Record low level of unemployment now starting to impede economic growth in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has never seen such low level of unemployment for a decade – the share of unemployed people is 7.2% of those in active age, or some 200,000 people. At the same time 300,000 able-bodied Bulgarians don’t work, don’t look for a job and..

published on 1/23/18 1:02 PM

Bulgaria shows increased confidence on its way towards Eurozone membership

At the outset of its rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union Bulgaria stated clearly that in the next 6 months it would make the final steps towards the accession into the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM-2), also known the..

published on 1/15/18 1:12 PM

Bulgaria-Japan commodity exchange sees record high for last 10 years

The commodity exchange between Bulgaria and Japan is worth 151 million US dollars which is a record high since 2008. There is also ample opportunity for the launch of various Bulgarian products on the Japanese market including wines, dairy products, rose..

published on 1/6/18 6:30 PM
Left to right: The ministers of health, social policy and finance - Kiril Ananiev, Biser Petkov and Vladislav Goranov

National budget for 2018 now in effect

The new national budget comes into effect today. It envisages a deficit of 1 billion 100 million Leva, even though last year the treasury ended the year with a surplus of close to 800 million Leva. According to the parametres of the 2018..

published on 1/1/18 3:31 PM

Higher pay for teachers, army personnel and unemployed in 2018

As is customary, the new year is a time for change in different spheres. As of today, the minimum monthly wage will go up to 510 Leva. Maternity benefits during the second year will go up to 380 Leva, as will disability allowances...

published on 1/1/18 12:17 PM

2018: Wind in the sails of the Bulgarian economy will not slacken

2017 will be remembered as a good year for the Bulgarian economy which marked a GDP growth rate of 4 percent. Some say it is actually over 6 percent, if we count the shadow economy. But is that a lot or not enough? Compared to the years..

published on 12/28/17 12:09 PM

Incomes go up, poverty remains

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the European Union and Bulgarians are the poorest nation in the bloc. This is hardly any news at all. What is surprising though is that today Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the fastest rates of income growth..

published on 12/19/17 12:35 PM

UN World Economic Situation and Prospects Report: Bulgaria is an advanced economy, though not a rich country

In the UN’s 2018 annual World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) Report, Bulgaria is in the group of 36 countries with an advanced economy, alongside all EU members, plus USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway, Iceland and..

published on 12/15/17 1:51 PM

Startups – most preferred option by Razgrad’s youth

Startups are the best option for employment of young people across the small and medium-sized municipalities in the Razgrad region, North-East Bulgaria. That’s what poll results show, regarding the attitude of youth within the Youth..

published on 12/13/17 12:49 PM
EU Vice President for the Euro and Social Dialogue Valdis Dombrovskis not only invited Bulgaria to the Eurozone

The euro looms into sight: a mirage or reality

For quite some time the adoption of the euro has been discussed in Bulgaria. However, nothing specific has been done so far for the country’s accession to the Eurozone. Make haste slowly – this seems to be the policy of Bulgarian authorities in this..

published on 12/12/17 12:40 PM