JP3 (Jivko Petrov Trio) feat. Theodosii Spassov in concert tonight to be aired on International Jazz Day


The Bulgarian National Radio’s concert studio, Studio No. 1, is the venue of a concert tonight, which will be recorded and aired by Euroradio on International Jazz Day – 30 April. This year the honour of celebrating jazz falls upon Jivko Petrov – piano, Veselin-Veselinov-Eco – double bass and Dimitar Semov – drums.

The celebrated musicians have been working together for years, long before 2006 when they officially announced the birth of JP3 (Jivko Petrov Trio). They have worked on a number of projects together with other renowned performers of different generations - Yildiz Ibrahimova, Maria Ilieva, Hilda Kazasyan, Orlin Pavlov, Vassil Petrov, violinist Vasko Vassilev and many others.

Jazz, the “music of the free”, is celebrated on 30 April worldwide. This date was marked for the first time in 2012 on a proposal by legendary jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue. April 30 is also the last day of Jazz Appreciation Month, marked in USA.

In Bulgaria, International Jazz Day usually offers unforgettable musical events with the participation of acclaimed performers. In theyear it was celebrated for the first time, the day was marked in Bulgaria with a concert by the BNR Big Band with conductor Antoni Donchev. This year JP3 are dedicating their programme to International Jazz Day, with pieces from their three albums – Understandable (recorded live at the Military Club in Sofia),It's а Dream and Between the Worlds, as well as pieces from Change the Way – JP3’s latest project. At the moment the jazz musicians are recording their latest album – also called Change the Way. The concert will feature a guest appearance by Theodosii Spassov.

English version: Milena Daynova

Photos: courtesy of JP3 and Theodosii Spassov

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