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Regional Historical Museum in Gabrovo keeps the only orchestrion in Bulgaria

In the years after its liberation from the Ottoman Rule in 1878 Bulgaria invited many acclaimed European architectures and industrialists to help that country recover quickly. Austrian and Czech architects and industrialists contributed a..

published on 1/13/19 8:00 AM

Yavorov’s January Days - a literary celebration keeping the poet's legacy alive

In 2019 we mark the 141 st anniversary since the birth of Bulgaria’s world poet Peyo Totev Hadzhiivanov Kracholov, best known under his penname Peyo Yavorov given to him by renowned Bulgarian writer Pencho Slaveykov in 1899. The reason..

published on 1/12/19 2:55 PM
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Plovdiv – in the focus of attention of the world media

Today, 12 January, is the culmination of the long festive weekend (11-13 January) of the launch of the initiative Plovdiv – European Capital Culture, 2019. The show “We are all colours” will be staged in the very heart of..

published on 1/12/19 8:00 AM
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A film about Christo to open Sofia Film Fest this coming spring

The 23rd edition of the prestigious Sofia Film Fest, which is to take place in Sofia, March 7-17, is to open with a screening of a documentary by Andrey Paounov called “Walking on water” which takes a look at the artistic quests and the life..

published on 1/6/19 11:25 AM

Plovdiv expecting to be crowned European Capital of Culture

With a show entitled "We Are All Colors", which is expected to include 1500 performers, Plovdiv will officially open its program as European Capital of Culture 2019on January 12. In the coming months Plovdiv will host more than 300 projects..

published on 1/4/19 12:45 PM

Artist Christo Yavacheff (Christo) to launch exhibition in Morocco in 2019

From March 23 until June 2, 2019 the Bulgarian-born world-famous artist Christo Yavacheff (Christo), will display for the first time in his career his own works at Yves Saint Laurent museum in the Morocco’s capital of Marrakech. The..

published on 12/29/18 9:35 AM

Virtual reality is changing classical cinema, though it is not going to take its place

“We have been watching movies for a hundred years and we are so used to cinema, but at the beginning, people fled the theatres when they saw a train rolling up on screen. Now, with the new technologies it is the same thing, the..

published on 12/28/18 9:05 AM

Bulgarian society needs fairy stories: actor Svetozar Knezovski

“Margarito Duarte studied but a short time, yet he was self-learned for the zeal with which he went through every literary text he came across. At 18, by then a scrivener at the Town hall, he married a pretty girl, who died shortly after..

published on 12/22/18 9:05 AM

Leart Dokle – actor with Balkan roots and art flowing in his veins

Leart Dokle is a Bulgarian actor whose name has been becoming increasingly popular not only on the theatre stage but also on cinema screen. He told us more about his Bulgarian roots and the origin of his name. His ancestors had been living in..

published on 12/19/18 4:24 PM

Artist Valeri Tsenov: a painting should be started with love and finished with kindness

If we look deep into the paintings of Valeri Tsenov we would discover an imaginary universe, colorful with the symbolism of mystic imagery. Through the “Secret Gardens” he introduces us to the sacral space of his own soul, which longs for..

published on 12/18/18 9:05 AM