Camille Guttin and Fabien Fougère in Bansko

Bulgaria - low cost with traditions

In late January I had the pleasure of working with a team of the largest French public television - France 2 on two Bulgarian topics. The reportages about Bulgaria’s textile industry as a provider to big brands and about Bansko as a..

published on 2/25/17 9:15 AM

Balkan Developments

Federica Mogherini to visit Balkans High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini is going to visit several Balkan countries in the beginning of next month. In the period March 1 – 4..

published on 2/23/17 1:12 PM

Opt for Bulgaria

It is not hard to see what’s good about one's own motherland. However, it is a great challenge to go to a country that you are completely unfamiliar with. We will find out about it most easily by asking foreigners why they have opted for..

published on 2/22/17 10:38 AM

Ambitious Bulgarians get back from abroad, aiming to change education

Musiana is 9 years old and she lives in a town with population of some 12,000 people in Northwest Bulgaria – the region is one of the poorest in terms of economy. School was everything to the girl, but with time she was forced to put..

published on 2/21/17 12:26 PM

Balkan Developments

Croatia and Albania ask NATO to revise plans for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo Croatia and Albania asked NATO to revise plans for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. The two countries argue that the nationalist rhetoric of Serbian..

published on 2/20/17 12:58 PM
Sylvia Petrova

Bulgarian software business has registered significant growth for past 10 years

After ten years of EU membership software business in Bulgaria is the best performing sector of the IT industry in this country. This is what data by independent consulting company CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff& Co. show. The company has been..

published on 2/19/17 10:05 AM

The Black Sea continues to be at risk

The Black Sea is an inland sea with a unique ecosystem and some 300 rivers flow into it. According to research, 70% of all waste and pollutants in it come from the six Black Sea countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Turkey and..

published on 2/18/17 9:00 AM

Alexander Ivanov: Whatever the profession, whatever the job, you have to put your heart into it

Bulgaria is a magical land, peppered with all kinds of natural phenomena and formations - mountains, valleys, ravines, fields… But what is it like to look down on them all from the heavens? That is a question, the answer to which can be found..

published on 2/17/17 11:04 AM

Balkan Developments

EP stands up for Bulgarians in Albania The EP has adopted the resolution on Albania, which includes a text, proposed by Bulgarian MEPs Andrey Kovachev and Angel Djambazki , confirming the rights of the Bulgarian population in Mala Prespa,..

published on 2/16/17 2:29 PM

130 years since start of meteorological research in Bulgaria

Recently,the 130 th anniversary since the start of regular meteorological research in Bulgaria, has been marked. The date is little known outside the circles of meteorologists, but is associated with one of the most significant events in the field of..

published on 2/15/17 1:09 PM