Overcrowded apartment blocks and deserted country houses are commonplace in this country

Photo: chernomore.bg

About 1.2 million homes in Bulgaria are not inhabited and not maintained, a report by the World Bank, prepared on the request of Bulgarian institutions, shows. The total number of housing units in this country is estimated at 3.9 million, which means that one out of three homes is empty. Currently 41% of Bulgarians live in overcrowded homes. When it comes to households, who are at a risk of poverty, about half of adults and 80 percent of children under 18 live in overcrowded homes. The number of uninhabited homes is highest in villages - 43%. In cities the level reaches 25 percent. Most of the housing units in Bulgaria are apartments in multi-family buildings from the times of communism. About 2 million Bulgarians live in poorly maintained households.

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