Pavlina Dokovska - Pedagogues have the task to form happy, generous and good personalities

It is very difficult to make a brief description of what Bulgarian pianist Pavlina Dokovska did in her rich music career. She managed to hold a series of concerts and her discography is quite impressive. Moreover, Pavlina held multiple master..

published on 2/22/17 12:00 PM

Dimcho Rubchev – music inspiration and jazz recognition

Big Band Ruse is the formation within the frames of the Municipal Brass Orchestra of this Danubean city, which has inherited the ‘music bands’ and ‘royal military music’ of the late 19 th c. The brass orchestra has existed for over 50 years..

published on 2/21/17 1:57 PM

Kaval player Vladimir Velichkov with successful breakthrough in global ethno music chart

Vladimir Velichkov is one of the masters of kaval (shepherd’s flute). Brilliant musician, who expanded technical capabilities of the traditional instrument without harming its beautiful sound. In his work he follows and develops original ideas..

published on 2/17/17 2:42 PM

Spring Mood

Every month Radio Bulgaria invites you to vote for selected music from this country. After collecting votes, lots are drawn to determine the three winners who receive CDs with music from the respective genre. Voting takes place on our..

published on 2/16/17 12:43 PM

"Magnificent Five" of BNR Big Band saxophonists take part in "Mr. Sax" concert

A concert entitled "Mr. Sax” will take place on February 15 and is the first of a series in which we can hear all of the musicians in the BNR Big Band. It's no secret that the instrumentalists in the orchestra are among the most popular names of the..

published on 2/15/17 2:01 PM
Theodosii Spassov and  Emmanuel Rossfelder

World acclaimed soloists in concert with the Sofia Philharmonic this week

In the coming days the Sofia Philharmonic is holding two concerts with guest-conductor Konstantin Ilievsky. The first one is on 14 February and the program features music composed by Theodosii Spassov. Here is how the organizers have summed up the..

published on 2/14/17 2:54 PM

Yordan Karadjov about his album “C’est la vie” and upcoming projects in 2017

Five years ago, Yordan Karadjov, frontman of the band Signal released his first solo album. Throughout his 39-year long career with one of the most successful rock bands in Bulgaria, he had dedicated his efforts to Signal entirely...

published on 2/12/17 9:35 AM

‘Free tango’ album of Vesko Eshkenazi, Lyudmil Angelov

“What is the Tango album? Above all, it steps beyond the frames, both musical and internal. The main line that we follow is the contrast between what we know and what we are to discover.” These are words of famous violin player Vesko Eshkenazi..

published on 2/7/17 2:11 PM

Inspiration and perseverance is all you need to succeed: Eugenia Radoslava

Eugenia Radoslava is a pianist with a tight concert schedule. Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Tunisia and Israel are only some of the countries where she has been in concert either as soloist or as member of various chamber formations. She was..

published on 2/5/17 11:10 AM

Magnificent Yotzov Clarinet Sextet and its music from different epochs

A good performer can create miracles, as long as the environment is suitable and the music played is enjoyed. In short, this is the secret of the Yotzov Clarinet Sextet. The formation performs the music of Bach, Tschaikowski,..

published on 2/4/17 10:30 AM