Slav Nedev, Alexander Valchev and Ivo Bistrichki (left to right), at the opening of the exhibition

Bistrichki, Valchev and Nedev in Stubel Gallery

In Sofia, in one of the capital's galleries, an exhibition of three contemporary artists - Ivo Bistrichki, Alexander Valchev, and Slav Nedev has opened. They gather to show some of their recent works. BNR’s Sibila Lilova met one of them -..

published on 2/23/17 4:28 PM

The versatile avatars of gold

A display is underway at the National Institute of Archeology with Museum (NIAM) in Sofia that features artefacts from the 2016 archeological season. It is the tenth such exhibition. The keyword of the current event is gold. There is a large number of..

published on 2/20/17 11:42 AM
Sashka Bratanova in the show We, You and Me at The Art Foundation theater

Sashka Bratanova: Being on stage - that's what I do, what I love and what makes me happy

"We, you and I" is a solo performance based on poems by Miryana Basheva and music by Stefan Dimitrov. Verses and music are skilfully interwoven in the plot of the play that actress Sashka Bratanova defines as music and poetry show. Here's one of the songs..

published on 2/16/17 12:11 PM

In memoriam

Tzvetan Todorov, a French intellectual of Bulgarian origin died at the age of 77 in Paris. Tzvetan Todorov was born in Sofia in 1939. He graduated philology in 1963 in Bulgaria and later emigrated to Paris, where in 1966 he took a PhD in..

published on 2/8/17 12:24 PM

Theodore Ushev: from Radio Bulgaria to Canada

Against the background of the freezing winter, the Bulgarian media recently became hotly agitated over the news of world acclaim for a Bulgarian creative man abroad. For his piece Blind Vaysha animation artist Theodore Ushev has been nominated for..

published on 2/5/17 10:15 AM
Cover and illustration to the collection. Artist: Hristo Neykov

Vihra Baeva about the new book Zmey, Zmeytsa, Lamya and Hala

On January 31 the Zmey, Zmeytsa, Lamya and Hala book will be presented in the Big Salon of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The authors of that collection gathered in more than 400 pages lyrics of songs and texts of fairytales, legends,..

published on 1/31/17 1:58 PM
Ferdo Kovacevic, Willows in March, 1906

The forgotten testament of South Slavic artists

КVADRAT 500 (Quadrant 500) National Art Gallery has for the first time presented its complete collection with 26 works by artists from Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia who 110 years ago joined the Sofia-hosted display of “Lada” Union of South Slavic..

published on 1/30/17 12:34 PM

Stefan Tsanev, a birthday of sorts wedged between the past, present and future

The Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia has marked the birthday of writer Stefan Tsanev by showing two of his acclaimed plays - the tragedies “The trial against the Bogomils” and “The spirit of the poet”. This was not a birthday proper: Stefan..

published on 1/29/17 9:10 AM

Bulgaria's culture in EU-ten years later

In January 2017 Bulgaria marks the 10th anniversary of its accession to the European Union. What changes were made in the country's cultural sphere during that period? According to Director of Intangible Cultural Heritage Department with the..

published on 1/25/17 2:40 PM

"The Spirit of Watercolor” tours Bulgaria

Until January 31 "The Spirit of Watercolor" exhibition can be seen in the "Raiko Alexiev" Gallery in Sofia. The works in it are part of the International Triennial of Watercolor, held for the first time in the summer of 2016 in Varna. Works..

published on 1/21/17 9:35 AM