Women’s chamber choir "Te Deum Adoramus" - 20 years on stage

On April 22, with a concert in the "St. Kliment Ohridski" University in Sofia, the women's chamber choir "Te Deum Adoramus" celebrates 20 years since its creation. A long-time Children’s Radio Choir co-director Teodora Dimitrova made one of her..

published on 4/21/17 4:05 PM

ALL WE NEED IS TOMORROW: Rock Guitarist Niki Tomov and his new album

Rock guitarist Niki Tomov released his first solo album earlier in April, named ALL WE NEED IS TOMORROW. The name of Niki Tomov is related to the end-1980s band Dissonance, whose co-founder he was. Here is what he recalls on that..

published on 4/20/17 2:54 PM

BNR’s Musician of the Year 2016 awards given at gala concert

At a special ceremony and a gala concert at Bulgaria Hall in Sofia the prize winners in the Musician of the Year 2016 poll were awarded. They are determined by asking the listeners of the Horizont Channel of the Bulgarian National..

published on 4/19/17 2:13 PM

Bulgarian tour of Wladigeroff Brothers to open today

A Bulgarian tour of Alexander and Konstantin Wladigeroff begins today during which they are going to present their new album The Rag Waltz Time. The first concert will be in Stara Zagora followed by Shumen and Plovdiv and the final..

published on 4/18/17 2:33 PM

Songs of joy for St. Lazarus Day, Palm Sunday and Easter

Every month Radio Bulgaria invites you to vote in our music chart, Musicbox Bulgaria. After drawing of lots CDs are sent to three of you who selected the award-winning song in the respective music genre. To vote, you can send us your choice of song..

updated on 4/18/17 12:12 PM

From death to life, from Earth to Heaven

"The joy of Resurrection should not be left in the temple. We should strive to keep it in the most difficult moments of our lives. And to pass it on to other people, as much as we can. This is the meaning of Resurrection,” says Nikola Antonov,..

published on 4/16/17 9:10 AM
Performing the Blue Skies of Dreams

Retrospection of Shumen-held Dobri Voinikov Children and Youth Choir Fests

The guests of the Dobri Voinikov Children and Youth Choir Fests left the town of Shumen a few days ago, saying goodbye to the Bodra Pesen Choir which hosted the event. The festival was established by renowned Bulgarian choir conductor and..

published on 4/11/17 2:38 PM

"Wonderful Day, Magic Day" - song concert at the Sofia Opera

"Wonderful day, magic day, sun and love…,” is an excerpt from a poem by Anton Delvig, Russian poet, a contemporary and friend of Pushkin. Two of the most famous Bulgarian opera singers - Mariana Tsvetkova and Tsvetana Bandalovska,..

published on 4/7/17 2:13 PM

Pernik Palace of Culture celebrates 60th anniversary

With its architectural grandeur the Palace of Culture in Pernik is one of the symbols of the city. For 60 years it has been a spiritual centre for the citizens, a place of communication between world cultures and traditions. Many have crossed..

published on 4/4/17 2:57 PM

TUMBAITO kicks off series of concerts with Bulgarian evergreens

A few years ago the TUMBAITO salsa formation released an album with Bulgarian pop songs from the golden decades of the genre – the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. The collection was named after the band and the concert version still has its..

published on 4/1/17 11:30 AM