Annie Pilibosian living between Plovdiv and Paris

Annie Pilibosian was born and raised in Sofia, she studied and graduated in Sofia, and then became French language teacher. And then her life turned around – she left for France where she married. She always comes back to Bulgaria, but for the past..

published on 9/18/19 3:31 PM

Works by Bulgarian artists in exhibition “Mahatma Gandhi – the power of truth”

It is 150 years on 2 October since the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. To mark the occasion, on 17 September, an exhibition is opening in Oborishte 5 gallery, called “Mahatma Gandhi – the power of truth”, in which 20 renowned Bulgarian artists and..

published on 9/17/19 1:32 PM

“Fire from the fire” festival in Plovdiv’s Old Town

Fire brings warmth and creates a sense of home, and it is fire that will run like a fiery thread through the events from the Old Town Festival in Plovdiv. With the approach of autumn the people of Plovdiv will breathe new life into streets and..

published on 9/13/19 1:11 PM

An exhibition in Plovdiv showcases weapons as a male ornament

An exhibition on in Plovdiv until November 30 will challenge visitors to see weapons, a symbol of dominance and power, in an entirely new light. “The aim is to display weapons as apotropaic and a male ornament,” explains Grozdelina..

published on 9/12/19 2:10 PM

Three enormous moons will shine down on NIGHT festival in Plovdiv

Town squares, churches, galleries, but also ancient Plovdiv’s nooks and corners will turn into shared spaces for art, the visions and the values of the world. After a one-year pause the NIGTH festival is back to make conversations more sincere,..

published on 9/11/19 3:07 PM

The film Ága is Bulgaria’s Oscar nomination

The film Ága directed by Milko Lazarov is Bulgaria’s Academy Award Best International Feature Film nomination. The film was selected for participation by the National Cinema Council with chairman Vladimir Andreev. Ága is a..

published on 9/10/19 12:26 PM

Gallery of the National Academy of Art presents history of Bulgarian arts through the prism of art

The Gallery of the National Academy of Art hosts an exhibition dedicated to the 140 th anniversary since the establishment of the Bulgarian Diplomatic Service. The exhibits are selected from the collection of the artistic fund of the Bulgarian..

published on 9/7/19 9:10 AM

2019 European Heritage Days begin

The 2019 European Heritage Days began in Bulgaria. The celebrations began with the Creative Touch exhibition dedicated to the 100 th birth anniversary of celebrated Bulgarian writer Nikolay Haytov, author of historic novels and short stories..

published on 9/6/19 9:25 AM

Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture, 2019 celebrates is successes

For more than 7 months Plovdiv has successfully been implementing the European Capital of Culture, 2019 programme. On Sunday, Plovdiv celebrates five years since the city was chosen to be Bulgaria’s European capital of culture,..

published on 9/1/19 8:35 AM

It is time for Apollonia Festival of Arts

At the end of the summer the Bulgarian art elite meets in the coastal town of Sozopol within the frameworks of the Apollonia Festival of Arts. This year is more special for the organizers of the event, because Sozopol hosts the jubilee 35 th..

published on 8/29/19 1:31 PM