The Woman…

There is one day each year, when we all pay special attention to the Woman, the Mother, the Wife. The flower gifted expresses all our feelings that have remained unshared over the past days. This is a day that sends a message of love to the woman, who gave birth to us or accompanies her man along the path of life. Some people say March 8 is a fest, others deny it… The important thing is that it exists in the spring, giving hope for beauty in the world.

“You are gorgeous - Jesus, how pretty you are… How beautiful your hands are, your feet, your eyes are so wonderful too, your hair… Do not torture me anymore – love me! How I long to hold and love you forever and ever! And how impossible it is…”

Poet Hristo Fotev wrote these lyrics, adoring women’s beauty. Many other poets have been inspired by the tenderness, compassion, patience, boldness and moral of the Bulgarian woman. Artists have drawn the beautiful features of her face and body in many pictures, different folk songs are dedicated to her love.

© Photo: EPA/BGNES

Nowadays, in this transition period the Bulgarian woman looks more beautiful than ever, she takes hard decisions and relies on her free will. She proves herself in this country or abroad, coping with different challenges. She in Sofia, Paris, Chicago, Barcelona, Stockholm and builds up her destiny with spirit that knows no limits. The world knows the names of opera divas Raina Kabaivanska and Gena Dimitrova, the one of European Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva… Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has a Bulgarian origin too.

The modern young Bulgarian is far away from the image of her predecessors that were surrounded by many kids. She is not that devoted to motherhood and often opts for a career or a life, free of children. Contemporary women decide to give birth at the age of 26-30, when they have graduated university and managed to work for a couple of years. The educated Bulgarian woman, statistics says, has no more than one kid and the main reason for that is her strive for better educational and career opportunities. However, if a kid appears, the woman turns into another person – she requires a lot, she is tender, but firm, when necessary. In these times of crisis she often has to support her family financially too. Both in this country and abroad the Bulgarian woman shows knowledge and skills that may cause envy among women of many other nations. Let’s not forget the saying that there is a lady standing behind each successful gentleman. Many Bulgarian men owe everything to their wives that have supported them, giving them courage in difficult moments.

© Photo: BТА

No matter how poor this country is it has a debt towards the Bulgarian woman. The maternity benefits are not that generous and women face many difficulties while raising their children. The good thing is that the maternity leave in this country is the longest in Europe – 410 days. Bulgaria is in debt to elderly people too. The low pensions barely cover or fail to cover basic expenses, such as bills for electricity, central heating and medicines. Food expenses are partially covered by the grown up children. However, the Bulgarian woman knows that she has to cope with everything on her own – silently, with dignity… That is why she needs a flower that has to show her our love.

© Photo: BGNES

English version: Zhivko Stanchev

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