Mrkvička’s painting Last Supper sinks into oblivion for a century

An exceptional painting with mysterious fate came out of oblivion and caused admiration and amazement. The painting depicts one of the most popular biblical plots – the Last Supper of Jesus and his Disciples. However, this masterpiece was not..

published on 3/21/18 3:04 PM
Petya Alexandrova and Rumen Leonidov

Revisiting the past with a smile: „Bulgaria in full-bottomed breeches and a top-hat” recounts of historical events and personas that need closer scrutiny

The book „Bulgaria in full-bottomed breeches and a top-hat” by Petya Alexandrova that has just been released on the market is a follow-up of another volume with stories from Bulgaria from the end-19 th and the early 20 th Century. The new volume..

published on 3/21/18 12:47 PM

Wim Wenders presents his film “Submergence” at Sofia Film Fest

“The war on terrorism created terrorism”, said in Sofia film director Wim Wenders, President of the European Film Academy. Wenders was in Sofia for the 22 nd Sofia Film Fest where he presented his latest ambitious project “Submergence”. One of..

published on 3/18/18 9:35 AM

"Reader on Demand" opens door to emotions of Bulgarian writers from 4 continents

On March 17, the premiere of "Reader on Demand" will be held in the Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo. This is a literary collection of poems and stories by 64 Bulgarian authors from 10 countries on 4 continents. The book is the result of an..

published on 3/16/18 4:00 PM
Voevoda of Zornitsa Sofia

Six Bulgarian movies at Milan Sguardi Altrove Festival

The role of ladies in cinema has been recently turning into a leading subject in the world of the Seventh art. Since 1993 the Milan-held Sguardi Altrove film festival has been drawing the attention of the audience at movies authored by ladies...

published on 3/15/18 3:21 PM

Lyuben Zidarov: “Reverse Harmony”

A year after Lyuben Zidarov’s previous exposition in Nuance Gallery (“The Old Man and Three Seas”), and 40 years after he set foot in Paris – the dream of every artist, the painter launched yet another exhibition in the same place. Actually the..

published on 3/14/18 11:35 AM

The Synergy of Bulgarian art at the European Parliament

Until end-June the European Parliament is hosting the exhibition Synergy featuring Bulgarian fine art. It presents works by contemporary Bulgarian artists from the collections of the National Art Gallery in Sofia, and of the European Parliament...

published on 3/13/18 1:15 PM

Art of goldsmiths and Bulgarian spirit through centuries

The National History Museum has unveiled a really beautiful and rich exhibition that has been compiled over many years – the collection of Antonio Vasilev, named Goldsmiths’ Craft across Bulgarian Lands XVI – XX c. The start was given 25..

published on 3/11/18 9:00 AM
Donka Minkovskaya

Ahead of International Women’s Day, March 8, Donka Minkovskaya from Bessarabia mounts exhibition in the land of her forefathers

Have you ever opened a vintage chest to find a roll of cheesecloth, brightly coloured embroidery and fleecy rugs, hand-woven blankets, a different world made of hard work, colour and memories... This is the world young artist Donka..

published on 3/7/18 3:50 PM

“A movie in hand” – the different kind of movie festival

Tired of American blockbusters, of their special effects and huge budgets? Everywhere you look, there are movies like that because they bring in the big money. The question what audiences actually want is something producers and directors..

published on 3/6/18 11:29 AM