"The Spirit of Watercolor” tours Bulgaria

Until January 31 "The Spirit of Watercolor" exhibition can be seen in the "Raiko Alexiev" Gallery in Sofia. The works in it are part of the International Triennial of Watercolor, held for the first time in the summer of 2016 in Varna. Works..

published on 1/21/17 9:35 AM

Art carries different message to everyone, Yoanna Viktorova says

Let’s picture a world, full of cartoon characters and our favorite kids’ films. That is the world of the girl that we are to meet you with today – Yoanna Viktorova. She began to draw during her childhood and at 6 years she has opted for the..

published on 1/20/17 1:22 PM

Svintila spells light

Bulgarian poet, belletrist, publicist, translator and cultural expert Vladimir Nikolov-Svintila is a remarkable phenomenon in Bulgaria's cultural life. Vladimir made a semantic association of his nickname Svintila with “light”. His talent..

published on 1/18/17 1:19 PM

‘The State’ –the artistic provocation of Alexander Manuiloff

‘A civil society means not only a single protest, but a whole body, capable of conducting a dialogue among its separate representatives. The civil society should be a factor which is alive and awake, reacting immediately to any injustice within..

published on 1/16/17 2:48 PM
Zdravko Grigorov and Angel Hadziyski

Just like in the movies

Today you are going to meet Zdravko Grigorov, a graduate of the Sofia film and theatre academy who has now devoted his life to cinema and travels. Nine years ago he and Angel Hadziyski established the Pozor Association with the mission to present..

published on 1/14/17 8:10 AM

Christian Bakalov presents SMALL FUTURE artistic project

Christian Bakalov returned to Bulgaria for few days only to present his creative workshops. The initiative is supported by National CultureFund of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture. Christian graduated from the State..

published on 1/13/17 1:27 PM

Nikolai Kuchkov mounts retrospective exhibition of works depicting Plovdiv’s most prominent artists

Nikolai Kuchkov welcomes back his friends, whose fleeting nature he has captured in drawings, cartoons and portraits, with rhymes. The Plovdiv Art Gallery is the place where the artists - the late Dimitar Kirov, Georgi Bozhilov-Slona (meaning..

published on 1/13/17 10:30 AM

Bulgarian movies in European cinema landscape

This week, on January 13 we mark the Day of Bulgarian cinema. In 2017 Bulgaria also marks the 10th anniversary since this country was welcomed to the European Union. What has changed in the art of cinema during this decade? More from cinema..

published on 1/11/17 1:52 PM

The magic of Bulgarian traditional embroidery

An exhibition is on at the National Museum of History with the motto “Creativity recreated”. It displays splendid embroidery pieces from the Bulgarians lands, as well as traditional costumes and jewelry. A wealth of traditional folk costume..

published on 1/7/17 9:35 AM

Ivan Vazov National Theatre marks 110th anniversary since opening of its building

The Ivan Vazov National Theater in Sofia celebrates today the 110th anniversary since the official opening of its building. On January 3, 1907 in the Bulgarian capital city, the exceptionally beautiful Baroque-style building of the theater opened for..

published on 1/3/17 6:07 PM