Trabantfest 2017 kicks off in Teteven

For the fifth year running Teteven is bringing together vintage car fans from all over the country for the annual Trabantfest 2017. More than 50 of the East German vehicles from the times before the fall of the Berlin wall will take part in this..

published on 7/8/17 10:03 AM

Fun and games at Vitosha Summer Fest tomorrow, 9 July

Under the motto “I love sports, I love Sofia, I love Vitosha” Sofia municipality and the “Sofia-European capital of sport” foundation are organizing a big sports festival at Momina Skala tourist chalet on mount Vitosha tomorrow, 9 July. The..

published on 7/8/17 6:33 AM

Balkan Developments

USA opposes changes to borders in the Balkans US Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Brian Yee said, in an interview for the Greek Kathimerini newspaper that the USA was against changing borders in the Balkans...

published on 7/6/17 1:26 PM

Roma issue getting more serious in Bulgaria

The public attention in Bulgaria has been focused for more than a week now on the sharp tension in the town of Asenovgrad, caused by the beating of Bulgarian kids by Roma ones at a rowing base. The minor incident ballooned to large-scale..

published on 7/6/17 12:42 PM
Stoyanka Pouhleva, Georgi Nedelchev and Petka Zhekova

“No one is bigger than bread” – Thrace sings the end of harvest

“Do you know, my love, the feast is coming to Streltsi village, when harvest is over, when the wheat is in the barn, a big feast is coming to our pretty village,” – the refrain in this folk song marks the end of harvest time every year in one..

published on 7/5/17 2:27 PM

Kaliakra – energy at the expense of nature and taxpayers

Cape Kaliakra /meaning Beautiful Cape, Greek/ is situated some 70 km to the northeast of the Black Sea port city of Varna. The beautiful natural and archaeological reserve is one of the Top 100 National Tourist Sites. It is also the home of rare..

published on 7/5/17 1:36 PM

Balkan Developments

EC supports Macedonian PM’s initiatives with regard to Bulgaria Talking to Radio Free Europe, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn praised the initiatives by Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev and Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov for a dialogue..

published on 7/3/17 11:37 AM
De Dion-Bouton 1906

1906 vehicle with oil lantern headlights participates in retro car parade in Burgas

The central streets of Burgas will be the venue of the tenth anniversary edition of the traditional auto-moto parade, organized by lovers of vintage cars. Collectors and restorers in Burgas are about 130. In the summer, when the city is full of tourists..

published on 6/30/17 3:04 PM

Balkan developments

Drug arrests in Kosovo and USA Ten people suspected of organized crime and drug trafficking have been arrested in Kosovo and New York in a joint operation by the Kosovo police and the US Drug Enforcement Agency, the DEA. According to the..

published on 6/29/17 1:00 PM

Extreme chef Philip Zahariev

In the heat of the summer let us cool you a bit with some Scandinavian breeze. The story takes place in the town of Longyearbyen, Norway – the northernmost city in the world. It has population of 2070, coming from 40 nations and attracts 85,000..

published on 6/29/17 10:13 AM