Polina Stoykova: Housing market in Bulgaria has calmed down

In 2019 the property market in Bulgaria has calmed down after several years of sharp increase in housing prices. Now we are witnessing a moderate increase in the property prices in this country and market demand and supply are about to reach a..

published on 11/14/19 12:11 PM

Bulgaria’s economy gets positive assessments. Has it earned them?

As the year nears its end assessments of Bulgaria’s economy by observers, analysts and experts have been growing more and more positive. They practically all agree that it is in very good shape and that it will even outperform preliminary..

published on 11/12/19 2:10 PM

Inactive citizens are biggest reserve on Bulgaria’s labor market

Bulgaria’s labor market has big unused potential- over 200,000 inactive citizens, this country’s Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policies Lazar Lazarov recently said at a conference dedicated to the effect of the employment policies in..

published on 11/7/19 12:49 PM

There are practically no counterfeit banknotes in Bulgaria

On November 1, the Bulgarian National Bank put into circulation a new BGN 50 banknote with a better protection against counterfeiting. BNB specified that despite the widespread use of electronic payments, the demand for paper money has..

published on 11/5/19 1:30 PM

Measures for cleaner air should be priority for new mayors, economy and finance expert Vladimir Karolev says

Can local authorities help solving Bulgaria's big problems: demographic crisis, standard of living and investment? Economist Vladimir Karolev is a popular figure because of his clear and firm stance on hot topics in society. Mr. Karolev has..

published on 10/31/19 2:49 PM

Doing Business in Bulgaria – the challenges persist

A few days ago the World Bank published its annual report Doing Business which analyses and evaluates the conditions for doing business in different countries of the world. This year Bulgaria drops down two notches to 61 st position..

published on 10/30/19 12:43 PM

Bulgarian economy has been slowing down, government untie the purse-strings

Where is the Bulgarian economy heading for? This is a question that many Bulgarian and international institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the Bulgarian National Bank /BNB/, the Ministry..

published on 10/28/19 4:07 PM

Bulgaria represented by 15 exhibitors at Saudi Agro Food 2019

More than 380 exhibitors representing 34 countries took part in the 38th edition of the forum from October 21 to 24 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Bulgaria joined for the second time with a national stand. This country was represented by producers of..

published on 10/27/19 9:05 AM

Bulgaria is still attractive destination for foreign investments

We live in times when something that can change the world completely happens every minute. We are witnessing completely new achievements of the technological revolution and constantly changing needs of the economic and investment environment on a..

published on 10/22/19 12:53 PM

Bulgaria’s economy suffers from underinvestment, yet its condition is better than the EU average

Bulgaria’s economist Professor Daniela Bobeva and the Chairman of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsvetan Simeonov analyzed the economic perspectives of Bulgaria. They voiced different positions about the economic situation in..

published on 10/15/19 12:42 PM