Drink your coffee in crunchy cup and your whiskey with style

Cupffee is a waffle coffee cup made of entirely natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. The idea belongs to Bulgarians Miroslav Zapryanov and Mladen Dzhauzov. Here is what Mladen told Radio Bulgaria about his new invention:..

published on 12/10/16 10:35 AM

Bulgaria begins extradition of Afghan migrants

In the coming days Bulgaria will extradite the first group of migrants back to Kabul by plane. The group comprises some 50 people involved in the riot at the refugee centre in Harmanli. They all entered Bulgaria illegally, have no regulated status on..

published on 12/11/16 7:05 AM

Survival for positive people

Ivancho and Maryika are the main characters in the stories collected in “A Guide for Survival (or not) for Positive People.” It has been published by the Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association. Authors of the book are..

published on 12/9/16 2:15 PM
Taraclia State University in Moldova

Education policy towards Bulgarian communities abroad, 2016

The National Assembly Committee on Policies towards Bulgarians Living Abroad recently put to discussion several important issues: the education policy towards Bulgarian communities abroad in 2016, the increased number of openings at Bulgarian..

published on 12/9/16 12:58 PM

Low level of Bulgarian students’ functional literacy

The report, named “Natural Science and Technologies at the 21 st Century’s School. Results of Bulgaria’s Participation in PISA 2015” was presented at the ministry of education and science. Back in the 1990s the Organization for Economic..

published on 12/8/16 3:06 PM

Balkan Developments

NATO sees increased Russian presence in the Western Balkans “We have seen some increased Russian presence in the Western Balkans. We will not counter Russian propaganda with propaganda. We will counter it with an open, free debate because we..

published on 12/8/16 1:31 PM

Champions’ Home combines charity and innovation

The Neofit Rilski 153th Sports High school in Sofia received for free a boarding house made of shipping containers. Entrepreneur Zvezdelin Minchev and architect Rumen Parvanov are the organizers of the charity initiative, as they have put..

published on 12/6/16 11:30 AM

Balkan Developments

Turkish army kills more than 90 PKK fighters The Turkish army has announced that it has killed 94 terrorists in the southeastern provinces of Hakkari, Sirnak, Diyarbakır, Bingol, Tunceli, Mus and Agri. Fifty-three hideouts and warehouses of the..

published on 12/5/16 1:42 PM

New technology: both ally and enemy of kids

Kids born after the year 2000 – Generation Z, are growing up in times when virtual reality is just a pair of 3D glasses away and the internet has grown into a necessity and a shadow of everyone. Every coin though has two sides. Apart from the..

published on 12/5/16 11:56 AM

Valentina Terzieva shows remarkable talent in making sugar figurines

A figurine of folk singer Valya Balkanska has won a gold medal at the Cake International Birmingham. This time the award is not for singing - it is given for superb mastery in making figurines from sweet dough. The author of the sugar Valya..

published on 12/4/16 10:25 AM