Todor Slavchev himself

History in Todor Slavchev’s photo archive

The photographs of Todor Slavchev are as various as life itself and those have captured and preserved for the next generations the images of politicians, sportsmen, people of art and agriculture etc. One can see here the pictures of..

published on 2/24/17 1:13 PM

Remembering the Apostle

February 19 marks 144 years since the hanging of the Bulgarian Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski. Since then he has grown into one of the rare bright symbols of national unity. Every year as we all commemorate him on this day the question arises:..

published on 2/18/17 12:10 PM

Paris Peace Treaty and defending Bulgaria’s national cause

On February 10, 1947 in Paris Bulgaria signed a peace treaty with the countries of the Anti-Hitler coalition that ended the country's participation in World War II. It was the result of the peace conference in Paris in the summer of 1946, at..

published on 2/10/17 1:52 PM

A new museum opens in an ancient Smolyan house

A new museum has opened in Smolyan. It is arranged in the ancient Hajitchonev House. Both the idea and the execution is credited to the Rhodope Hajduks youth group. The group's mission is to preserve and promote cultural heritage in the region of..

published on 1/8/17 9:05 AM

Epiphany and Synaxis of St. John the Baptist

After the Christmas and New Year holidays Epiphany and the Synaxis of St. John the Baptist are among the most popular winter holidays in Bulgaria. In the sphere of spirituality they seem to purify the festive atmosphere from the material..

published on 1/6/17 12:36 PM

Archaeology looking for first Proto-Indo-Europeans

The excavations of Associate Prof. Dr. Stefan Alexandrov and Associate Prof. Dr. Anelia Bozhkova from the National Institute of Archaeology with Museum at the Bulgarian Acamey of Sciences were part of the so-called rescue archaeology events in..

published on 1/3/17 2:23 PM

St. Stephen’s Day celebrated today

St. Stephen’s Day is the last festive day over the ‘Christmas cycle’ of the year. It is marked on the third day after Christmas – December 27, when Orthodox Christianity honors the memory of St. Protomartyr and Archdeacon Stephen – the first..

published on 12/27/16 1:26 PM

Christmas time with Metropolitan Antonyi

It’s Christmas! Christians are expecting the great mystery – the birth of Christ. At this moment we are together with Metropolitan of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for West and Central Europe Antonyi. “Merry Christmas! It is one of the..

published on 12/25/16 8:00 AM

Bulgaria in WWI: 1916

The 1916: Victories and Challenges exhibition has been unveiled at the National Museum of Military History, dedicated to World War I and more particularly to this country’s participation in the conflict in 1916. The latter entered it in 1915 and..

published on 12/11/16 8:35 AM
Weapons and personal belongings of Goryani fighters and a monument to those killed in the anti-communist movement, built in the village of Tsalapitsa, near Plovdiv

Before Hungary and Czechoslovakia it was Bulgaria’s Goryani Movement that fought against communist regime

Bulgaria also had its armed resistance against the communist regime imposed on the country after a coup. It was actually the first to fight against the Stalinist model of dictatorship established after the occupation of Bulgaria by the Red Army..

published on 12/6/16 2:14 PM