Debate on coping with poverty cannot be replaced by length of service bonuses subject

Cost of living in Bulgaria has been going up over the past months and the poverty of the majority of people has been boosting, a report of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria /CITUB/ shows. ‘Incomes and any possibilities..

published on 7/21/17 2:54 PM

If you want business in Bulgaria – go to Varna, WB says

Bulgaria is a relatively good business destination, the latest research of the World Bank /WB/ shows, named Doing Business in the EU, 2017: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania. It has surveyed 6 Bulgarian cities: Burgas, Pleven, Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia..

published on 7/17/17 12:07 PM

Bulgaria is still poorest in EU, yet unemployment hits record lows

The latest report of Bulgaria’s National Statistical Institute about the labor market in this country looks more than optimistic. In the first quarter of 2017 the economic activity index of the population aged between 15 and 64 was at 62.9% and..

published on 7/14/17 12:31 PM

Bulgarian military industry to participate in army’s rearmament as well?

Bulgaria has been planning the large-scale rearmament of its army to the tune of more than EUR 2 bln. by 2029. This is due to both the obsolescence of the mostly Russian equipment available and also because NATO has been more and more..

published on 7/4/17 1:38 PM

Currency board in Bulgaria: twenty years later - pros and cons

In the past twenty years Bulgaria’s macroeconomic indicators and public finance have been subject to the so-called currency board which was introduced on July 1, 1997. A currency board is a monetary authority which is required to..

published on 7/3/17 1:40 PM

Bulgaria currency board turns 20

Today marks the 20 th anniversary since the introduction of the currency board arrangement in Bulgaria. It was put into place by the caretaker administration of Stefan Sofiyanski amid a grave economic and financial crisis. Back in 1997, the law..

published on 7/1/17 9:49 AM

German companies recruit Bulgarian engineers and support Bulgarian startups in their attempt to penetrate the German market

Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov paid an official visit to Germany last weekend. Premier Borissov accentuated on Bulgaria’s advantage as an investment destination. Borissov met with representatives of several German companies from the Foundation for..

published on 6/26/17 12:26 PM

Vladimir Vladimirov: we must have long-term vision for Bulgarian State Railways

The state aid amounting to EUR 112 million provided to the Bulgarian State Railways has a specific purpose. EUR 75 million will be paid to cover debts under the second contractual loan. EUR 20 million is owed to the state budget, because the country..

published on 6/25/17 12:08 PM

Measures aimed at reducing administrative burden on citizens and local business will soon yield results: Emil Karanikolov

The measures aimed at reducing administrative burden on the citizens and the local business will soon yield the necessary results , Bulgaria’s Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov told the Bulgarian National Radio on Sunday. The analysis of the..

published on 6/11/17 12:08 PM

Gazprom-Bulgaria: Bulgarian Balkan gas hub now a much more realistic prospect

An idea by Bulgaria’s three-time prime minister Boyko Borissov until recently deemed utopian, that of turning the country into a major European gas trading centre, was given a leg up, albeit moderately, by the biggest gas supplier in Europe – Russia’s..

published on 6/9/17 12:19 PM