Шге St. Stephen Orthodox Church - the cradle of Bulgarian culture in Istanbul's

The invisible community: Bulgarian Christians in Istanbul

Decades ago, the Bulgarian Orthodox community in Istanbul, Turkey, used to be quite numerous, but with time many of its members gradually emigrated from Turkey - fewer of them settled in Bulgaria, while most opted for a future beyond the ocean -..

published on 11/18/17 8:00 AM

Literary classics lure readers in Sofia’s central City Garden

Opening of new book hubs is always a gift to readers. This phenomenon suggests that interest in books has been revived and despite their busy lives Bulgarians still have a taste for reading something new and refreshing. The bookstore that we..

published on 11/14/17 10:24 AM

The medieval fortress Tsepina and the secrets it holds

The medieval fortress of Tsepina rises, perched on an isolated peach, over one of the biggest valleys in the Rhodope Mountain – the Chepino valley. Archaeological exploration began here in 1960, and a little later – in 1966 – the fortress was..

published on 11/11/17 8:35 AM

Artifacts rescued from treasure hunters on display in Pazardzhik Museum of History

More than four thousand cultural artifacts have been seized from treasure hunters over the last five years on the territory of southern Bulgaria. All of the artifacts are already stored in the History Museum in Pazardzhik and the Archaeological..

published on 11/8/17 1:30 PM

Nov. 8: Orthodox Christians honor St. Archangel Michael, the “guardian of souls and a warrior against evil”

In the Orthodox Christian calendar, November 8 has been written down as the Council of St. Archangel Michael (Arhangelovden). On this day the Orthodox Church honors the saint angels and in the first place St. Archangel Michael – the leader..

published on 11/8/17 12:11 PM
The commemoration ceremony paying tribute at the Memorial of the victims of Communism in the capital Sofia

Fr Paolo Cortezi: Blessed Eugene Bosilkov and other priests martyrs were Enlighteners who lived in faith

On November 11, 1952 at 22.30 in the courtyard of the Sofia Central Prison four Catholic priests were shot dead. Instead of signing the protocols in the political show trial against them, Bishop Eugene Bosilkov and priests Kamen Vitchev, Pavel..

published on 11/7/17 12:14 PM
The remains of the St. Ilya monastery church

Urvich monastery to undergo reconstruction

Urvich monastery in Kokalyane is perched on the right-hand side of the steep bank of the River Iskar, in Lozenska Mountain. Here, the river bends around an elevation on the Sofia-Samokov road, and above this bend tower the remains of stone walls...

published on 11/5/17 10:10 AM
The Life of St. Cyril Philosopher, XIV c

Ancient Bulgarian manuscripts stored at the Russian State Library

Did you know that alongside numerous unique Slavic written sources, the funds of the Russian State Library store some 1,000 ancient Bulgarian manuscripts? Here is chief paleographer, Prof. Marina Krutova from the “Manuscripts” department with..

published on 10/29/17 8:00 AM
The Church of St. Dimitar Solunski in Veliko Tarnovo. On the small picture: an icon of St. Dimitar and St. George

The feast of St. Demetrius the Myrrh-flowing – songs, beliefs and customs

On 26 October the East Orthodox Church commemorates St. Demetrius the Myrrh-flowing who perished for the Christian faith. He was born in 3 c. AD in Thessaloniki and is also known as St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki. For centuries his feast has..

published on 10/26/17 11:43 AM

Archeologists carry out excavations of ancient Roman province capital in Archar

Excavations near the village of Archar have revealed the city of Ratsiaria looted by treasure hunters. It used to be the capital of the Roman province of Riverside Dacia. Archeologists hope to conserve the remains of the ancient capital. North of..

published on 10/25/17 4:00 PM