Dicho releases Spirit album

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Dicho Hristov, aka Dicho of D2 will be obviously remembered by this nickname for good, although he left D2 12 years ago. However, that was the formation which made his name and gained him his popularity. Now, many years later, Dicho has a successful solo career, but still states that ‘I can do nothing alone, but only with the musicians that I work with’. The Duh /Spirit/ album, released right before Christmas, came to prove that. The musician devoted it to his daughter Ariel, as his wish was to use music for the reincarnation of the strong spirit of the Bulgarians into the next generations. Dicho is a great fan of Bulgarian history and is proud to be Bulgarian. According to him, each and every one of us has the reason to be proud of his or her roots in regard to history.

Here is what Dicho says on his Spirit album: ‘It is quite colorful in terms of styles, as many of my friends were invited to participate and they all came from different musical background – Upsurt, Akaga, Deo, Leo, Poli Genova etc. They all work across different genres and the trace left across the songs is inevitable. So, it’s quite normal to have such a colorful album. 18 out of the 21 pieces in the album were my ideas, while the other three belonged to other musicians, but again with my active participation. The Spirit, Night & Day, Angels, Everyday songs are an example of my own personal ideas. Of course, I have worked with Cherry, Alex and all the other fellow musicians on those songs…’

СнимкаLora Karadjova, Poli Genova and opera singer Gergana Nikolaeva, rappers Ogi 23, Igrata /The Game/ and other colleagues of them joined the work on Spirit. This plays its positive role, as any fan has something new to listen to – rock, pop, rap, R&B, funk etc. There is also a cover included of the Burzash, Niama Vreme /You are in a Hurry, There is No Time/ piece, known from the repertoire of pop star Vasil Naydenov.

Dicho, Cherry (Ivan Yordanov) and Alex Lazarov have been together onstage over the past years. He is very grateful for having met those professional hereditary musicians. Dicho continues with his plans: ‘I will have this big concert in Sofia end-January – I would like to invite all the musicians that I have ever worked with onstage. At the same time Cherry, Alex and I have been working actively on our next album, as many of the songs didn’t fit into Spirit. Lots of other concerts are forthcoming in the spring, both in Bulgaria and abroad. We will play in London, Copenhagen and Madrid. I would really love to have more renditions in Europe next year, in order to promote the album. I’ve been also working on acoustic projects with several rappers and R&B musicians, as we’ve been creating some sort of compilation between pop, funk and hip hop. So, some interesting stuff is forthcoming…’.

English version: Zhivko Stanchev
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