76 percent of Bulgarians say Presidency of the Council of the EU is important for the country

Photo: BTA

76 percent of Bulgarians say that the Presidency of the Council of the EU is important to Bulgaria, indicate data of a survey conducted by Trend.

Public expectations connected with the Presidency of the Council of the EU tend to be optimistic. 43 percent of the respondents say that it will be successful, 18 percent – that it will not be successful. Trend have ascertained that the opinions expressed by the GERB and the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) electorate differ greatly, with GERB supporters being the biggest optimists with regard to the success of the Bulgarian presidency, whereas BSP supporters are much more skeptical, still optimism regarding the Bulgarian presidency prevails. 85 percent of respondents are aware of the fact that Bulgaria took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU on 1 January, 2018. According to 37 percent, the country is prepared for the presidency, 28 percent say it is not. 

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