European Semester 2017 report about Bulgaria: criticism, recommendations and few praises

The European Commission has never had very warm feelings towards Bulgaria. That is why 10 years after its accession to the European Union this country's judicial system, internal order and social economic life is still subject to monitoring...

published on 2/24/17 1:53 PM

Bulgaria starts working under Balkan gas hub with EU money

Last week the European Commission allotted nearly EUR 1 million to Bulgaria. The money will enable this country to start working on the idea of future construction of the international gas hub Balkan near the coastal city of Varna. The money..

published on 2/22/17 1:21 PM

Living standards and pre-election promises

Living standards in Bulgaria are the lowest in Europe. Not that this fact is anything new to the powers that be or to the public, to the trade unions or to political parties. Depending on the ideologies and economic beliefs favoured, the..

published on 2/9/17 12:11 PM

Bulgaria’s EU membership boosts competitiveness of the country’s SMEs: Eleonora Negulova

Bulgaria's accession to the European Union had different impact on the country's small and medium-sized business. Some companies from that sector found new opportunities and started to benefit from the European single market. Others did not..

published on 2/7/17 12:23 PM

Labour productivity on the rise, but will it affect incomes?

"I want 50 euro pay rise for a better 2017!" – this is what greeting cards sent to many Bulgarian employers on the occasion of Christmas by CITUB - the largest trade union in Bulgaria, read. According to the union, there was social dumping in..

published on 2/3/17 2:51 PM

Bulgaria's public debt up; remains among lowest in EU

Almost all countries worldwide have accumulated public debt. The most powerful and highly developed countries are the ones with highest volumes of public debt such as the USA which owes global investors several trillion USD. However, the..

published on 2/2/17 12:23 PM

10 years in the EU are not enough for Bulgarian economy

This year Bulgaria marks without much fuss and glamor the 10th anniversary since its entry into the European Union. There are many reasons behind the gloomy atmosphere but the most important one for Bulgarians is that contrary to mainstream..

published on 1/31/17 1:21 PM

International Power Supply - Bulgarian company with business in 56 countries

International Power Supply (IPS) is a company with nearly thirty years of experience in development and manufacture of power supply systems used in telecommunications, power engineering and defense fields, as well as for independent production..

published on 1/31/17 11:38 AM

With € 24 bn. in foreign exchange reserves, National Bank with new Eurozone ambitions

The financial system in Bulgaria is so distinct that there is no other like it in Europe. A so-called currency board is in place that curbs the powers of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) considerably, but also exercises a rigorous..

published on 1/21/17 7:05 AM

World Bank optimistic about Bulgaria's economy

In September 2016 the International Monetary Fund raised the outlook for Bulgaria's economic growth to 3% of the country's gross domestic product. Several days ago the World Bank did the same. It even showed higher optimism than the IMF and..

published on 1/19/17 11:14 AM