s town with the largest Catholic community, Rakovski, is preparing to welcome the Holy Father on its territory on May 6 th . More than 50,000 Catholic Christians from across the country are expected to gather at the central square..

published on 1/27/19 8:30 AM

The Bulgarian National Radio has changed its home four times

Many attempts have been made to tell the story of the Bulgarian National Radio but usually, in an effort to present a concise version, we fail to mention some curious details that would sparkle the interest of anyone keen on the history of this..

published on 1/25/19 3:57 PM
Бистра Винарова и Симеон Радев

Simeon Radev and Bistra Vinarova – a timeless love

On January 19 Bulgaria marks the 140 th anniversary since the birth of the celebrated Bulgarian diplomat, publicist, art critic and writer Simeon Radev. He was a person with extensive knowledge in various fields. Simeon Radev knew several..

published on 1/18/19 3:28 PM

St. Antony church in Melnik and its miracles

They call it the church of miracles because it helps those who have lost hope of healing. The church was built in memory of St. Antony the Great in the small Bulgarian town of Melnik, famous for its nature sights and the fine wine produced..

published on 1/17/19 2:43 PM
Снимка: БТА

Renovated cathedral in Haskovo opens doors

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary cathedral church in Haskovo has opened doors for public worship. It is the oldest church in the town, built in the years of Ottoman domination. It was consecrated in 1837 with a great deal of..

published on 1/13/19 11:15 AM