Sofia Music Weeks festival underway until 10 July: 48th edition

Starting on 22 May until 10 July the music lovers in Sofia will be able to choose from more than 30 concerts – solo, chamber and symphony ones on the playbill of the 48 th edition of Sofia Music Weeks festival. The festival is..

published on 5/22/17 3:52 PM

Neli Andreeva and Nikolay Peev with second ethno music project

The great mix of a Rhodope voice and the guitar chime is worlds apart from the traditional notion of Bulgarian folk music sound. However, the unusual professional partnership of Neli Andreeva and Nikolay Peev has once again..

published on 5/21/17 9:15 AM

Little known Puccini works

Every month Radio Bulgaria invites you to vote in its music chart, Musicbox Bulgaria. After drawing of lots CDs are sent to three of you who have selected the award-winning song in the respective music genre. To vote, you can send us your choice..

published on 5/16/17 2:25 PM

Young violinist Zornitsa Ilarionova between music competitions and concert appearances

On 20 May the Classic FM Radio Orchestra will have a concert at Bulgaria Hall, where they will play Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Astor Piazzolla’s Estaciones Porteñas (The Four Seasons of Buenos Aries). Piazzolla’s..

published on 5/16/17 1:45 PM

Kristian Kostov with Beautiful Mess earns second place for Bulgaria at 2017 Eurovision

Bulgaria’s representative Kristian Kostov ranked second at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest held in Kiev, Ukraine. The song presented by the 17-year-old is entitled Beautiful Mess. It was voted second by the audiences. Ahead of the great final..

published on 5/15/17 1:38 PM

Balkan Alien Sound Orchestra’s new album as soundtrack of cultural interaction

Over the years a band from Derry in Northern Ireland, called Balkan Alien Sound, has attracted the attention of fans of fusion music and Balkan rhythms. In their latest project the band has actually grown to become BASORK, which stands for..

published on 5/13/17 10:45 AM

Concert paying homage to violinist Petar Arnaudov

Petar Arnaudov – a long-year violin tutor and a deputy principal of the Lyubomir Pipkov National Music School in Sofia was granted post-mortem the Kristalno Ogarlie /Crystal Necklace/ distinction - the highest award of the Union of Musicians..

published on 5/11/17 2:55 PM

Pancho Vladigerov International competition brings together generations of musicians

The Bulgarian town of Shumen – famous musician Pancho Vladigerov’s birthplace, has hosted for years contests for pianists, violinists and singers. Those have two main versions: national (for singers, aged up to 19) and..

published on 5/10/17 3:21 PM

Bulgarian Guards Brass Band – tradition and modernity

In 1890, Alexander of Battenberg decreed that May 6, Gergiovden (St. George Day) be designated Day of Courage and of the Bulgarian army. After an interruption of almost 50 years, in 1993, the holiday was reinstated. It is a date..

published on 5/6/17 9:30 AM
Slang and their piece Impossible Things placed 1st

48th edition of BNR’s Spring 2017 contest for new Bulgarian pop and rock song

On April 25 the Bulgarian National Radio gathered in its Studio 1 musicians distinguished at the 48th edition of BNR’s 2017 Spring music contest for new Bulgarian pop and rock song. The jury was formed by music editors from various..

published on 4/26/17 3:42 PM