Bulgarian masterpieces of Christian art to be shown at Moscow Tretyakov Gallery

Photo: pravoslavieto.com

Masterpieces of Christian art from Bulgaria will be displayed at the famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia, next year. The exhibition is planned to open in June. Experts from the gallery have selected 94 items, the Director of the National Museum of History in Sofia Assoc. Prof. Bony Petrunova told the Bulgarian National Radio. Items from Bulgaria include reliquaries, icons, church plate and crosses. The earliest masterpieces in the Tretyakov display selection date back to 13 c.

The prestigious exhibition has been organized for a long time – by two Bulgarian ministers of culture, Vezhdi Rashidov and the current one, Boil Banov. The Bulgarian side has been invited by the Tretyakov Gallery director as the Russian institution has started a cycle featuring the best of Christian art. After Greece, now comes the turn of Bulgaria which is a great honor and acknowledgement, Assoc. Prof. Petrunova commented.

Prof. Petrunova also said that until 7 February a permanent exhibition would open at the National Museum of History featuring the Bulgarian way of life in 15-17 c. NMH will also arrange a dedicated exhibition for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It will present Bulgaria with its seven sites present on the UNESCO world heritage list.

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