ALL WE NEED IS TOMORROW: Rock Guitarist Niki Tomov and his new album

Photo: courtesy of Niki Tomov

Rock guitarist Niki Tomov released his first solo album earlier in April, named ALL WE NEED IS TOMORROW. The name of Niki Tomov is related to the end-1980s band Dissonance, whose co-founder he was. Here is what he recalls on that period:

“‘I feel nice when talking about Disonans, as not few musicians have played with that formation through the years. I will recall the names of the core persons: Niki Donkov /guitar/; Anton Slavchev /bass guitar/; Georgi Gospodinov /drums/; Yavor Minchev /piano/ and Borislav Hristov /vocals/. We found each other during our schoolyears. Then we decided to opt for the name of Dissonance – we wanted to remain distant of anything around. We have always wanted to sound differently. I still try to find what’s new and different in music. The freedom of experiments across different genres is irreplaceable. I don’t like frames and norms, when I play or compose. We established the band in 1985 and separated in 1997. We created two albums over these 12 years – the first one was released in 1992, but the second never saw the market 3 years later and it wasn’t our fault.”

After Dissonance fell apart, Niki Tomov gathered other musicians, but the second version of the formation lasted three years only. Still, it won the second award at the last edition of the Golden Orpheus contest in 1999. Another version of the band appeared a year later with some of the old musicians and under the name Novo 20. Here is what the guitar player says on that band:

“Niki Donkov and Anton Slavchev joined me again in Novo 20. The name of the band /New 20/ came from drummer Kiril Petrov, who was very talented and aged…  20. In that case the idea was for a project and not a band. Thus several pieces were born. Nosht i Den /Night and Day/ is the last one of our joint work. It was recorded back in 2000."

“I have been working across different studios for over 25 years now, but I have never been too much into sound engineering myself,” Niki Tomov goes on to say. “As far as song writing is concerned, I have been doing it for a long time, but now I have gathered it all. I decided to devote myself to sound recording programs some time ago and I made my own home-based studio. The ALL WE NEED IS TOMORROW album is a reverence to what I’ve learnt through the years. It reflects my feelings and sense of music. I have included 14 songs in this album, of different styles – I have used elements of funk, rock, ethno etc. There are three instrumentals as well – one of them is from the Dissonance age – Rock Chain Dance. All the songs are in English, with the exception of Night and Day. The lyrics of four pieces have been written by Milena Chorilkova and I have written the rest. She had given to me verses of hers and I composed the music for them. My colleagues from Dissonance 2 and Novo 20 were invited for two of the songs: I am Here and Night and Day.

The solo album of guitar player Niki Tomov can be found across bookstores and he intends to offer it online too.

English version: Zhivko Stanchev

Audio file features the following tracks:

.  When You Come

.  Nosht i Den /Night and Day/


.  You’re On My Mind

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