In meeting with Russian Patriarch Kirill President Radev firmly upheld his stance: Bulgarian Orthodox Church Holy Synod

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The Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church has released a statement about the meeting of Bulgarian President Rumen Radev with Russian Patriarch Kirill in 4 March in Sofia. Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte attended the meeting too.

The Holy Synod states that during the meeting President Rumen Radev firmly upheld his positions.

During the meeting Patriarch Kirill expressed his sadness and disenchantment over demeaning Russia’s role in the Russo-Turkish War of Liberation and paying homage to other states.

The president assured the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church that the Bulgarian nation had never stopped paying homage and expressing gratitude to the Russian people, the Russian Church and the soldiers of the Liberation Army of Emperor Alexander II.

In the meantime, President Radev was explicit that the way the Church fights for the soul of every human being, Bulgarians are grateful to the memory of every soldier who fought in the Russian Army under the flags of Emperor Alexander II and died for the Bulgarian freedom, regardless of the soldier’s ethnicity.

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