Margarita Zaneff - the National Gallery’s most generous endower

At the end of 1949 an ocean-going ship left the port of Naples with 1 , 260 emigrants on board, their luggage consisting mostly of dreams of the Australian shores, friendly and warm as if they were born and grew up there.   As..

published on 5/20/18 8:00 AM

Maria Gabriel gives Madame de Staël Award for Contribution to Europe's Cultural Values

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences hosted the 19th General Assembly of ALLEA - All European Academies. It was accompanied by a scientific symposium on the topic of “Science in Times of Challenged Trust and Expertise.” Fundamental issues such as..

published on 5/19/18 11:35 AM

"Night of the Museums" organized for 14th time in Bulgaria

Dozens of museums and galleries in the country take part in the European Night of Museums with interesting exhibitions, concerts and various art events that can be visited for free. Traditionally, museums open door in the evening of the first..

published on 5/19/18 11:05 AM
Hristo Popov's house in the past and now

Home of former Sofia Mayor Hristo Popov transformed into gallery

The topic of preservation of cultural heritage in this country is often in the focus of public attention in this country. Often, however, this happens only after yet another architectural beauty, bearing the spirit and style of a past era, is..

published on 5/15/18 1:05 PM
Zachary Karabashliev and jury chairman Vladimir Zarev at the award ceremony.

Writer Zachary Karabashliev: The only war worth fighting anymore is the war on ignorance

The National Endowment Fund “13 Centuries Bulgaria” has announced the nominations and the National Literature Award for Bulgarian Novel of the Year. The ceremony was held at the National Palace of Culture in Sofia. Chairman of the jury was..

published on 5/14/18 3:51 PM

Two Bulgarian artists unveil joint exhibition in Venice

The Paziteli /Guards/ exhibition unveiled on St. George’s Day in Venice includes 25 icons of artist Lili Vladimirova and 17 sculptures of Academician Krum Damyanov. Curator Prof. Giuliano Pisani says it is ‘a unique dialogue between artists’ due..

published on 5/13/18 8:35 AM
Young percussionists from the Music School in Sofia

Art takes over "Tsar Samuil" street downtown Sofia

On Saturday, May 12, the Tsar Samuil Street downtown Sofia will be breathing in the beat of drums and will turn into a palette of images, moods and colors. For a day in the car-free area, art will engage into a casual dialogue with passers-by,..

published on 5/11/18 5:07 PM
Zograf Damaskin from Elena – St. Licas presents the icon of the Holy Virgin(L); Nikolai Pavlovich – Portrait of a girl (R )

Bulgarian National Revival art – from the icon to the secular portrait

The god-inspired hand of the anonymous master who in 1259 painted the frescoes of the Boyana Church on the outskirts of Sofia recreated the faces of the saints in such a way as if their inner light cast its rays over the very end of the..

published on 5/10/18 2:10 PM
Zahari Milenkov recounts

Fascinating stories told by the Museum of Radio History

„Hello, hello! Radio Sofia!” These were the first words that echoed in the first broadcast from Bulgaria in 1929. They were articulated from the yard of the Military Engineering Workshop in Sofia by Georgi Valkov who spoke in front of a simple carbon..

published on 5/7/18 10:30 AM

Festival tells beautiful story of Chiprovtsi carpets

More than three centuries ago, scribe Peter Bogdan called Chiprovtsi the "Flower of Bulgaria" because the gentlest flowers in nature were seen in the traditional Chiprovtsi carpets. These days the beautiful works of weavers from the mountain town..

published on 5/5/18 9:25 AM