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President Erdogan justifies air strikes on Syria

Photo: BTATurkey considers the US, GB and French airstrikes against Syria to be correct, as ‘leaving the Assad regime’s chemical attacks without response is unthinkable’, President Recep Erdogan stated. The president made the statement after having discussed the issue with British PM Theresa May. Turkish PM Binali Yıldırım said the airstrikes were ‘a positive step’, but added that additional efforts were necessary for the reaching of lasting peace.

Serbia announces military neutrality in regard to missile attack in Syria

Photo: BGNESPresident Aleksandar Vucic informed US Ambassador to Belgrade Kyle Scott that Serbia would adhere to a policy of military neutrality in the situation with the US-led airstrikes in Syria. That stance of the head of state came after an invitation of the USA to Serbia to take part in the investigation of the accident at the Syrian city of Douma, being carried out by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Serbia condemns the usage of chemical weapons anywhere around the world, but being a small country it doesn’t want to interfere into the relations between the great powerс, President Vucic has explained. He had commented earlier that the airstrikes of the USA, GB and France against Syria reminded the ones against Yugoslavia.

Albania, Kosovo uphold coalitional activities against regime of Assad

Photo: BGNESAlbanian President Ilir Meta has assured that Tirana supports the actions of the Western allies in regard to the military interference in Syria due to the chemical arsenal of Assad’s criminal regime. In a special statement Mr. Meta assured that Albania upheld the determination of President Donald Trump to defend human life and rights. The foreign ministry of Albania also stated its support, alongside the Democratic Party. The Kosovo institutions and Pristina’s political parties also upheld the airstrikes. The chemical attacks against innocent civilians have no excuse and the attempt of the democratic states to establish peace in this land is something necessary, Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj has underlined.

Đukanović wins at first round of presidential elections

Photo: BGNESFormer PM and Former President of Montenegro and a leader of the governing Democratic Party of the Socialists Milo Đukanović voiced to the public his victory at the Sunday-held presidential elections and promised an EU accession by the end of his term. By winning at the first round with 54% of the votes Đukanović exceeded the results of the other 6 candidates. The 56-year-old expert in economy, who separated Montenegro from Serbia in 2016 and achieved its NATO entry in 2017, has now aimed at the EU and might also rely on the support of the Croatian, Albanian and Bosnian minorities, or 15% of the voters, political observers claim.

Zaev: ‘New name for international usage only and without change of Constitution’

Photo: vlada.mkMacedonia and Greece have never been that close to solving the argument over the name, but have differences in regard to the change in the Constitution, related to the new name’s usage, Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev says. Progress has been marked on the majority of the issues in the name dispute, but several differences still remain. The Greek party wants the new name to be used erga omnes, while the Macedonian one insists on its international usage only. Thus no constitutional changes are necessary, as the domestic usage of the name has no influence on Greece, PM Zaev pointed out.

Compiled by: Stoimen Pavlov

English version: Zhivko Stanchev
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