Balkan Developments

Russia, Greece to strengthen bilateral relations On the sidelines of the forum One Belt, One Road in Beijing Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tsipras has said that in the recent years, trade and..

published on 5/15/17 1:59 PM

Bulgarian seafarer circumnavigates the world in 22 months

Dr. Vassil Kourtev, a seafarer from Kavarna completed his circumnavigation of the globe by yacht in 22 months. The yacht Odessos and its skipper traversed the Aegean Sea and have entered the Dardanelles, thus entering the final stretch of..

published on 5/14/17 1:20 PM

Sofia Restaurant Week turns capital city into popular culinary destination

Fresh salads, different kinds of cheese, tasty starters, game, irresistible desserts and wine of the best quality – these are only some of the meals and drinks which are waiting for you over the Sofia Restaurant Week in the capital city. This is..

published on 5/13/17 9:50 AM

The HEROES awards: for people who show the best of themselves

At a special ceremony on 11 May at the DNK (DNA) hall for contemporary arts, the largest online volunteer platform in Bulgaria TimeHeroes awarded the prizes to its HEROES. This was the first edition of the awards and their goal is to single out..

published on 5/12/17 2:08 PM

Bulgaria catches up slowly with developed Western European countries

Has Bulgaria caught up with or lagged behind the highly developed European countries. One of the latest researches of the Open Society Foundation funded by American billionaire George Soros named the Catch-Up Index is trying to answer that..

published on 5/12/17 12:32 PM

Balkan Developments

Germany opposes any border changes in Balkans German Ambassador to Belgrade Axel Dittmann said that the appeals for border changes in the Balkans were dangerous. In an interview for the Novosti Belgrade edition the ambassador underlined that..

published on 5/11/17 1:48 PM

Balkan Developments

Greek ferries blocked till Wednesday at least After the 48-hour-long strike proclaimed by the trade union of the Greek sailors, protesting against social reforms and the labor market changes prepared, as the international creditors have..

published on 5/9/17 12:13 PM

7 May - Radio and Television Day in Bulgaria

What is radio? A window to the world or the most powerful weapon – words – capable of reaching any corner of the planet. Just like a good book, radio awakens the imagination, provokes thinking, reaches out to our minds to leave its imprint..

published on 5/7/17 8:00 AM

People from village of Lozen honor Saint George with ritual bread, lamb meals and songs

Saint George is a Christian martyr and a warrior who was sealed in our minds as a rider who slays a dragon with his spear.Icons depicting Saint George who slays the dragon can be seen in all Bulgarian Orthodox churches. Each year on May 6 the..

published on 5/6/17 8:45 AM

Thousands of faces and one army captured by the lenses of photographer Vyara Yoveva

An exhibition of portrait photography of Bulgarian soldiers was unveiled just several days before May 6 - the Day of Valour and of the Bulgarian Army. Military exercises, ceremonies and rituals are shown through the lenses of the first female..

published on 5/6/17 7:35 AM