Bulgaria credit rating with stable outlook: Moody’s

The international credit rating agency Moody’s has confirmed Bulgaria’s credit rating with a stable outlook. The agency expects to see the economy grow 2.9% this and next year. Provided the budget is balanced and the government debt reaches..

published on 5/27/17 1:19 PM

Bulgarian financial system stable, says IMF, but remains vulnerable, says EC

The European Semester 2017 report has been released by the European Commission. On the day that followed the International Monetary Fund released its new report with recommendations. Both documents deal with Bulgaria’s economic and social..

published on 5/27/17 8:55 AM

Bulgarian National Bank to be able to print euro notes

The Oberthur Fiduciaire joint venture company of the Bulgarian National Bank and French company Oberthur Fiduciaire SAS, has received from the European Central Bank permission to print euro banknotes. This does not mean that the machines of..

published on 5/18/17 2:16 PM

Desislava Nikolova: Increased public expenses pose long-term risk to the country’s state budget

Bulgaria’s new cabinet has promised to make a series of expenditures related to the minimum pensions, the minimum salary and the teachers’ salaries. Other public expenditures, including those in the defense field are also to increase in 2017...

published on 5/16/17 11:30 AM

European Commission spring forecast: real GDP in Bulgaria expected to grow by 2.9 percent in 2017

In its spring report, the European Commission affirms its macroeconomic forecast of the growth rate of the Bulgarian economy for this and next year, while at the same time expecting domestic consumption to continue to be the main growth driver...

published on 5/14/17 7:00 AM

State of Bulgaria’s army industry improves

It became clear over the past week that the state-owned companies within the Bulgarian army industry had been improving their results. The Capital Daily accentuated that it was due mainly to military conflicts within regions which are main markets of..

published on 5/13/17 8:01 PM

Turkish Stream gas pipeline irritates but gives new opportunities to Bulgaria

At the end of last week Russia’s energy giant Gazprom started the actual construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline after Russian President Vladimir Putin gave green light to that project. Turkish Stream will supply Turkey with nearly 30..

published on 5/9/17 1:18 PM

IMF increases expectations on Bulgarian economy

This week the International Minetary Fund /IMF/ has published a report on global economic perspectives. The document’s authors foresee for Bulgaria a GDP growth of 2.9% in 2017, and a slowing to 2.7% in 2018. There is a 0.1% increase on the 2016..

published on 4/23/17 3:46 PM

Mariana Kukusheva: The sharp increase of price of natural gas will result in bankruptcies of producers and job cuts

The latest increase of the price of natural gas in Bulgaria will have a detrimental effect on Bulgarian manufacturers, the Chairperson of the National Branch Union of Bakers and Confectioners Mariana Kukusheva told Radio Bulgaria. ”In the past..

published on 4/13/17 10:30 AM

BAT invests in Bulgaria over EUR 100 million

The second largest tobacco company according to its shares on the world market – British American Tobacco (BAT) announced that it has made substantial investments in Bulgaria and that it is signing contracts for the purchasing of leading brands..

published on 4/12/17 12:26 PM