Georgi Stoev: disposable real incomes of the Bulgarians increase significantly after the country's accession to the EU

Bulgaria's economy has grown with nearly 74% since the country's accession to the European Union ten years ago. It is important to note that accumulated inflation during that ten-year period amounted to 41% only. In other words, the Bulgarian economy..

published on 3/29/17 11:44 AM

Gazprom changes policy over natural gas deliveries to Bulgaria

Good news for Bulgaria became the focus of the passing week. Moscow and Brussels shook hands in agreement to fundamentally change the gas policy of Russia in relation to certain former satellite countries to the Soviet Union, now part of the EU. The good..

published on 3/19/17 4:45 PM

Gazprom vows to let clients renegotiate natural gas prices

Gazprom has vowed to let its clients renegotiate natural gas prices once they decide that these do not correspond to the average rates in Western Europe, European Commission Spokesman Ricardo Cardoso said in an interview for the Bulgarian..

published on 3/18/17 11:50 AM

Bulgarian agriculture has untapped potential

Ten years after Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union and the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the agricultural output of the country does not correspond to its natural potential, experts contend. The conditions for..

published on 3/18/17 11:05 AM

Currency board until accession to Eurozone or exiting the board right now

For 20 years now Bulgaria has had a currency board arrangement. This is a currency system which introduces a fixed exchange rate of the local currency to a selected foreign currency and under which money in circulation has 100% coverage in the..

published on 3/6/17 2:27 PM

The FinTech industry in Bulgaria developing in leaps and bounds

FinTech is an industry of companies using new technologies and innovations and applying them on the financial market. These financial companies endeavor to replace or improve the use of financial services by companies. A business..

published on 3/4/17 11:10 AM

European Semester 2017 report about Bulgaria: criticism, recommendations and few praises

The European Commission has never had very warm feelings towards Bulgaria. That is why 10 years after its accession to the European Union this country's judicial system, internal order and social economic life is still subject to monitoring...

published on 2/24/17 1:53 PM

Bulgaria starts working under Balkan gas hub with EU money

Last week the European Commission allotted nearly EUR 1 million to Bulgaria. The money will enable this country to start working on the idea of future construction of the international gas hub Balkan near the coastal city of Varna. The money..

published on 2/22/17 1:21 PM

Living standards and pre-election promises

Living standards in Bulgaria are the lowest in Europe. Not that this fact is anything new to the powers that be or to the public, to the trade unions or to political parties. Depending on the ideologies and economic beliefs favoured, the..

published on 2/9/17 12:11 PM

Bulgaria’s EU membership boosts competitiveness of the country’s SMEs: Eleonora Negulova

Bulgaria's accession to the European Union had different impact on the country's small and medium-sized business. Some companies from that sector found new opportunities and started to benefit from the European single market. Others did not..

published on 2/7/17 12:23 PM