Balkan Developments

Eurydice hurricane in Greece takes victims The Aegean Symi Island, aka ‘the Greek Venice’ was hit and flooded by the Eurydice hurricane. The local harbor is now sunk under thick mud and the entire infrastructure of the island reveals huge..

published on 11/16/17 12:21 PM

Population ageing likely to power economic growth in Bulgaria

Amid a public discussion of the draft for a National Program for Occupational Safety and Health 2018-2020, the Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) has circulated the views and comments of leading experts on its variety of aspects. The program reads that..

published on 11/15/17 2:31 PM
Isabella Genova, Natalia Buhova and Kirilka Mladenova (from left to right)

Three more talented women on For Women in Science list

Only three out of 50 Bulgarian women competing have won their scholarship under the For Women in Science program this year with scientific research in the area of natural science. The national scholarship program has been implemented in Bulgaria..

published on 11/14/17 1:55 PM

Colorful Knotwork supports the homeless

In the course of three days, a shopping center in Sofia hosted a forum supporting traditional knitting. The festival Colorful Knotwork presented a few very skilled masters of this craft and their works. Apart from buying various handmade pieces..

published on 11/13/17 1:01 PM

Balkan Developments

Turkey seizes 34 terrorist suspects Daily Sabah newspaper has announced that the police in Istanbul have seized at least 34 foreign nationals suspected of connections with the Middle East terrorist group Islamic State. In figures released by..

published on 11/13/17 12:32 PM

On visually impaired people and their path in life

He used to draw alongside world-famous Christo when he was a child, but at the age of 18 colors left his sight and he has lived in a world with no images ever since. Today, at the age of 83 Spas Karafezov takes fatherly care of the souls of..

published on 11/13/17 12:15 PM

Aleksandra Veleva – Tushy recreates birth of new life via glass and stone

A unique of its kind charity exhibition and auction is taking place in Sofia, to be on until the end of November. It presents a cycle of 14 works of young artist Aleksandra Veleva – Tushy, named ‘From Glass to Life’, or ‘IN VITRO – IN VIVO’...

published on 11/11/17 9:15 AM

24 percent of population remains without healthcare, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences alarms

Budget 2018 has been adopted at first reading in the National Assembly. The next step of MPs is to vote for a new Minister of Healthcare. The ruling GERB party did not focus on a person from the medical circles but offered the position to..

published on 11/10/17 2:39 PM

Children debate human rights at European-Asian Meeting in Sofia

Human rights represent social norms and principles which differentiate humans from animals and are mandatory since the birth of a human being. The levels of personal freedom as well as the freedom of expression which are part of them are among..

published on 11/9/17 1:36 PM

Balkan Developments

Politicians from the Balkans implicated in the Paradise Papers After the Panama Papers scandal, one more scandal is now shaking the world – the leak of confidential papers revealing that wealthy individuals, corporations and politicians..

published on 11/9/17 11:46 AM