Bulgarian photographer Kalin Kostov presents his author’s exhibition Light and Silver

On July 20, 2017 SYNTHESIS Gallery is to present Kalin Kostov’s authors exhibition Light and Silver. The exposition is based on the collodion process on black glass - a technique which requires a lot of time and thoroughness. This is rather a..

published on 7/19/17 10:28 AM
The Devil's Mills near the village of Stoyanovo

“Time looks on with ten eyes” - through the lens of Nikolay Ninov

Megaliths, primeval dolmens, anthropomorphic rock giants. As if they have stepped out of fairytale land, though they still lie hidden in the earth, untouched by the throngs of tourists. That is how, in his second book, Nikolay..

published on 7/8/17 8:00 AM

Asian Culture Festival organised in Sofia

Dozens of residents of the Bulgarian capital city visited the Asian Culture Festival, which took place downtown Sofia on Sunday.  On the stage in Borisova Gradina participants in the event performed traditional songs and dances. Visitors could also find..

published on 7/2/17 2:55 PM
Sunrise from Popova Kapa, Dobrin Minkov

Camera in hand: crossing nine mountains to reach the tenth

The summer is on, the sun has become scorching and the white clouds or the rainbow that comes up into the sky after a rainy spell create a cheerful mood and an urge to capture these lovely moments with the camera. The talent of a really good..

published on 7/2/17 11:45 AM

Magic of Chiprovtsi carpets attracts crowds to Kapana Festival in Plovdiv

Velika Stoeva from the Bulgarian town of Chiprovtsi has been weaving carpets since she was a child. All the women in her family were weavers and the weaving loom has always been present in her home. "It's been a profession for me for 20 years. It..

published on 6/18/17 8:00 AM

Sofia Translation Forum addresses literary exchange between the Balkans and the Arab world

The first „Sofia Translation Forum 2017. Enhancing literary translations between Arabic and the languages of the Balkans“ was held 3-4 June 2017, at the House of Europe and Sofia Literature and Translation House. Official speeches were delivered..

published on 6/10/17 9:00 AM

Three outstanding Bulgarian women painters with exhibition at Arte gallery

Paintings by three ladies – celebrated names in Bulgarian art - are on display at the Arte gallery in Sofia until 14 June. They are Olga Valnarova, Elza Goeva and Maria Stolarova. The exhibition is part 1 in a series of expositions,..

published on 6/6/17 3:14 PM

“A summer in a swamp” – the musical that brings the message of bonding with nature to children

The idea for the show “A summer in a swamp” belongs to Margarita Shoselova, music choreographer of the Margaritki (Daisies) opera and ballet studio for children and teenagers, a show staged together with the Stara Zagora opera house. The..

published on 6/4/17 9:10 AM

Painter Lili Dimkova: We all carry the divine spark inside but sometimes it is more like embers covered in ash

Her paintings illuminate any room and their mystic aura seems to take viewers over the bounds of the material world. Their toned-down hues carry a knowledge that seems to come from ancient times. Lili Dimkova has selected 113 of her works..

published on 6/3/17 9:00 AM

Fifth edition of joint Sofia University – Bulgarian National Radio European radio project “Europe on Air” held in Sofia

The European radio project “Europe on Air” was organized for the fifth year running, this time in Sofia, jointly by the BNR Binar radio, the Green Sofia programme and the Sofia University Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. The project..

published on 6/3/17 8:00 AM