Great exhibition of Georgi Zhelezarov

The Sofia City Art Gallery marks the 120 th birth anniversary of one of the talented Bulgarian artists – Georgi Zhelezarov, with a large-scale exhibition. The curators show in it works from different genres:paintings, prints, drawings,..

published on 3/28/17 11:19 AM

Exploring the past of a city is like a thriller: writer Bistra Johnson

A Bulgarian by descent, Bistra Johnson is based in Paris and has given much time to her writing career. She recently released an English-language book The City That Does Not Age: The History of Sofia. It offers readers a journey into the..

published on 3/26/17 8:05 AM
Mrs. Nara Vasconselos and Prof. Borislava Taneva

Nara Vasconselos and Prof. Borislava Taneva on Panorama of Bulgarian Culture in Brazil

The initial Panorama of Bulgarian Culture in the Brazilian town of Fortaleza ended up in late February. Fine art, music, cinema and literature were presented within 17 days at Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura. The Brazilian Zenon..

published on 3/25/17 10:10 AM
Rainy Evening by Petya Radkova

Listen to the voice of Bulgaria’s fountains

Fountains in any city attract people like a magnet. Anyone endowed with a sense of beauty can hear the fascinating stories the murmur of their waters have to tell. A photo exhibition was organized by the Bulgarian Water Association and the I..

published on 3/24/17 2:01 PM

Sofia in the Dawn of Freedom Exhibition offers a glimpse of the past

Each one of us could see what downtown Sofia looked like; what the daily lives of people were and how they felt during the times after Bulgaria’s Liberation. All these can be seen in the “Sofia in the Dawn of Liberty Exhibition” in the..

published on 3/18/17 11:15 AM

Brilliance of cinema fame lights up Sofia underpass

The movie starts and takes us to one of the underpasses in Bulgaria's capital Sofia. There, we have the feeling that we are entering a lobby of an underground cinema hall. Portraits of world acclaimed actors such as Charles Chaplin, Marilyn..

published on 3/14/17 2:40 PM

New rendition of Nutcracker – the fairytale inside the story and the story inside the fairytale

As Vesa Tonova says, the Nutcracker, to be staged on 12 March at City Mark Art Centre is “a message from small and grown-up children addressed to small and grown-up children”. The prima ballerina of the Sofia Opera is founder of the..

published on 3/10/17 1:43 PM

Dance art joins dialogue on ethics and esthetics

Contemporary dance art can be very surprising! Dancers no longer recount tales with folklore motifs and legends about olden times. The battle between good and evil is now being interpreted in the context of the present day when the audience is left..

published on 3/8/17 2:46 PM
Penka Kassabova and Boris Christoff

Dedication, an exhibition devoted to Penka Kassabova

Noble, intelligent, highly educated and passionate, Penka Kassabova remains in history as a foremost pedagogue, and also as the woman who kept a special place in the heart of Bulgarian world acclaimed basso Boris Christoff. Kassabova passed..

published on 3/8/17 12:08 PM

Come to my museum!

‘Come to my museum, adventures are waiting for you!’ This is the invitation of cultural expert Todor Petev who is devoted to the cause of Bulgarian museums. He has graduated cultural sciences in the USA and has worked across different..

published on 3/5/17 10:35 AM