International Chamber Music Festival in Plovdiv 50th edition begins /10 – 22.06/

Sofia Solists ensemble
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The 50th International Chamber Music Festival in Plovdiv opens on 10 June and is among the most significant events on the cultural calendar of the city. In this anniversary edition, the organizers have opted for symbolism. Learn more about it from Mrs. Elisaveta Shotilova, PR of the event:

Снимка"Symbolism was central to the inspiration of the enthusiasts who started the festival fifty years ago. They chose the Ethnographic Museum as the first venue of the forum. It is not hard to see what motivated them. The National Revival architecture, the fountain, the colors of the flowers in the garden: all this creates the perfect atmosphere for chamber music. Half a century later, the longest-running in Europe and unique for Bulgaria Chamber Music Festival is again under way in its most emblematic venue. The Ethnographic Museum in the Old Town is hosting eight of the fifteen concerts in the program.This edition is much more extensive than the previous ones. Normally the festival goes on for ten days, but now it will continue for twelve days. Another thing to note is that the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble opened the debut edition of the event, and it opens the 50th anniversary one too. This time the famous orchestra has teamed up with pianist Lilia Boyadjieva."

What is the Plovdiv connection in the festival this time? Elisaveta Shotilova, again:

Both then and now, leading figures in the festival have been Plovdiv musicians with international recognition, or ones embarking on the path to success. Here is an example. Fifty years ago, opera singer Valentina Alexandrova sang with the Sofia Soloists. The chamber orchestra of the Plovdiv School of Music was also one of the festival’s performers. Today its name is Dobrin Petkov National School of Music and Dance. On the last day of the festival program / ​​June 22 / its students will perform a matinee. Among the city’s glory are the great musicians Micho Dimitrov and Milcho Leviev. On the evening of June 22, the final chord will sound under the fingers of legendary jazzman Leviev. In addition to his solo performance, he will delight audiences with improvisations with the two Vladigerov brothers who will perform separately as well. "

English Daniela Konstantinova

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