Ilian Vassilev and Andrey Raichev

Bulgaria's new President will have zero freedom to take stands independently from NATO and EU: Ilian Vassilev

The fifth President of Bulgaria has entered the Presidency building with the image of a pro-Russian politician due to his speeches in the election campaign and interviews for foreign media that the EU should lift sanctions against Russia and..

published on 1/23/17 3:09 PM

Balkan Developments

Greek farmers ready to protest again Greek media report that the farmers are warming up their tractors and are ready to step out on the roads again, as the Achaea, Ilia, Aetolia-Acarnania and Heraklion units have stated their willingness to..

published on 1/23/17 1:14 PM

Blizzard scares no one at Wild Farm

Winter has once again surprised Bulgaria, freezing up its entire infrastructure. Thus people in many remote regions remained literally torn apart from civilization. Things are getting really worse when bread and food have to be provided to the..

published on 1/22/17 9:10 AM

Balkan Developments

Turkey issues 243 arrest warrants for military personnel During the investigation over the Turkish coup attempt in the past summer 54 police operations and searches have been conducted, while the authorities ordered the arrest of 243..

published on 1/19/17 1:39 PM

Being homeless in the cold winter months

"We will not leave anybody on the street," the Emergency Accommodation Centre for Homeless People in the Zaharna Fabrika quarter in Sofia said. In the coldest days of the winter the centre operates around the clock. Currently its capacity is..

published on 1/17/17 11:32 AM

Young sports ambassadors program to open in Bulgaria

The program targets young people studying at school, who should motivate their peers and friends to be physically active and engaged in sports. It opened a few years ago in Wales and has shown great results. Young people are free to choose the physical..

published on 1/16/17 5:38 PM

Balkan Developments

MANS requires explanation from Đukanović on his wealth The MANS Montenegrin NGO called on the family of recent premier and long-year president of the state Milo Đukanović to give an explanation about the huge wealth it owns. According to..

published on 1/16/17 12:59 PM

Bulgaria in the palm of your hand

We will now tell you about an idea, an attempt to collect the entire beauty of Bulgaria on one spot. This is the initiative of a Bulgarian director to reveal for us the most beautiful Bulgarian buildings – monuments of culture and also the..

published on 1/15/17 9:15 AM

New discipline promotes science progress in plain language

Nowadays it is hard to realize the vast extent to which our daily lives are affected by science and technology. Therefore, a new discipline called "Science Communication" has set a goal to tell people about the progress of civilization in an..

published on 1/14/17 10:55 AM – easy way to look for help

Do you remember the last time you spent time with your relatives and friends? When was the last time you were able to go out and have fun without thinking about domesticities. If we don’t count the recent holidays, it was probably a long time..

published on 1/13/17 3:12 PM